Season 5

Season 5 Episode 1
Getting It Right

D.I. Burnside leads a raid on a hotel room to catch a man suspected of armed abduction, but due to Ramsey’s duff info, they raid the wrong room. The man in the room threatens to make an official complaint against Burnside, who charges Ramsey with digging up some dirt on him. It turns out he’s a doctor, and it appears he was having an affair with a patient. Burnside gleefully goes to tell the doctor to drop his complaint, but finds he and Ramsey got it all wrong again. Sgt. Cryer is heading to court to support his son, Patrick, and on the way he is followed by a girl who tells her that Bob found her as an abandoned baby 15 years ago. Patrick’s case is thrown out of court, and the dead girl’s father accuses Cryer of a police cover-up. In no mood to deal with her, Cryer tells Bobbi to go away, but back at the station sees she has been reported as missing.

Season 5 Episode 2
A Reflection of Glory

P.C. Ramsey is back in uniform and goes with P.C. Haynes to see about a shoplifter who claims she is innocent. While they are out the back, the shop is held up by armed robbers who shoot at Ramsey. D.I. Burnside thinks it is tied in with other robberies and sends D.C. Carver to have a word with his evasive snout, Leroy. D.C. Dashwood has a new suit much to the amusement of his colleagues. It gets damaged while he is chasing one of the suspects in the robbery. Haynes later tails the other suspects, causing them to crash into a milk float. W.P.C. Ackland and P.C. Melvin are approached by a man who says his friend might be about to kill himself in the toilet of a gay club, and the friend is arrested for possessing an offensive weapon. While being charged, he punches Sgt. Peters who drops the knife. The other man goes for it, but is stopped by Ackland.

Season 5 Episode 3
One to One

W.P.C. Ackland and P.C. Stamp arrive at a brothel, where they find Jo Whitney, the daughter of a prominent local councillor, soaked in paraffin and threatening to set herself and the building on fire. Jo is a prostitute and a drug addict – but she hasn’t had a fix for three days, and is highly agitated and strung out. Ackland stays with her to try and talk her round, while Stamp calls the fire brigade. There is a struggle to gain control of the lighter, and as a result, the flat catches fire, but Stamp manages to get both women out. Almost immediately after this ordeal, C.A.D. asks June to move on to deal with a burglary (after a cup of tea of course).

Season 5 Episode 4
The Mugging and the Gypsies

W.P.C. Ackland and P.C. Smith attend a local gypsy campsite where residents are complaining. A social worker has a Place of Safety Order on one of the gypsy children, Theresa Beecher, who was reportedly beaten by her parents. When the girl and her parents lock themselves in the caravan, Smith has the idea of towing the caravan to the station. A youth is found in possession of stolen credit cards, and the owner is located and confirms he was attacked and robbed the night before. He is about to do an identity parade, but his wife admits she was the one who hit him. The gypsies make a run for it, but when the little girl is taken into care, it is found the Beechers have swapped their daughter with another little girl.

Season 5 Episode 5
The Chain of Command

Ch. Insp. Conway is late for a meeting with a Mr. Trevelyan from the Department of Trade and Industry, who wants police help in shutting down Radio Sun Hill, a pirate radio station. Conway orders the winos who blocked his car taken off the streets, but when one of them tries to escape from his cell, Sgt. Cryer recognises him as an undercover cop. P.C. Smith asks W.P.C. Martella to talk to a lady who has been beaten up by her boyfriend. She changes her mind about pressing charges as she doesn’t want her husband to know. She then explains the injuries by saying the police beat her up, and her husband turns up and attacks Yorkie. Despite D.S. Roach’s objections that it’s a waste of police time, Carver and Dashwood raid Radio Sun Hill, but they escape.

Season 5 Episode 6
Life and Death

P.C. Stamp and W.P.C. Brind arrest a man who is so drunk he can barely stand. Back at the station, the man collapses after a drug overdose, but not before implying that he’s killed a woman. D.C. Lines and D.C. Carver race to find the man’s identity through his dental records and the local jazz clubs, but the man’s wife (and his mistress) are found safe and well. P.C. Melvin is sent to inform the wife of a man killed in a factory accident, but he radios in when he suspects that he has told the wrong person. P.C. Haynes checks at the factory, and finds it was a similarly-named man who died, and the very-much-alive husband arrives at the station to make a formal complaint.

Season 5 Episode 7

W.P.C. Brind and P.C. Melvin are on foot patrol, but are separated. Brind ends up dealing with a workplace dispute by herself, but the ringleader, Nobby Briggs, smashes her radio and locks her in a storeroom. When Melvin eventually turns up, he calls for assistance and Briggs is arrested. Sgt. Cryer is in a bad mood as he is suffering from a painful toothache, and he yells at a prisoner and pushes him. Lay visitors from the council arrive to inspect the station, and the prisoner accuses Cryer of assaulting him. His cellmate eventually clears Cryer, but he has to cancel his dentist appointment when he is called up to Ch. Supt Brownlow’s office over the incident.

Season 5 Episode 8

D.S. Roach goes to the hospital to talk to a young man who was slashed in the face with a knife – the fifth in a series of “steamer” attacks, where knife-wielding youths have held up restaurant patrons. D.C. Dashwood receives a tip-off about the steamers’ next target, and the restaurant is filled with undercover police officers. P.C. Edwards is jealous that he and Carver didn’t get a free meal paid for by the Met, and the steamers are caught when they raid the restaurant. P.C. Melvin investigates a strange smell from a flat used by junkies, and finds the body of an elderly man who suffered a heart attack. Melvin can’t believe the old man was a junkie.

Season 5 Episode 9
Duty Elsewhere

P.C. Haynes volunteers for “duty elsewhere”, undercover as a driver for Neville Tubbs, leader of a Yardie gang in South London. A man has just been murdered and mutilated, and Rita, a girl from Tubbs’ club tells Haynes she witnessed the killing. Gaining Tubbs’ trust, Haynes is asked to transport a package to a meeting across town. He is stopped by two police officers, but manages to get away after telling them he’s in the Job. Haynes delivers the package, but is recognised as a cop by a Brixton Yardie. The police raid the place before Haynes is hurt or killed, but he is horrified to discover the package he carried contains the murder victim’s hands.

