DC Zain Nadir

Portrayed by TJ Ramini

First Appearance #172 4/12/03

Final Appearance Zain Inside Out: Part 2 20/12/07

Call Sign

Zain Nadir was never quite what he seemed. He turned up on the Cole Lane Estate as Adi Mateen a drug dealer and all round nasty villain. PC Lance Powell soon got on his tail and blew Zain’s whole undercover operation. Back at Sun Hill Jack Meadows was quite impressed with Zain and offered him a role in CID. Zain seemed to find teamwork difficult, his superior officers ought to have watched this issue a little more closely than they did. Although Zain worked hard to get the right result, work wasn’t always enough and he broke a rule or two. Unfortunately Zain didn’t break the rules for good, he also broke them for his own benefit, he ‘turned native’ and fell in love with Kristen Shaw. Zain fed false information to his superior officers before attempting to escape with Kristen, away from Columbian drug barrens and the police. Unfortunately PC Honey Harmen got in the way and Zain witnessed Kristen shoot her dead. After disposing Honey’s body Zain was arrested and sent to jail for 10 years. He returned to Sun Hill to help on a case as a prisoner, it was certainly not a heroes welcome, but for his efforts Jack arranged for Zain to be sent to an open prison.



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IMDb https://www.imdb.com/name/nm1421522/?ref_=fn_al_nm_1

Where Can I See Now?

We are currently waiting for news of  TJ’s next project.  Please watch this space for more info.  But until then catch TJ on his cookery channel on Youtube, its quite brilliant!