PC Lewis Hardy

Portrayed By Aml Ameen

First Appearance #380 11/1/06

Final Appearance Death or Glory 19/7/07

Call Sign 128

Lewis Hardy was probably one of the most street wise officers ever to have walked the beat of Sun Hill. His knowledge of the streets was both a help and a hindrance to his job. On occasion Lewis was treated with suspicion by other officers due to his close connections, his cousin was a member of the Skens gang some could never be entirely sure that he hadn’t overstepped the mark. Lewis also had his suspicions of other officers, he questioned whether Roger Valentine was a racist although by the end of their partnership they ended on good terms. And Sun Hill’s loss was Tridents gain following his successful undercover role infiltrating the skens gang.



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Where Can I See Aml Now?

Aml can currently be seen in a plethora of films including his very own ‘Boxing Day’. We are waiting to hear of his next project.