Season 5 Episode 10
Saturday Blues

A young woman is taken to hospital in a coma after a drug overdose – she is D.I. Burnside’s god-daughter, Tracey. Burnside orders Tracey’s boyfriend, nightclub manager Terry Palmer, brought in for questioning. Drugs are found in Palmer’s flat but he denies giving them to Tracey. D.S. Roach tries to convince Burnside that he’s too emotionally involved in the case. Tracey dies and it looks like she committed suicide. Burnside charges Palmer with possession and intent to supply. A wedding party is brought into the station after the bride assaults the bridesmaid for having sex with her husband. In addition to the assault charge, it appears some of the wedding presents are stolen goods.

Season 5 Episode 11

W.P.C. Brind chases two bag snatchers, but they get away. She later spots one of them crossing the road and nicks him. The victim, Mrs Foster-Adams, is taken to the station to make a statement, but ends up more trouble than she’s worth – she eventually makes a complaint against Ch. Supt. Brownlow for “gloating”. P.C. Ramsey and P.C. Melvin are paired together on patrol, a combination Brownlow warns Insp. Frazer not to repeat. Ramsey drives his car at some schoolkids “for some sport”, and throws his truncheon at a can on a wall, setting off a burglar alarm. D.C. Lines investigates and finds the truncheon. Ramsey and Melvin catch a glue-sniffing prowler, who injures Ramsey’s finger. Tosh recognises the man, and convinces Ramsey to drop the assault charge.

Season 5 Episode 12
The Price You Pay

W.P.C. Martella visits a friend of hers, Alison Page, who has been badly beaten up. Alison is on the game, and her attacker was a client. D.S. Roach arrests the man, but he is a diplomat and the Home Office demands his release. D.I. Burnside tells Roach to warn Alison’s father, George Page, not to do anything stupid, but when the diplomat is beaten up, it is clear Roach did nothing to stop him. P.C. Stamp and P.C. Haynes investigate when a bookie claims his door has been glued shut. His disgruntled clients claim he hasn’t paid their winnings, but Stamp convinces them to go double or quits. The relief bets on the same dog, and it wins the race.

Season 5 Episode 13
The Key of the Door

D.C. Dashwood investigates when a house which has recently been put on the market is burgled. He suspects that some prospective buyers are behind it, and gets a description of the couple who have looked at the houses from the real estate agents. The culprits turn out to be known to D.I. Burnside, and they are passing on details of the house to their son, who breaks in later. Sgt. Cryer chases a mugger, and takes the victim home to her flat which looks like it has been burgled. It turns out her son is the culprit, and he has been abusing her for a long time. Cryer gives the boy a warning, but arrests him when he returns to the flat to find the boy assaulting his mother. P.C. Ramsey is determined to catch a disqualified driver. Cryer tells him to chalk the footpath, but Ramsey has more luck by putting a stone on the wheel.

Season 5 Episode 14

P.C. Hollis is referee for a five-a-side football match between two schools organised by the Met. One of the players is Sgt. Cryer’s son Danny, and Cryer breaks up a fight in the locker room when Danny accuses one of his team-mates of taking drugs. It turns out there is a big drug problem at Danny’s school, Medway Comprehensive, and a local shopkeeper is found to have form for dealing. The shop is put under observation, and when two girls from Medway are seen leaving the shop, D.I. Burnside orders a raid. The girls are arrested and searched, but it turns out they were just buying fags, and they are also underage to consent to a search. No drugs are found in the shop, and the owner threatens to sue Burnside.

Season 5 Episode 15

Chief Supt. Brownlow arrives at Sun Hill through a crowd of journalists anxious to hear his reaction to the CID drug bust operation that went drastically wrong. Chief Insp. Conway yells at D.I. Burnside before going to see Sgt. Cryer, who gives his own take on the operation. P.C. Smith is accused of making racist remarks while arresting one of the schoolgirls, but P.C. Ramsey is the real culprit. The headmaster of the school comes to talk to Mr. Brownlow.

Season 5 Episode 16
A Death in the Family

P.C. Taffy Edwards and W.P.C. June Ackland are talking to a lady when they become aware of shouting further down the road. They go to investigate and find a man holding his dead baby. Ackland takes the baby back into the house, but her attempts to resuscitate the child are unsuccessful. This is not the first time the family has lost a baby. The daughter blames herself. A lady is at the front desk talking to P.C. Tony Stamp about the non-arrival at school of her ten-year-old son.

Season 5 Episode 17
In the Frame

Burnside is not only late for the weekly crime meeting with Brownlow, but is called out of it by an urgent phone call. Officers from Operation Backwoods ask Burnside to step outside. He appears to have been set up. Tosh returns to the office to find people going through the files. Cryer puts crime prevention leaflets on parked cars to prevent burglaries from them at Sgt. Penny’s suggestion. After talking to a man he is walking away as the car explodes and he is sent flying. Members from the anti-terrorist squad arrive to talk to Brownlow and then try grilling Cryer.

Season 5 Episode 18
A Good Result

It is auto-crime week at Sun Hill and D.C.s Dashwood and Carver are investigating thefts from cars. D.S. Roach brings in a man suspected of handling stolen car radios. P.C. Smith is preparing to go undercover as a football supporter to uncover a group of thugs while P.C. Hollis attends the match with the rest of the relief.

Season 5 Episode 19

D.C. Dashwood is moaning because D.S. Greig is playing his clarinet in the office. D.S. Roach is having a drink with a married woman. After she leaves, he recognises a man whose car has broken down as the ex-commander of the murder squad that, Roach is convinced, convicted the wrong man. Meanwhile, back at the station, Dashwood discovers that Roach is due in court in the morning and that approximately 40 witnesses need to be warned.

Season 5 Episode 20
Sunday, Sunday

P.C. Edwards and W.P.C. Martella are patrolling the Sunday markets when a conflict breaks out between two group of white supremacists. Martella is punched to the ground and Edwards is kicked in the kidneys during the ensuing riot. Martella is then teamed up with Haynes and investigates a broken window. A black vicar talks to Insp. Frazer about racist threats to his parishioners. W.P.C. Ackland is sent to attend a sudden death due to intestinal cancer, but her son says that he killed her


Season 5 Episode 21

W.P.C. Ackland has been seeing a married man. Sgt. Cryer is worried about having his tyres slashed during the night. Sgt. Peters has his own troubles and doesn’t want to listen to Cryer’s. D.S. Roach talks to Ackland about a witness in a case similar to two murders in Essex. The witness came forward with information about an attack on a young girl. His attitude when spoken to by Roach and D.C. Lines puts their backs up as well as Ackland’s, and they have to push him to get further information. P.C. Smith gets hit by an old lady.

