PC Dave Quinnan

Portrayed By: Andrew Paul

First Appearance Chinese Whispers 21/12/89

Final Appearance Quinnan, Part 6 27/2/02

Call Sign 340

Dave Quinnan was the type of man your mother would approve of, bright, somewhat caring just generally a nice bloke. Well unless your mother was a parent Polly Page or Jenny Delaney then she might have other ideas. Dave left poor Polly totally heartbroken and on a verge of a breakdown whilst his marriage to Jenny fell apart due his infidelity. Dave’s meeting of wife Jenny was rather unconventional too, she was his nurse after he was hospitalized due to being stabbed on the Jasmine Allen Estate by a group of youths. She soon became George Garfeild’s girlfriend before having eyes only for Dave. Dave recovered his health and returned back to work, his friendship with George never truly recovered though.

Although he was on the wrong end of a stabbing life at Sun Hill was not all bad, Dave gained a commendation for catching a child abductor and worked for a time on operation Bumblebee. He worked well with other officers, Tony Stamp and Steve Loxton were good buds, Inspector Monroe took slightly longer to convince that he was a good cop. Sadly Sun Hill’s loss was SO-10s gain when in 2002 Dave transferred.



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