Sierra Oscars 2023

The Sierra Oscars began on May 6th. We asked you who your favourite police officer of the 1990’s. The winner is: DS Don Beech. 2nd: DS Ted Roach 3rd: PC Tony Stamp. The voting was very close between the top 5 with both DC Tosh Lines and Sgt Bob Cryer gaining many votes.

For our second vote, we asked you to choose which character had the most memorable first day at Sun Hill. The voting was incredibly close all weekend, eventually, we had two winners: Frank Burnside and Mickey Webb. Cass Rickman was voted into third place. Alistair Greig and Gina Gold also received many votes.

We then asked you to vote for the most humorous episode of The Bill. The Winner was an episode called Twanky. 2nd: Wheels 3rd: All Change. Over 22 episodes were voted for in total, there is plenty of humour out there!

We asked you who was your favourite character of the 1980s. The winner was Frank Burnside. In joint 2nd place were Ted Roach and Bob Cryer. Tony Stamp, Roy Galloway, Reg Hollis, Viv Martella & Alec Peters all received a high number of votes.

Next, we asked you which Sun Hill officer you would want to come to your aid if you were in trouble. Tony Stamp received the most votes, 2nd: Dale Smith 3rd Neil Manson. Almost 40 different officers were voted for in this category. 4th: June Ackland, 5th: Viv Martella.

We asked you to tell us your favourite long storyline. The winner was the fall of Don Beech. In joint 2nd place: Jim Carver’s decline into alcoholism and the River Murders. 29 different storylines were voted for in total including Des Taviner and 2002 Sun Hill fire, The Canley Fields Murders, Britamannia & Gunrunner.

We asked you which officer had the most memorable exit. The winner by a country mile was Viv Martella. 2nd: Ted Roach and Ken Melvin. Also receiving many votes were Receiving many votes, Don Beech, John Boulton, Cass Rickman and Honey Harman.

We asked you to vote for your favourite characters of the 2000s. The winner: Gina Gold. 2nd: Dale Smith (Smithy), 3rd Mickey Webb. Jo Masters and Neil Manson also received many votes.

Next, we asked you which partnership did you enjoy watching the most. The winners Reg Hollis and Des Taviner won by a huge margin. 2nd; Ted Roach and Frank Burnside. Dave Quinnan & Tony Stamp; Malcolm Haynes & Pete Ramsay; Gary Best & Pete Ramsay all received numerous votes.

We asked you to vote for your favourite Sun Hill Station staff member. The winner was Robbie Cryer, 2nd: Eddie Olosunje, 3rd: Marilyn Chambers.

We asked you to vote for your favourite guest character. Two characters stood out in this vote the winner Roxanne played by Paul O’Grady & George Costigan and 2nd place Irene Radford played by Lynda Bellingham. In this category, almost 50 characters were voted for.

We asked you which short storyline was a favourite of yours – storylines that ran from 2-4 episodes. The winner was the Target trilogy. In joint 2nd Place: Thug on the Tyne and To Catch a Killer.

We asked you to vote for your favourite episode. Many of you exclaimed it was a difficult choice to pick a favourite, but you managed it! 60+ episodes were voted for: 1st: Punch Drunk. Equal 2nd Short Straw & All Fall Down When The Snow Lay Round About also gained many votes.

And now time for the final result. We asked you to vote for your favourite character. Over 70 Sun Hill Police officers were voted for, so although there is only ‘officially’ one winning character, it really is not the whole story. The winner is: Frank Burnside.

2nd Tony Stamp, 3rd Reg Hollis & Gina Gold 5th Dale Smith. Top 10 characters include in order of votes: Bob Cryer, Don Beech, Ted Roach, Jack Meadows and June Ackland.

An enormous thank you to all of you who took the time to vote, it has been a joy and a privilege to hear your enthusiasm for The Bill. It has been a wonderful reminder of just how fondly The Bill has been remembered by fans worldwide.