Season 5 Episode 22
Bad Company

Dashwood and Carver investigate a fight at a bail hostel. A man bailed for receiving has been beaten up and jumps off the roof and runs away. He is later found in a moneylender’s basement badly beaten owing a couple of hundred pounds plus interest. Melvin is approached by a man on the street who tells him there is something dodgy going on by the old chocolate factory. On entering the factory, he is stopped by a man with a gun after he has radioed in his position. Turns out to be a gun deal. Taffy and Yorkie are sent to the factory to look for him.

Season 5 Episode 23
Suspicious Minds

Sun Hill C.I.D. and the Vice Squad raid six flats to catch a pornography ring. All the flats are clean except one, and it is suspected that the targets were tipped off. D.C. Dashwood saw D.I. Burnside making a phone call just before the raid, and shares his suspicions with D.S. Roach who wants nothing to do with it. Dashwood informs Ch. Insp. Conway, who calls Burnside in. Burnside insists he was calling his travel agent, and Conway checks up on it. P.C. Smith and W.P.C. Ackland pull over a car for dangerous driving, and the driver is one of the suspects in the raid. He helps Burnside catch the head man, Collins, who puts Sun Hill in the clear for the tip-off, but Burnside warns Roach he’ll find out who grassed him up. Smith and Ackland stop a man from filling another man’s skip with rubbish. When the dumper fails to collect his rubbish, the skip owner dumps it outside the station.

Season 5 Episode 24

D.S. Roach is interviewing a suspect, Barron, about a cash and gold bullion robbery. There’s not enough evidence to charge him, and Barron knows it. Roach is desperate to find the link, and he asks D.C. Lines to do some unpaid overtime to help him. Lines is reluctant, as his eldest son is ill, but manages to square it with his wife. Roach and Lines visit one of Barron’s associates, Halloran, in his nightclub, and Halloran gives them a name of someone who may have laundered the cash for Barron. Finding a laundrette at the address, they realise they’ve been had. Seeing police outside the house of Barron’s ex, Cheryl Maynard, they discover that a neighbour has reported a robbery but Cheryl’s saying nothing – it looks like Halloran has taken the money and gold. Roach releases Barron with his apologies, but takes great pleasure in mentioning Cheryl’s empty cellar.

Season 5 Episode 25

Ch. Insp. Conway wants to see P.C. Smith and W.P.C. Martella about a special assignment: going through the missing persons register and following up some of the cases. A cynical Sgt. Penny tells them the initiative is politicially-motivated. A woman who has been harassing her local MP about her missing daughter only wants her back so she can get a three bedroom house. The girl turns up dead. The wife of a missing man who has been onto the Chief Constable is found to have killed herself after seeing his ad in a lonely hearts magazine. Smith is quite excited about his new role, and is hoping to set up a specialised missing persons unit at Sun Hill, but as soon as the politically-sensitive cases are solved, Smith and Martella’s unit is disbanded.

Season 5 Episode 26

Cryer is filling up a car. Peters gives the relief a lecture about refilling area cars after using them. The fraud squad are visiting the station a day early. CID has Customs and Excise visiting. Peters and Haynes are told of a man who had a heart attack. The ambulance leaves before his belongings can be handed in which results in a complaint being laid. Burnside interviews a boy racer that Viv has arrested.

Season 5 Episode 27
Luck of the Draw

D.S. Roach goes undercover to catch a gang running a lottery scam. If the workers don’t join, they have an industrial accident. An old lady comes to the station to pay a non-existent P.C. some money.

Season 5 Episode 28
No Strings

Roxanne is helping Roach and Viv catch bag snatchers at a disco. They get barracaded in the ladies loo with the suspects. Lines investigates a break-in at a medium’s who has lost both her crystal balls. She warns him to be careful on the stairs.

Season 5 Episode 29
Fools Gold

Carver, Yorkie and Ramsey bring in a suspect with a shooter. Suspect is tied in with Post Office jobs and cuts a deal with Burnside. A D.I. from Serious Crime comes to talk to suspect. Viv brings a boy who has been shoplifting condoms. His mum has been gone 3 days.

Season 5 Episode 30
The Visit

W.P.C. Martella is visiting a remand prisoner and ends up being held hostage. After being released she is told all of his grievances are false. P.C. Melvin watches from a balcony in a shopping precinct as a man is approached by two black men and shot at point-blank range. He had been going to collect a sniper’s rifle at Paddington station.

Season 5 Episode 31
One for the Ladies

D.C. Lines and D.S. Greig investigate the death of a resident in the Victoria Park Hotel. The hotel manager treats them like scum. The dead man was a Polish travelling tie salesman and died of a massive heart attack. P.C. Hollis pulls out seven different addresses for him from the files, and four wives turn up, separately. Hollis gets snapped at by Chief Supt. Brownlow, who won’t let him take as much facility time as he needs to attend a Police Fedederation conference. Chief Insp. Conway wants to see P.C. Ramsey about a missing key ring and P.C. Stamp about accidents in the area car. W.P.C. Brind and P.C. Melvin are investigating locked fire doors at a bingo hall when they walk into an armed hold-up.

Season 5 Episode 32
No Shelter

An Italian lorry driver turns up at the front desk asking for directions to the Blackwall Tunnel. Sgt. Penny asks D.C. Carver to act as interpreter. W.P.C. Martella comes across an armed burglar trying to break into a wholefoods warehouse. He knocks her down and takes off, but wants to apologise to her at the end of her shift. P.C. Ramsey goes to a girlfriend’s house to dry his trousers and is late responding to a call to a riot at a party, where two people are arrested. When the sister of one comes to Sun Hill to complain, D.C. Lines sends out a robot, with a policeman’s hat on, to talk to her.

Season 5 Episode 33
Out to Lunch

P.C. Ramsey picks D.I. Burnside and D.C.s Carver and Lines up from an Italian restaurant but before they get away, Mrs Mancini comes along and complains that there are people having sex in her car. One of them turns out to be her husband. The other woman wants Carver to get her clothes from the car. As the CID officers walk away talking about the other woman, they hear a scream and find her on the pavement. When Lines and Carver go up the stairs, they are pushed back down by a group of Italians who have a punch-up. They carry on the fight at the hospital, where Mr. Mancini ends up being attacked. The officers pull a practical joke on W.P.C. Brind and leave her in a mortuary drawer.

