Superintendent Jack Meadows

Portrayed by Simon Rouse

First appearance: Re-Hab (24.3.92)

Final appearance: Respect: Part 2

Call Sign: Sierra Oscar 5-2

Even before Jack even arrived at Sun Hill he was a familiar face, regularly appearing at the station flanked by other men in suits to investigate murders on Sun Hill’s patch.  When he finally took up the role of DCI all those years ago he came in disgrace, demoted from Detective Superintendent down.  He was disgraced for lack of supervision of his team it was a complaint that was to haunt Jack when the Don Beech fiasco reached its climax.  However, Jack was a truly honest cop and together with side kick Mickey Webb he brought the downfall of Tom Chandler. Nothing could hold Jack back, not Neil Manson clipping at his heals and certainly not a heart attack after which Jack instructed Debbie McAlistair from his hospital bed. Jack estranged from his ex-wife Laura, He had shown a fondness for younger women resulting in an affair with an escort Rachel Heath and feelings ran high for DS Debbie McAlistair. Jack’s son Ben was also to push him, leading Jack to arrest him for drug offences. After a gap of about 17 years Jack finally made it back up to Superintendent again and became the head of Sun Hill. Police Station.


The character of Jack Meadows made an appearance in the German police Drama, SOKO Leipzig, after the series of The Bill had finished.


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