SRO Marilyn Chambers

Portrayed by: Vickie Gates

First Appearance Episode 157

Final Appearance Episode 289

You may not remember Marilyn’s entrance into Sun Hill but fans will always remember her exit – poor Reg.  Marilyn arrived at Sun Hill to take over the role of Robbie Cryer and settled quickly into her job. Marilyn was much less of a gossip than Robbie but she knew what was happening about the station, trying on Cathy Bradford’s engagement ring on for size when no-one else even seemed to know she was engaged. Rob Thatcher welcomed Marilyn to Sun Hill in the only way he knew how, getting her drunk and a quickie in the pub toilets much to Marilyn’s embarrassment the next day. Her choice in men did improve and she embarked on a relationship with Reg Hollis. Their relationship was one of the sweetest that TV land could offer, Marilyn knitting Reg scarves whilst Reg whisked Marilyn off for afternoons of train spotting. Only the madness of Colin Fairfax could break this blossoming relationship and on the day that Reg Hollis was going to propose to Marilyn, Fairfax drove a petrol soaked van into the station reception, Marilyn died from her injuries leaving Reg and viewers broken hearted.



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Where Can I See Vickie Now?

We are not entirely sure what Vickie is working on atm, but stay tuned as soon as we find out we’ll let you know.