Season 5 Episode 34
Free Wheel

CID are keeping an eye on a man who is suspected of the illegal shipment of arms to Third World countries. No one has been able to make a case against him in eight years. A package gets delivered that could be for the suspect. A car is parked in the car park overnight and it turns out to be the missing car that P.C. Smith is dealing with. It explodes when the ignition key is turned. Meanwhile Smith tries to explain to a couple that the chances of recovering their stolen vehicle are remote, but that he has no objection to them looking for it themselves.

Season 5 Episode 35
Only a Bit of Thieving

D.S. Roach talks to a lady about a burglary. P.C. Melvin goes back with him that night. The teenage burglars return and, during a struggle one of them falls. His mate, who can’t read, originally says Roach pushed him off but later retracts the statement.

Season 5 Episode 36

Chief Insp. Conway visits the CAD room and others to try and encourage officers to talk about their problems. W.P.C. Ackland asks Conway what he thinks her chances are of becoming a sergeant. After being wound up by Sgt. Penny, P.C. Edwards talks to Conway about getting a transfer from Sun Hill as his wife does not like living in the city. Edwards and W.P.C. Brind visit the parents of a missing girl before starting door-to-door enquiries in the neighbourhood. Brind thinks that she has found a witness but the woman’s son says that she was in a home when the girl was last seen. While door knocking, a car alarm causes frayed tempers. When the owner refuses to turn off the alarm, the car is vandalised. The missing girl is later found in the market.

Season 5 Episode 37
Silver Lining

P.C. Haynes is about to escort some school children across the road when a Rolls-Royce coming speeding down it. Haynes later finds the car outside a benefits office and drives it back to the station. The car, which has been reported stolen, has a load of silver bullion ingots in the boot.

Season 5 Episode 38
Suffocation Job

June calls on a lady who claims her husband wants to kill her but the threat is 4 years old. Her husband smothered the baby with a pillow. Melvin investigates a break-in of a building which has both outside doors wedged open and all the windows open including a display window. Melvin is called to another break-in with the same m.o. but the burglar was surprised before he could open all the doors.

Season 5 Episode 39
Mickey Would Have Wanted It

P.C. Melvin is talking to a boy playing truant when he spots an armed robbery. He wrestles with the gunman but is knocked out. D.I. Burnside goes to the funeral of an old school villain, the father of the man suspected of the robbery. A dog digs up the loot. An Irish plumber arrested for being drunk and disorderly offers to unblock the station toilets. After unblocking them, he charges the station a call-out fee.

Season 5 Episode 40
Blood Ties

Tony and Claire are waiting for the area car. While waiting, they have to ring around to find a missing prisoner. They are called to a disturbance where the son smashes the windscreen of his father’s car.


Season 5 Episode 41
You’ll Be Back

P.C. Stamp is talking to a shopkeeper about graffiti when he notices a scuffle between a stallholder and some youths. The stallholder is a friend of Sgt. Cryer. Insp. Frazer overhears Cryer and D.C. Lines talking about the case. The youths talk about compensation. The charge is later dropped but Frazer is worried that Cryer put undue pressure on the youths. P.C. Ramsey and W.P.C. Brind investigate a shoplifting. The shoplifter slips her chequebook and credit cards out of her bag. She doesn’t want to go to court because her husband is a solicitor. She slashes her wrists while in a cell. Ramsey doesn’t take the case seriously and sides with the husband but Brind thinks that there is more to it.

Season 5 Episode 42
Fort Apache – Sunhill

An industrial dispute by prison officers puts pressure on the holding cells. D.S. Roach is not happy that a murder suspect is mixing with other prisoners. The prisoners in one of the cells are caught smoking cannabis smuggled in in a cup of coffee. A prisoner in another cell alleges rape. The murder suspect punches Roach and ties him up, then tries to make his escape. P.C. Melvin admits a chief superintendent from the Yard who has called to check the books and the collator’s office, upsetting P.C. Hollis in the process. The superintendent turns out to be a fake and is there to free Roach’s suspect. P.C.s Ramsey and Smith are watching two suspects who change their car. Smith doesn’t think they can handle it on their own but Ramsey does. The two are involved in the smuggling of peregrine falcon eggs.

Season 5 Episode 43

P.C. Haynes investigates when the body of a homeless woman is found on a building site. She died from inhalation of chlorine gas. The site is run by a man convicted of fly-tipping a few months earlier, and who has allowed a friend to dump cleansing agents down a manhole. P.C. Garfield is investigating a discharge of waste down by the river when the informant collapses and later dies from cyanide gas poisoning. D.C.s Dashwood and Lines want W.P.C. Ackland to do 50 PNC checks but get diverted to the chemical tipping cases.

Season 5 Episode 44
The Strong Survive

Jim is waiting in a car for the chemist to open and hungry. Meanwhile Mike is being fed breakfast and cups of tea. A man takes a club and breaks all the glass in the front door and then tries to run over Jim. False plates are on the van. Pressure is being placed on chemist to fill in blank prescription forms. Claire and Haynes are asked to investigate an all night party which is an Irish wake that gets out of hand.

Season 5 Episode 45
Loving Care

D.C. Carver investigates a burglary and finds an unconscious girl at the bottom of the garden with the stolen property. Carver accuses the home owner of lying about exactly what was taken. The girl, who is mentally handicapped, has been missing from her hostel for two months and staying with a man with form for fencing. Carver discovers where the girl was being held. D.C. Dashwood investigates theft from a club. Less money then was reported missing is found on the suspect, a barman. His girlfriend turns up at the front desk but she has also been seeing the assistant manager at the club. The assistant manager admits to stealing the rest of money.

Season 5 Episode 46
Back on the Streets

D.C.s Lines and Carver are in a car waiting for a suspect who escapes after stealing a postman’s bicycle. The suspect visits his wife, who has been rumoured to be doing modelling work, but escapes by hanging from the balcony of a fifth floor flat and swinging to the floor below. P.C. Edwards is sent to check up on an old lady who isn’t answering her door, but it turns out that she died unexpectedly. P.C. Hollis has been talking to Chief Insp. Conway and then tries talking to Insp. Frazer about his desire to resign as collator. P.C.s Ramsey and Stamp have been having a go at Hollis about lovebites on his neck and he snaps at Edwards. The woman whom Hollis had been seeing doesn’t want to see him again. W.P.C. Ackland is being encouraged to go for her sergeant’s exams by all of the sergeants on the relief.

