PC Kerry Young

Portrayed by: Beth Cordingly

First Appearance: Episode 025

Final Appearance: Episode 254

Call Sign: 202

PC Kerry Young was only stationed at Sun Hill Police Station for two and a half years but her time was so eventful it felt like several decades. She arrived at Sun Hill a fun loving young lady, enjoying the party scene with a bright future ahead. Engaged to duty solicitor, Martin Porter, Kerry first met some of the relief in a nightclub, leaving with Nick Klien whom she believed to be a pilot. Hilariously Nick believed Kerry to be a hairdresser. Kerry’s relationship with Martin was doomed, her working relationship with Nick after a rocky start went much better. Quickly Kerry became good friends with her work-mates, Cass Rickman and Robbie Cryer. Kerry was a popular member of the team who worked with diligence and a touch of sarcasm.

Kerry met fellow PC, Luke Ashton and quickly fell for his boyish charms. They married and Kerry quickly became pregnant. Unfortunately for Kerry, Luke’s heart laid elsewhere: Sgt Craig Gilmore. After a miscarriage and Luke out of her life Kerry became a somewhat harder character. During this tough time Kerry’s good friend Cass was murdered and she distanced herself from Robbie Cryer.

Things looked to have perked up when Kerry embarked upon a relationship with Cameron Tait, he was a kind, honest soul. However, they could not whether the storm after her fling with Sgt Smith and then rape by PC Gabriel Kent. Kerry’s life fell into turmoil once more, she became quite bitter. Kerry began to make questionable decisions, unofficially going undercover at a club belonging to the criminal Radford family. She ingratiated herself within the family, dating David for a time before witnessing the extent of his criminality.

Kerry’s time at Sun Hill was cut short when she was shot by the Sun Hill Sniper, Gabriel Kent. She was killed to protect his identity, both as a murderer and a rapist. Unknown to Gabriel at the time of shooting, Kerry was pregnant at the time with his child.



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Where can I see Beth now?

Beth can soon be seen in the ITV soap, Emmerdale.