WPC Delia French

Portrayed By Natasha Williams

First Appearance Don’t Like Mondays 25/7/1989

Final Appearance Acting Detective 26/3/1992

Call Sign

We first met Delia in an episode called Don’t Like Mondays she was a member of the typing pool and had taken it upon herself to bellow at DC Tosh Lines about CIDs inability to hand in legible statements.  Her final insult was to inform Tosh that was suffering from halitosis.  We all thought that was the last we would see of ‘Dear Delia’ but we were all in for a pleasant surprise.  After leaving the typing pool Delia donned a uniform and returned as an officer. Never short of a word and enthusiasm Delia quickly became a popular member of the team. On her first day her sergeant Alec Peters left her to her own devices and she got herself into a little fix, CID came to her rescue only after they filmed the event with a camcorder. With a quick swap of video tapes Delia ensured it was Tosh rather than her who was the butt of the jokes at the pub. Not every day was as easy and Delia found herself dealing with difficult issues ranging from estate violence to a cot death. Unfortunately, Delia didn’t stay long and after assisting DI Frank Burnside in an covert operation to catch a drug dealer Delia moved on to pastures new.



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Where Can I See Natasha Now?
Natasha can soon be seen in the theatre production To Kill A Mockingbird, please see the theatre listings for further info.