Season 5 Episode 47

Yorkie is on hand at the scene of a fatal accident. Everyone is being held up and Yorkie is stressing out. Petrol is leaking from crushed car which has dead occupants. Sgt. Penny, when he finally arrives, tells Yorkie off for not blocking off the road. When Yorkie goes to move a bus on, he discovers the bus driver is the husband of the driver of the crushed car. Yorkie is in shock and Viv is worried about him. Cryer seems to be the only one who understands. Yorkie is talking about giving up.

Season 5 Episode 48
Somewhere by Chance

P.C.s Ramsey and Edwards investigate stolen credit cards in shopping precinct. While there a soldier says he has a bomb. The precinct is cleared and the relief check for the bomb. Edwards catches one of a pair of looters and while looking for the other looter he finds a rocket launcher in the toilet. D.S. Roach and D.C. Dashwood find a stolen car two-and-a-half years after it was stolen. W.P.C. Brind goes to investigate a break-in but finds that everything has been cleaned and that lady who supposedly reported the incident is not there. Brind discovers the lady never existed and that the man she saw has form for indecent assault. She also finds out how close she was to becoming a serial killer’s third victim.

Season 5 Episode 49
A Quiet Life 

Jim is at the hospital talking to the wife of the victim of a robbery who had a heart attack. It is the latest in a string of robberies. Tony finds a man clearing the skip he hired of other people’s rubbish. Tony’s card is eaten by an ATM before he is called back to the skip. June brings in a prostitute with an expensive watch. Her boyfriend is suspected of a jewel robbery.

Season 5 Episode 50
Tom Tiddler’s Ground

Viv and June are on park patrol. A lady runs into a shed and locks herself in. A man is looking for his dog that went missing a year ago. Jim and Dashwood are watching a man’s movements to try and catch his son who is a villain that Burnside wants.

Season 5 Episode 51
Make My Day

Uniform are looking for someone who is letting off distress flares inside letterboxes. Melvin arrives on the scene of an attack. Householder wants something done. Hollis is back on the beat. As he is responding to Melvin’s call to assist, he knocks into a rider of a moped who takes off. Fire Officer tells Cryer flares could be dangerous because of corrosion. Hollis is swinging bag around containing flare gun. Suspect has a thing about neighbourhood watch. An elderly betting shop owner(ex villain) tells Burnside about another elderly villain who has come out of retirement to out a contract on him. P.C. Turnham goes undercover.

Season 5 Episode 52

D.C. Dashwood has been investigating thefts from a building site. D.S. Roach gets him to interview a lad about a stolen moped. The boy’s father hits Dashwood and then follows him as he goes to meet the building site foreman. The foreman is uncooperative and tells Dashwood not to come onto the site again after handing over a list of names. W.P.C. Ackland is talking to P.C. Melvin about taking her sergeant’s exams. She tells two boys off for riding bicycles on the pavement. Ackland and Melvin respond to a call and find Dashwood in a lorry park. He has been beaten unconscious and the list of names is missing.

Season 5 Episode 53

Taffy has come in for a shift before taking his holidays. He is worried he will miss his flight. He tries to saw a bed rail to remove a prisoner but ends up removing the bed head instead. Brownlow is trying to cut spending and tells Burnside that for the present they will have to use the buses. Carver misses his on the way to a supermarket to see about staff pilfering. He wrenches his ankle getting off the bus after a butcher smuggling meat out in his clothes. Penny is going by the PACE book

Season 5 Episode 54
Between Friends

Dashwood and Roach investigate a break-in at an apartment on the Thames. The burglar is chased and caught by uniform. He claims chloroform was planted on him but later changes his story to finding it in the apartment. Brownlow is off to a meeting on a golf course, upset that his golf clubs are still missing from his car. He is offered a set of clubs at a discount by a shady member of the club. Complaints have been made about not flying the flag so Melvin and Turnham are ordered to look for it. The flag pole is also missing.

Season 5 Episode 55

P.C. Turnham deals with a motorist repeatedly sounding his horn in a stationary queue of vehicles while Sgt. Cryer investigates the cause of the hold up.

Season 5 Episode 56
The Sacred Seal

Sgt. Peters puts out a call about an armed robbery in progress at a store. D.C. Carver follows the suspect, picking up an abandoned starting pistol, but loses him outside a church. A priest is found holding the money after the suspect leaves during confession. Carver later arrests the suspect, who is convinced that the priest grassed him up, and the church is vandalised. P.C. Edwards is moaning to P.C. Garfield about the inefficiency of the Crown Prosecution Service when they notice two men fighting over dogs in a car. The owner of the car has put his vicious rottweilers in it to prevent it being repossessed. A young boy can control dogs. The repossession man turns out to be bogus and is caught respraying cars

Season 5 Episode 57
Subsequent Visits

P.C. Stamp brings in a twocker and leaves W.P.C. Brind to bring up the stolen motorcycle. CID doesn’t want to know. D.C. Lines is getting ready for his holidays. P.C.s Garfield and Stamp are competing over numbers of arrests – the problem is that while Stamp nicks real villains, Garfield nicks daft ones. Lines chases a suspect and gets diverted to an accident, when the suspect gets into his car. D.S. Greig advises Lines to buy a new car for his holiday. The previous driver of the vehicle looks like Lines and might be connected to a robbery.

Season 5 Episode 58
User Friendly

An aircraft has come down in a park, and the pilot and passengers have fled. Police dogs are used to track an injured passenger to a warehouse. The plane had taken off from Belgium, and a wooden crate is found containing a sought after American computer. W.P.C. Ackland and P.C. Melvin have been to Cumbria to pick up a prisoner, a terrorist linked to a bomb in Düsseldorf. Their vehicle is being followed.

