Sgt Craig Gilmore

Portrayed by: Hywel Simons

First Appearance Tour of Duty

Final Appearance Episode 088

Call Sign Sierra Oscar 33

Craig Gilmore arrived at Sun Hill to replace the irreplaceable Bob Cryer.  Craig however, could never fit into Bob’s boots, they were like chalk and cheese:  Craig was young, a newly qualified sergeant (one year), a follower of the rule book and very openly gay. On the whole Craig was liked and respected by his fellow officers making friends with many of the team and superiors. He did clash with fellow sergeant Matt Boydon at times.  Craig did seem to lack empathy for other officer’s personal problems especially when they had an effect upon their work.  Little did Craig know that his personal life would play out so publicly at Sun Hill.  Not long after the arrival of a young constable, Luke Ashton, life changed for Craig at Sun Hill.  Luke had not yet come out to anyone, not even his pregnant wife, PC Kerry Young, when the two embarked on a one night stand.  On her discovering of their affair Kerry miscarried and then later outed Luke at Jim Carver’s wedding.  After an eventful couple of years Craig transferred out of Sun HIll.


Craig Gilmore was The Bill’s first openly gay officer.


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