Inspector Christine Frazer

Portrayed by Barbara Thorn

First Appearance Light Duties 19/7/1988

Final Appearance I Thought You’d Gone 11/1/1990

Call Sign

Inspector Christine Frazer had a rather memorable entrance to Sun Hill, well it was memorable for Tony Stamp and Ted Roach. Tony made the mistake to think she was a member of the public sending her away from the scene with a flea in her ear, whilst Ted Roach took it upon himself to think she was a bit of skirt to pick up in the pub bar. But there was more to Christine Frazer than met the eye, tough as old boots, full of women’s lib and up to date on modern policing. She did her job well, keeping the relief, including the rogue PC Pete Ramsay, in line. Superintendent Charles Brownlow was not sure what to make of the Inspector, one of the first female Inspectors at Sun Hill. The sergeants liked her, well Tom Penny and Alec Peters fancied her, although it took them and Bob Cryer quite a while to respect her modern policing methods. Christine or ‘Chrissie’ as Frank Burnside called her had a shared history with Frank and dated Ted Roach a few times. Her exit from Sun Hill was to write a thesis on Sexism in the force wasn’t so memorable, she departed to words of officers she met that day: “I thought you’d gone…”



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Where Can I See Barbara Now?
Barbara can be heard on a double episode of The Bill podcast.