DC Duncan Lennox

Portrayed by George Rossi

First Appearance The Fat Lady Sings

Final Appearance Episode 077

Call Sign

Duncan managed to combine an air of profound laziness with sudden bursts of enthusiasm if he sensed there was a chance of a good arrest. When he was full of enthusiasm he was a really good detective. Duncan was a cheerful Glaswegian, a popular member of the team, he flat shared with Mickey Webb for a time and was there for Liz Rawton when she needed a friend. As well as dealing with the trials of work poor Duncan had a few issues at home to deal with. Duncan’s wife, Shona, was not altogether supportive of Duncan’s job. She was a high flyer working in financial industry and had the money to show for it. It was a salary that Duncan could only dream of and he was never allowed to forget it. Eventually Shona cheated on Duncan and their marriage ended. Although Shona didn’t see the potential in Duncan, his bosses did and it wasn’t long before he was snapped up by the Murder Investigation Team. Duncan returned to Sun Hill once more in the capacity of a MIT detective in the hunt of the Sun Hill Serial Killer.



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Where Can I See George Now?

George Rossi sadly passed away in Jan ’22.