SC Terry Knowles

Portrayed by: Alex Avery

Double glazing salesman by trade Terry Knowles was a Special Constable in his spare time.  It was safe to say even in his role as a ‘Special’ Terry’s short time at Sun Hill he made an impact.  Under the wing of Des Taviner Terry followed his example: bending rules, unnecessary roughness with young suspects and sharing unwanted opinions.  Terry found some aspects of the job difficult, such as when he discovered a convicted paedophile living in the vicinity of his sister and two young nieces.  After much soul-searching Terry stayed professional and kept the information to himself, unlike Taviner who spoke to the sister. Terry questioned whether he should consider joining the police force full-time, however it was not to be, his time at Sun Hill was cut tragically short.  Terry was killed on duty, he’d stopped a woman whose phone number he wanted on the pretence of a traffic violation.  She stabbed him and drove off leaving Terry lifeless in the road.

First Appearance: Special Attention

Final Appearance: Loaded



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