Deputy Assistant Commissioner Georgia Hobbs

Portrayed By Kazia Pelka

First Appearance #418

Final Appearance ## 487

Call Sign

We first met Georgia Hobbs whilst Sun Hill was in transition between two Superintendents, Adam Okaro and John Heaton. Georgia became a familiar face around Sun Hill sharing words of wisdom and rules from above.  It wasn’t long before she began an affair with Superintendent John Heaton. It was a relationship John was going to live to regret, for it very nearly ended his career. Georgia was not the good, decent officer that she pretended to be, underneath she was cunning and devious and was the reason why Sun Hill very nearly closed before its time. Georgia had her fingers firmly in the till and tried to have Sun Hill Police Station shut down because she would benefit financially from its closure. Georgia was last seen being arrested by the DPS never to be heard of again.



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