Season 9

Season 9 Episode 1
A Dying Breed

D.C. Carver becomes involved in an armed robbery while buying a watch. D.I. Burnside goes after the gunman who shot at Carver, while D.C. Woods tries to identify a body found in a makeshift grave.

Season 9 Episode 2
Fact of Life

The law allows a burglar to go free, but D.S. Greig and P.C. Quinnan try to pin him down again.

Season 9 Episode 3
All Through the Night

P.C. Stamp expects a dull evening on the party patrol until he is paired with a pretty young female Environmental Health Officer.

Season 9 Episode 4
New Tune, Old Fiddle

Ch. Insp. Conway learns that a chief inspector is to be posted to Sun Hill as Community Liaison Officer. He feels that he has been overlooked and applies for the post himself, without telling Ch. Supt. Brownlow.

Season 9 Episode 5

A persistent young offender is arrested for burgling his parents’ house. Sgt Cryer makes a procedural mistake which backfires. The boy’s father is furious with his son but takes it out on P.C. Smollett.

Season 9 Episode 6
Bringing up Baby

A new-born baby is missing and CID are working against the clock to find it. The mother has sold it for illegal adoption.

Season 9 Episode 7
Rainy Days and Mondays

The warden of a hostel calls the police when one of the girls claims to have been sexually assaulted by the night security man. P.C. Loxton and D.C. Woods find it hard to substantiate the allegation, but why would the victim lie?

Season 9 Episode 8
Supply and Demand

A complaint about a ‘pornographic’ home video of a housewife in a bubble bath leads to a result for the D.S. Greig and the burglary team.

Season 9 Episode 9
On the Cards

W.D.C. Martella is taken off a two-week-old murder hunt to work on a case involving obscene phone calls, but soon stumbles on to evidence that leads her to the killer.

Season 9 Episode 10
Shock to the System

Ch. Supt. Brownlow returns from holiday to discover that Ch. Insp. Conway is to be the new Area Community Liaison Officer. Meanwhile, speculation is rife as to the identity of the new operational chief inspector at Sun Hill. Is Philip Cato, “the bald-headed oooh choose another word from Barton Street,” in the running?

Season 9 Episode 11
Living It Down

The search for a missing victim of abuse uncovers a child pornography ring. W.D.C. Martella thinks that nothing ever surprises her about D.I. Burnside, but could she be wrong on this occasion?

Season 9 Episode 12
Heat of the Moment

A woman admits to killing her husband, but insists that she did it in the heat of the moment. W.D.C. Martella believes her, but D.C.I. Meadows is convinced that the crime was premeditated.

Season 9 Episode 13
Shake Rattle ‘n’ Roll

Ch. Supt. Brownlow loses his temper with Insp. Monroe. Monroe organises a highly successful raid on a pub, which is a den of evidence.

Season 9 Episode 14
No Thanks to You

P.C. Garfield has a bad day. First, he fails to save the life of a glue-sniffer and then allows a bail absconder to escape.

Season 9 Episode 15
A Better Life

An elderly woman disturbs an intruder in her home. D.S. Greig is convinced that a known villain has committed the burglary, but the victim insists that he is not the culprit.

Season 9 Episode 16

A girl goes missing, and D.C.s Carver and Woods suspect a known villain of murdering her, until another man walks into another station and confesses.

Season 9 Episode 17

D.I. Burnside lets Sun Hill’s burglars know he means business. D.S. Greig closes down a jeweller who is fencing stolen goods, and Operation Bumblebee has a surprise success arising form the murder of another fence.

Season 9 Episode 18
Cried Too Late

An arrested woman shoplifter refuses to talk to the police. When W.P.C. Datta finally breaks through the wall of silence a tragic tale of domestic violence unfolds.

Season 9 Episode 19
Gone for a Soldier

W.P.C. Ackland is teamed up with a military policeman who has come to Sun Hill to find a young soldier who has gone A.W.O.L. with a gun.

Season 9 Episode 20

A female drug-dealer is attacked by another dealer to get off his patch.

Season 9 Episode 21
Hard Man

D.S. Greig investigates a stabbing and uncovers benefit fraud at a bed-and-breakfast establishment.

Season 9 Episode 22
Missionary Work

As Community Liaison Officer, Ch. Insp. Conway has to decide which of two bids for a grant he should recommend to the Commissioner. He and P.C. Garfield want to use police funds to support a local youth club, while Ch. Insp. Cato and Ch. Supt. Brownlow have their own ideas.

Season 9 Episode 23
Hypocritical Oath

The overdose of a boy on the Cockcroft Estate enables D.C.s Lines and Carver to link registered addicts to a doctor.

Season 9 Episode 24
Trivial Pursuits

P.C. Loxton dismisses a call to a domestic argument between two lovers as a waste of time, but when he is called back to the same address he finds himself staring down the barrel of a gun.

Season 9 Episode 25
Out of the Mouths

P.C. Hollis takes the Bumblebee message into a local school, asking for help in the fight against burglary. One of the boys asks him to help end a domestic nightmare.

Season 9 Episode 26
Keeping in Touch

An employee of a private security firm is identified by the elderly blind woman he assaulted.

Season 9 Episode 27
If It Isn’t Hurting

New trainee investigator W.P.C. Suzi Croft learns some old-style policing methods from D.I. Burnside.

Season 9 Episode 28
Keeping out of Trouble

A woman claims to have inside information about a series of violent raids on petrol stations.

Season 9 Episode 29
School of Hard Knocks

D.I. Burnside investigates the abduction of a villain’s son.

Season 9 Episode 30
A Little Family Business

When a family business is hit by recession, the son arranges a burglary to claim the insurance but it goes badly wrong. D.C.I. Meadows investigates. Ch. Insp. Cato is gunning for P.C.s Loxton and Stringer.

Season 9 Episode 31
Breaking the Chain

Sgt. Kendall tries to keep a young offender from a life of crime.

Season 9 Episode 32
The Fortress

The owner of an off-licence makes a citizen’s arrest of a young shoplifter. Sgt. Maitland arrests the shopkeeper for use of unreasonable force.

Season 9 Episode 33
In Broad Daylight

On the trail of two rapists, W.D.C. Morgan investigates an attempted abduction and puts her life in danger.

Season 9 Episode 34
Credible Witness

P.C. Stringer feels discredited when his description of a thief fleeing from a jeweller’s shop conflicts with that of the main witness, who works in the shop.

Season 9 Episode 35
The Price of Fame

W.P.C. Page goes undercover as a model to investigate a possible scam at a modelling agency.

Season 9 Episode 36
The Short Straw

When her car breaks down on the way to the station, DC Viv Martella misses an important CID briefing about an obbo on a suspected armed robbery, and is furious when she is taken off the case by DI Frank Burnside. As CID and SO19 wait outside the target, Martella and PC Tony Stamp follow up a simple case to arrest a suspected bag snatcher. As they wait outside the suspect’s house, a van pulls up, obscuring their view. Having missed the briefing, Martella fails to recognise the van’s occupants as the armed robbers, and when she approaches their van she is shot and killed. Stamp is wounded, but manages to give a description of the van which is spotted by a traffic police motorcycle. As the India 99 police helicopter and SO19 cars pursue Martella’s killers across London, PC Loxton and WPC Ackland disobey Ch. