WPC Suzanne Ford

Portrayed by: Vicki Gee Dare

First Appearance The Drugs Raid

Final Appearance The Wild Rover


WPC Suzanne Ford is often fondly remembered by fans for her sign language skills which she used to question a deaf suspect who had been wrongly arrested by CID.  Sue was able to teach other officers how to treat those with hearing impairment with dignity and fairly… and rearrested the suspect on a different offence.  Maybe she ought to be remembered her bravery too. On patrol with Reg Hollis, Sue came across a house well on fire, abandoning Reg she ran straight into the house to rescue its inhabitants.  Much to Reg’s relief Sue made it out in one piece although had a stay in hospital for her efforts. A good ‘all-rounder’ Sue was often found in the CAD room or raring to go on a raid.  She was popular with the rest of the relief and the public alike and was missed when she quietly slipped away from our screens.


Call Sign 659



Official Site

IMDb https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0311582/?ref_=fn_al_nm_1

Where Can I See Vicki Now?

We are unsure whether Vikki is still in the acting profession, of course if we hear of any news of new roles we will be sure to share.