Season 5 Episode 59
Don’t Like Mondays

PC Edwards and PC Smith are called to a disturbance at a local bank, where they are surprised to find Tosh Lines’ wife and children causing a commotion as there is no money left in their account. Edwards makes a discrete call to Sgt. Peters, who suggests to Tosh that he head down to the bank and sort things out. As PC Ramsey and WPC Ackland also arrive, the bank is raided by an armed gang. Tosh Lines arrives and charges towards the bank, but as PC Ramsey runs to stop him, he is shot in the chest by one of the robbers. Ch. Insp. Conway negotiates with the gang as armed PT17 officers surround the building. Sgt. Cryer offers to drive the getaway car, but disconnects the ignition when he leaves it at the bank entrance. PC Smith and the other hostages are released, but PC Edwards is taken hostage. He manages to makes a run for it and the PT17 officers open fire on the car.

Season 5 Episode 60
Pick Up

Haynes and Martella follow a car which is being driven erratically. Viv is worried about Haynes because he is a friend of Ramsey. Frazer briefs uniform about how to pick up prostitutes who are suspected of rolling their punters but they are cover so a snout can talk to robbery squad.


Season 5 Episode 61

Inspector Frazer is moaning about expenses. Viv is given domestic violence cases to follow up. She can’t understand why beaten women stay. One would rather put up with it than suffer consequences of reporting him. Another is staying for the children. Yet another decides to lay a complaint after Viv’s visit. Tony is walking the beat with Richard Turnham and are sent to a shopping centre about allegations of shoplifting. They pick up 3 juveniles.

Season 5 Episode 62
Black Spot

D.C. Tosh Lines visits a family with some clothes and meets a man who is teaching his son bad attitudes regarding the police. He puts Tosh’s back up and the detective is determined to nick him, although everyone warns him about the villain. D.S. Roach gets bitten trying to overpower thieves who have broken into one-armed bandits.

Season 5 Episode 63
Taken for a Ride

D.S. Roach is going before the Inspectors Promotion Board, but the members made up their mind before the interview that he wouldn’t be promoted. D.C. Carver is moaning to D.I. Burnside about going out in the evening. They are doing an obbo on a lorry with P.C.s Able and Turnham inside. D.C. Dashwood loses the lorry and the radio link doesn’t seem to be working. Burnside goes up in the police helicopter. Able is beginning to be affected by the fumes when they find themselves back where they started from. The driver was listening to the police communications all the time.

Season 5 Episode 64
Time Out

Burnside argues with a D.I. from robbery squad about using Greig and Lines on surveillance. They are sharing the house with a nosy lady. When the suspect is grabbed, the radio is not working. Greig suspects the suspect’s wife knows who grabbed her husband. Ted is upset about the promotion board and wants to know if his cards are marked in regards to promotion. Claire is looking at greeting cards when she hears a shot. Money is taken from a security van and the guard is shot. Split groceries help solve the crime.

Season 5 Episode 65

P.C. Yorkie Smith clears out his locker in readiness for leaving the force when the early morning shift ends. He goes to a suspected break-in at a video shop. P.C. Hollis thought he was going to Lombardy House instead. Yorkie has lost the area car but it turns out to be a prank by the relief. There is a scam concerning the video shop. W.P.C. Brind dresses very sexily for Yorkie’s leaving party.

Season 5 Episode 66
Street Games and Board Games

W.P.C. Ackland and P.C. Stamp walk through a black neighbourhood, and are called to a disturbance at a white household. The baby’s father was arrested by D.S. Roach the night before in a raid on the house for selling intoxicating liquor. The baby’s mother is Roach’s snout. The officers find themselves in a near-riot. Chief Supt. Brownlow is at a role play for senior officers, about riots on the streets of London.

Season 5 Episode 67

Taffy and Stamp are on a shout when they come across an accident. They have to carry on. Taffy’s wife thinks Cryer is stopping his transfer going through. A nasty atmosphere is developing at the scene of the accident. Haynes tells a witness how he feels about being black on the job. He is picked up by 2 coppers from another station. Frazer talks to Haynes about being sergeant material.

Season 5 Episode 68
A Little Knowledge

D.C. Lines goes undercover as a minicab driver to sit in on an illegal poker game at the cab office. Police raid the wrong place. W.P.C. Marshall complains to P.C. Edwards about putting the intelligence cards back. She is set up by D.C. Carver and Lines but later gets her own back. P.C. Garfield goes undercover to investigate muggings of pizza delivery boys.

Season 5 Episode 69

Sgt. Peters and W.P.C. Brind are attending to the aftermath of a fatal car crash, when Peters is approached about vandalism on an allotment. The allotment and garden belonging to a missing teacher have been destroyed since she left her husband. There is also a complaint about couples having sex in the sheds, and the woman involved is a prostitute known to Peters.

Season 5 Episode 70
Seen to Be Done

Sgt. Penny is kicking the drunks out of the cells. One of the drunks is very reluctant to go, and Sgt. Peters and P.C. Melvin overhear Penny lose his temper and exchange threats of violence before managing to get him out of the station. A prisoner is later found dead by a cleaner. As Federation rep, P.C. Hollis is getting in the way of the investigation because he is concerned about the men who were on duty.

Season 5 Episode 71

Roach and Dashwood arrest a man at an after match function. The suspect tries to help a girl and gets stabbed. Roach gets very little cooperation at another police station and has a run-in with the Inspector. The girl (Tulip) is a prostitute and they talk to her pimp to help look for her. They find her at the hospital when they go to pick up the suspect who turns out to have caused Tulip to miscarry.

Season 5 Episode 72
Nothing but the Truth

D.I. Burnside is having problems with the Crown Prosecution Service. He asks W.P.C. Brind to check a warrant on a man asked after by the C.P.S. D.C. Carver is having a hard time in CID. He is told not to wear his emotions on his sleeve. He is thinking about going back to uniform.

Season 5 Episode 73
It’s Not Majorca

Lay visitors are visiting the station. Thirteen prisoners on temporary transfer from Barton Street are about to arrive at Sun Hill. Insp. Frazer volunteers to attend to them while Sgt. Peters takes the lay visitors to the cells. Peters processes a boy who has stolen insects from a pet shop. The lay visitors talk to prisoner Harry Thompson. W.P.C. Brand notices a foreign policeman in Chief Supt. Brownlow’s car. The man attacks her and, in the process of trying to help her, Peters knocks into the female lay visitor, breaking her leg. D.C.s Dashwood and Carver are talked to by Harry Thompson’s brother who sprays the undercover van with graffiti with his mates as well as mugging a postman.

