Bluehealer’s Birthday Quiz

1/ Who was it who began their first day at Sun Hill, by offering a plate of doughnuts?

2/ Which Superintendent made their first appearance by serving the relief breakfast in the canteen?

3/ Who went undercover with a gang of football hooligans, with McAllister, Riley and Quinnan and later in the series, was forcibly transferred to Barton St when they were caught red handed ‘digging for dirt’ on Chandler’s past?

4/ Name the character whom during their time at Sun Hill police station; was taken hostage, fell under suspicion regarding the death of an old lady, suffered a bout of shell shock when a telephone box exploded, caught a notorious cat burglar (even if it was by default) and received a commendation for it, organised Dave Quinnan’s stag night, tried to use a caravan as a mobile police station and naturally, tried to introduce a station garden?

5/ When ‘The Bill’ had to move from its original home at Artichoke Hill, due to striking newspaper workers next door, the new location of a warehouse in Barbly Rd West London was chosen, what was that building previously used for?

6/ In 1988, who failed the firearms course and was no longer able to carry any firearms?

7/ In what year of original airing, did Tosh Lines make his final appearance in the show and name the episode?

8/ When Rosie Fox made a return to the series to give evidence in a murder trial, which P.C. was standing in the dock charged with the crime?

9/ Name the six characters killed in the 2002 Petrol Bomb attack and the two officers who seemed to show little remorse for their fallen colleagues, by having a romantic interlude directly following their memorial service.

10/ In the 1995 episode  ‘Still Waters’ what did Conway’s diving team find in a dock and which cast member and avid diver, supervised the diving/underwater scenes?

11/ Which Sargent got bumped back into uniform for a time following a brawl in CID with a fellow officer, after their attendance at of all places, a nail bar?

12/ Who began to doubt their leadership abilities after a high school siege and opted to not only leave Sun Hill, but retire and go on a ‘walking holiday’?

13/ What sad event in Sun Hill folklore, touched the lives of both cast, crew and fans in 1994?

14/ In 1992 who left Sun Hill to transfer to the Art & Antiques Squad, but would crop up in later episodes only to take a case away from Jim Carver to get a result and would go on to the same to Tosh Lines when a set of valuable dolls was stolen?

15/ In what year were the ‘Plodding Feet’ replaced?

16/ When ‘The Bill’ moved again to new lodgings on the Merton Industrial Estate in 1989, what had that warehouse previously been used to store?

17/ During their time at Sun Hill, who was it who deliberately read out inadmissible evidence in court (a trick learned from Burnside), applied for a position in the Bermuda Police Force and was ultimately killed in the line of duty?

18/ In what year did Jack Meadows arrive at Sun Hill? This was also the same year Ron Smollet’s Kingsmeade Community Police Station was blown up.

19/ Which long time character was over the years; taken hostage several times, shot Sergeant Cryer, transferred to SO19 and went on to make a triumphant return which saw them end the show’s run in one of the top positions within Sun Hill?

20/ The 1996 episode ‘The Spill’, in which a tanker lorry carrying a load dangerous chemicals crashed outside a tube station, marked which land mark event for The Bill?.




The answers in a nutshell are as follows:

1/ Stevie Moss.

2/ Tom Chandler.

3/ Mickey Webb.

4/ Reg Hollis.

5/ It was a record company’s depot.

6/ Ted Roach.

7/ 1998 in ‘A People Person’.

8/ : Eddie Santini.

9/ : Killed: 1-Inspector Andrew Monroe. 2-P.C. Ben Hayward. 3-P.C. Di Worrel.l 4-D.C. Paul Riley. And later in hospital 5-D.C Kate Spears. 6-P.C Sam Harker.
Caught having rumpy pumpy in the loo: Debbie McAllister and Tom Chandler. (Very naughty monkeys indeed)

10/ A corpse and Mark Wingett supervised the filming of the diving scenes.

11/ Phil Hunter.

12/ Gina Gold

13/ The death of show creator, Geoff McQueen.

14/ Dashwood.

15/ 1998

16/ Wine.

17/ Viv Martella.

18/ 1992 (give yourself an extra point here Josh!)

19/ : Dale ‘Smiffy’ Smith.

20/ Its 999th episode.