WPC Norika Datta

Portrayed by: Seeta Indrani

First Appearance Exit Lines

Final Appearance The Whip Hand

Call Sign 181

WPC Norika Datta was a very pleasant police officer whom everyone liked. She was good at her job, had good instincts and bravery. Unfortunately for this popular officer some liked her a little more than they should do. Norika wasn’t interested in office romances she was focused on doing the job to the best of her ability. Whether she knew of Jim Carver’s crush was questionable. PC Phil Young’s intentions were more sinister he sexually assaulted Norika before committing suicide. Thankfully Norkia was able to recover from the trauma and go on to work a stint at Domestic Violence Unit at Stafford Row. She did so well that when the opportunity arose Norika left Sun Hill to join the Crime Police Unit, developing guidelines on domestic violence.



Official Site http://seetaindrani.com/

IMDb https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0408550/?ref_=nv_sr_1

Where Can I See Seeta Now?

Seeta can currently be seen in The Larkins.