PC Francis Edwards (Taffy)

Portrayed By: Colin Blumenau

First Appearance Woodentop

Final Appearance I Thought You’d Gone

Guest Appearance Rites

Call Sign 101

Taffy, (noone other than his wife ever called him Francis) was quite possibly the most miserable officer ever to step into Sun Hill. He didn’t seem to enjoy his work and spent much time either squirming out of it or complaining loudly much to Bob Cryers annoyance. In addition to his superior officers Taffy also had someone else to answer too, namely his wife Mary. Married life hadn’t started as well as it should, Taffy spent much of his stag night abandoned by his fellow colleagues in the street, stripped naked, Mary hadn’t approved. She struggled more with London life than her husband, eventually she wore him down to make a move back to Wales. If Taffy questioned as to whether this was his good move, he was answered on his final day, when everyone thought he’d already left, so he was greeted with “I thought you’d gone’ at every turn. He didn’t bother to turn up to his leaving party and viewers were left to question as to whether anyone even noticed.

Taffy returned to Canley just once more, he appeared in his new Welsh uniform a year later for the funeral of PC Ken Melvin.



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Where Can I See Colin Now?

Colin can be seen in a few interviews in Oliver Crocker’s The Bill Podcast Patreon channel.