DC Rob Thatcher

Portrayed by: Brian Bovell

First Appearance Episode 154

Final Appearance Episode 273

Call Sign

Rob Thatcher was the type of officer whom on the surface everyone in the office liked. He was a ladies man, Cathy Bradford and Marilyn Chambers could attest to that. However, behind the scenes Rob was a troubled soul. He saw issues where there was none, he battled Superintendent Adam Okaro whom he believed to be more strict with black officers. Rob’s whispers lead other officers such as Lance Powell to become wary of Okaro. However, Rob’s hate campaign didn’t stop at whispers, with a little encouragement, he mounted a poison pen letter campaign against his Superintendent culminating in concealing drugs in Adam’s car during Jim and June’s wedding reception. Rob also struggled to a lesser extent with Acting DI Samantha Nixon’s authority, back in the day before he was demoted Rob was a Detective Sergeant supervising an up and coming DC Nixon. But for all his issues Rob got on with the job, got results and gained respect from many of his colleagues. That was until the Radford family moved back into town. Rob had never forgiven the Radford’s for the murder of his father and did all in his power to bring the family down. He bent the rules and the law, putting other officers lives in danger. When all avenues were closed to him Rob went on the run with a gun. finally catching up on Irene Radford, he killed her before turning the gun on other officers, so SO19 fatally shot him.



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Where Can I See Brian Now?

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