Season 5 Episode 74
Mending Fences

After being raked over the coals by Ch. Supt. Brownlow for the accident in the custody suite, Sgt. Peters mows Mrs Gunn’s lawn before taking her to the vicar’s fête. P.C. Edwards talks to Thompson Jnr. and the rest of his gang. The gang later vandalises the school. P.C.s Stamp and Hollis give chase into a car scrapyard where a car falls onto Thompson Jnr.

Season 5 Episode 75
Exit Lines

Garfield is on the beat when he notices an old lady catching her breath. He drops in to see her later and Cryer is worried he is skivvying. Norika comes in a day early to see Cryer and puts Dashwood in his place. Carver and Tosh talk to a man who brought a homing pigeon that went back to its old home.

Season 5 Episode 76
That Old Malarkey

Stamp calls on a lady who complains her neighbour is making noises. She has security bars on her door and loses the key. Tony calls the fire brigade to cut the bars and then she starts a fire. She is on medication.

Season 5 Episode 77
Greig Versus Taylor

Greig interviews a suspect in an armed robbery. Most of the evidence is circumstantial but the suspect decides to confess.

Season 5 Episode 78

Turnham wants a name from Cathy but annoys her by whistling and then asks Reg who he thinks the suspect is. Cathy is rude to Roach later but he makes her feel better after talking to her. Able and Melvin see a rag and bone cart trotting down the road without a driver. Penny thinks the owner is in the pub. A man fitting the owner’s description is found beaten. Reg stops a bloke parked on double yellow line who can’t restart his newly purchased second hand car. The man later goes around to his friend who sold him the car and breaks his front window. June and Viv are called into a ladies loo to find a lady trapped by a superglued lock. The old lady gets upset.

Season 5 Episode 79
I Counted Them All Out

[UD.I. Burnside, the rest of CID and some uniformed officers assist the Flying Squad in thwarting a hold-up on a security van at a supermarket. D.C. Carver is not happy that a shot was fired, with a villain later dying from his injuries. There is a bag missing from the van.

Season 5 Episode 80

Mike and Tosh are looking for a private detective. His girlfriend is not saying anything about his whereabouts. A client is also looking for him as is the driver of a car.


Season 5 Episode 81
A Matter of Trust

Burnside and Carver are doing a joint observation with Robbery Squad on a security van. Info seems to be incorrect as to time of holdup. Conway is on warpath. Burnside’s snout is not prepared to him the correct time until her husband is safely out of the way. While trailing the husband, Greig is accosted by a man who recognises him as ‘old bill’ so he loses him. Viv and Melvin trail him from a pub and sets it up so he hits Viv with a car.

Season 5 Episode 82
Tourist Trap

Dashwood and Ackland are on a tour in a graveyard. Garfield and Carver are in the hotel waiting to catch a thief. Greig is in the linen cupboard. Stamp is there also and is approached by a prostitute. The tour guide tells the thief who is on the tour so he can raid their rooms. Norika deals with a lady who won’t pay for her meal and gets Insp. Frazer wound up when she won’t respond. She had a shock and doesn’t recognize her husband. Reg and Melvin notice a lady in a phone booth because of her small son. They later call to see her about a t.v. scam to gain entry to her flat. A large sum is stolen. Taffy and Suzanne have a similar case to deal with. Both ladies had big wins at a bookies

Season 5 Episode 83
The One That Got Away

Brownlow is driving when he notices a driving erratically. He gives chase and catches the driver but can’t reveal his location. The driver who was driving a stolen car, then nicks Brownlow’s. He is the driver for an armed robbery and Roach lets him get away. Viv and June are walking the beat and are followed by a man who invites June out. They later nick him.

Season 5 Episode 84
Found Offending

P.C. Stamp is near an underpass when he spots a teenage couple begging. The lad sees him and runs off, leaving the girl behind. He brings her in to the station where it turns out that she was abused by her father. A lady outside a café is worried about a café worker being terrorised by workmen from a building site. P.C. Edwards is called to deal. P.C. Hollis goes to see a man whose neighbour is trying to knock down a new fence.

Season 5 Episode 85
All Part of the Job

W.P.C. Brind sorts out a bit of bother in a pub. A man, who turns out to be from Special Branch, chats her up afterwards. Ch. Insp. Conway is not happy that Brind is being put in dangerous situations, while Insp. Frazer is not happy that Brind radios the station in the middle of situations. Special Branch is trying to catch a villain coming from Spain on diplomatic passport to visit his sick mother. An Asian girl has gone missing with her boyfriend, taking drugs with her.

Season 5 Episode 86
In the Cold

Taffy and Tony go to a rail yard where a female body has been found. Burnside thinks the watchman fits the picture. It turns out she died of exposure.

Season 5 Episode 87
Just a Little Run Around

Inspector Frazer is on a training exercise learning how to use long shields. They learn how to use shields against bricks, bats, bombs and violent thugs. During an exercise using petrol bombs she seemed to freeze although she thought she did all right.

Season 5 Episode 88
A Fair Appraisal

P.C. Edwards is up for his annual performance appraisal and is wound up by P.C. Stamp. Edwards goes to deal with an alarm at a warehouse, which turns out to be an actual break-in rather than a fault with the alarm. He feels that Sgt. Cryer is giving him unfair criticism because he dislikes him, but refuses to talk to anyone about his problems. D.S. Roach and D.C. Carver nick a couple for possession of drugs. The man gives D.I. Burnside the name of his supplier and Ch. Insp. Conway pulls the men off the job before they can blow a Customs and Excise operation.

Season 5 Episode 89

Sun Hill police station has an open day and a silver cup is stolen. D.C. Lines is having money problems. P.C. Hollis is concerned about stress on the job. W.P.C. Ackland and D.C. Lines investigate a man who is running a disorderly house.

Season 5 Episode 90
Private Wars

Burnside is driving past an electricity substation when he sees someone climbing over the wall. While investigating he is beaten by security guards. Frazer is looking for blue movies that have gone missing from the property office. Brownlow is upset at an article Reg wrote for the Federation magazine.

Season 5 Episode 91
Feasting with Panthers

A special constable gives a ticket to a motorist. Sgt. Penny warns the car owner to move his vehicle and tells the special constable to destroy the ticket. Penny loses it after reading something on the toilet mirror. D.C. Dashwood goes to see a man about a burglary. Dashwood is suspicious because there are no signs of forced entry. It transpires that the burglary was carried out by an ex-lover. D.I. Burnside won’t help because of armed robbers on the manor. P.C. Stamp and D.C. Lines watch in a pub while the man is approached by his ex-lover.

Season 5 Episode 92
By the Book

W.P.C. Datta talks to a driver who has parked illegally. She then deals with an upset drug addict at a pharmacy. The girl is later found badly beaten and her prescription missing. D.C. Dashwood is worried that there is something fishy about the prescription, and checks out her doctor. P.C. Able is upset at how a father reacted to being asked about his son’s tax disc. Insp. Frazer is concerned about Able and Garfield’s statement-taking. She sets up a role play situation so they can practice, but it is interrupted by a gas mains leak.

Season 5 Episode 93
Beer and Bicycles

Ch. Insp. Conway talks to the relief about image: “Efficient service with a smile”. W.P.C. Martella is asked to do surgery that afternoon. Booze has been found in the locker room. Mr. Conway is on the war path. P.C. Edwards goes for counselling. He thinks it will be a one-off but the counsellor thinks different. The counsellor thinks he made headway until Taffy makes a comment about wasting time. Edwards sends his wife to Wales to look for a house for them. P.C. Able on a bike catches a lady getting out of a car used in a wages snatch. P.C. Stamp is not happy that he has to transport the dog handler around.

Season 5 Episode 94
Grace of God

A man at a car yard complains about youngsters damaging cars and stealing car radios. The youths harass a man who has moved back into his old family home. The man snapped after the kids came back and grabbed one of them. P.C.s Stamp and Melvin evict a retirement party from a pub. The workers return to the factory and continue the party there.

Season 5 Episode 95
Just Another Day

A group of children are harassing a shopkeeper but the real complaint is against a saxophone player. P.C. Melvin thinks there is a connection between the busker and someone called ‘The Pied Piper’. W.P.C. Brind deals with a lady who has a court order about the destruction of a rottweiler that belongs to her husband. She goes into labour and realises that she left a child at home which she fled when the dog tried protecting another child.

Season 5 Episode 96
Gone Fishing

Carver goes to the hospital to see how a victim of a hit-and-run accident is. Roach thinks it is attempted murder and although she says her husband didn’t do it she is lying.

Season 5 Episode 97
Early Bird

Taffy and Claire find an old lady on the street with a bird cage and a suitcase. She has run away from a home and later dies in the canteen. Tosh and Jim stop and search a cat burglar who uses his socks to avoid leaving fingerprints. Dashwood and Viv try to catch, unsuccessfully, 2 pickpockets until Sgt. Peters gives them a hint.

Season 5 Episode 98
Just for the Crack

D.C. Carver has brought a new suit. Twenty-seven motorcycles, including a police ‘bike, have been stolen. P.C. Garfield and W.P.C. Martella notice two youths stealing a motorbike. When they raid the garage all they find is the licence plate of the stolen police bike. P.C. Able is assigned to deliver a notification of death. A case that P.C. Melvin spent two weeks on is going to be dropped before going to court. The man involved is going to complain about Melvin, who arrests him for assaulting a police officer.

Season 5 Episode 99
Woman in Brown

W.P.C. Ackland and P.C. Melvin call at a school where a baby has been taken. Ackland thinks she knows who took the baby. W.P.C. Martella and P.C. Able are called to a basement flat where the old lady has been conned by the “maggot man”, a bogus water board worker who shows people maggots that have supposedly been found behind pipes. D.C. Lines tries out a new car and then tells D.C. Carver about a car scam that is going on.

Season 5 Episode 100
Speaking Freely

Insp. Frazer brings in a suspected shoplifter. Frazer is having her appraisal interview later. A woman comes in to inform Frazer that there might be problems at a talk given by a pro-abortionist.

Season 5 Episode 101
The Return of the Prodigal Son

Greig has been made Acting D.I. and D.S. Roach takes it up with Ch. Insp. Conway when he gets back. Roach is bringing in a prisoner who has been on the run for 12 months. His solicitor wants bail because he is terminally ill. His mother and sister are coming in later to see him, and the prisoner wants them to take his cases home. An officer from the Drugs Squad turns up looking for D.I. Burnside. Heroin is going to be delivered on the estate and they want Sun Hill CID to assist with an operation to recover it. The sniffer dogs go berserk when they go past the suspect’s cases. W.P.C. Ford and P.C. Hollis are out looking for a drunk, but arrest another one. When they put him the van they notice a group of men who take off when they see the officers. Before they can give chase, they hear an explosion. Ford goes into the caretaker’s burning flat to rescue his daughter. The caretaker has been dealing drugs.

Season 5 Episode 102
Chinese Whispers

W.P.C. Datta can’t get her car started. A man who offers to help turns out to be a bogus repairman who has been operating in the area. Datta and P.C. Quinnan are on the beat together when they are told of a blind man who has been mugged by three men who had been drinking. Rumours start to circulate Sun Hill after an estate surveyor is seen looking at the station. Quinnan is trying to impress all the W.P.C.s and asks W.P.C. Ackland if he can buy her a drink later. She thinks it is a date. Quinnan solves a theft at a jewellers. Insp. Frazer may be up for an exchange trip to New York. Ch. Supt. Brownlow has an informal chat with P.C. Turnham. Quinnan sees Turnham afterwards and makes remarks about the Mrs. Brownlow

Season 5 Episode 103
Powers of Exclusion

P.C.s Garfield and Turnham arrest a minister for possession of a sheath knife. D.I. Burnside has been after the minister for a long time and suspects him of involvement in drugs and stolen goods. P.C. Hollis recognises the law clerk sent to represent the minister. He has to be released and Burnside is not happy when he finds out. P.C. Edwards hears of a suspected breaking-and-entering by an old lady. She had been concerned about a friend of hers who hadn’t taken in his milk. It is a sudden death case.

Season 5 Episode 104
Saturday Night Fever

DC Carver is at the hospital checking on a stabbing of a drug dealer. WPC Martella has some info about the deceased which prompts DS Burnside to bring in a couple of suspects. Sgt. Peters is having a busy time in Custody. PC Garfield and WPC Brind bring in a girl who has knocked her mother out. Brind has to search her, and is hit by the girl who later tries to hang herself in her cell. It turns out she had stabbed her boyfriend, who turns out to be Carver’s victim.