PC Pete Ramsey

Portrayed By: Nick Reding

First Appearance Good Will Visit 26/7/88

Final Appearance Don’t Like Mondays 25/7/89

Call Sign 743


PC Pete Ramsey found himself back in uniform at Sun Hill after being booted out of CID; apparently cheating your colleagues at cards was frowned upon by his previous station’s superiors. Strangely he was the only police officer in the station to afford a Porshe; parking the car in Chief Superintendent Browlow’s car parking space on his first day at Sun Hill. Pete Ramsey was a bad boy, always trying to make a quick quid, taking bribes and attempting to do a runner from garage bills (not the best idea when the owner of the garage was a friend of Sgt Bob Cryer’s). Pete had his fair share of run-ins with Inspector Christine Frazer.  However, for all his faults the viewer and other officers found Pete quite likeable. He brought his knowledge of working in CID helping to crack a saffron smuggling case and was reasonably good at plodding the beat. Pete redeemed himself in his very final episode, Don’t Like Mondays, where he stopped DC Tosh Lines running hysterically into a bank raid. In the commotion Pete was shot and the last we saw of him was being rushed into hospital leaving the viewers to guess his fate. The following episode there was a discussion about a newspaper headline, ‘Shot PC Hangs On’ so viewers hoped that Pete Ramsey had survived and maybe recovered. However a decade later on an ITV The Bill website Pete Ramsey was listed amongst the deceased officers.




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Where Can I See Nick Now?
Nick is the Founder and Executive Director of a charity called S.A.F.E. For more information about the charity please click the following link: http://www.safekenya.org/ He can now be heard on a The Bill podcast.