PC Rosie Fox

Portrayed by: Caroline Catz

First Appearance Deep End 25/8/98

Final Appearance Team Spirit 2/4/00

Returning Appearance The Trial of Eddie Santini

Call Sign 487

PC Rosie Fox’ stay at Sun Hill was not altogether a happy one. From her very first day at Sun Hill she dealt with  attention from PC Eddie Santini. Antics with the relief down the pub after a good day’s work lead Rosie and Eddie, Eddie to kiss.  Eddie saw this as a green light to harass and make a nuisance of himself, spreading lies around the station that ‘Rose Bud’ was obsessed with him.  Eventually Rosie put forward a complaint of sexual harassment against Eddie, however, with the exception of DC Liz Rawton Rosie found herself unbelieved. It took time but eventually the truth came out leaving Rosie wanting to leave Sun Hill and start a fresh.

Rosie returned to Sun Hill as a Detective Sergeant to investigate the death of Eddie’s ex-girlfriend Jessica Orton. After correctly identifying Eddie as the killer and arresting him Rosie later returned for his manslaughter trial. However, Rosie was murdered in her hotel room before she could testify against him.


Although PC Eddie Santini was PC Rosie Fox’ nemesis in the show, in real life the actors Michael Higgs and Caroline Catz are now married.


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Where Can I See Caroline Now?

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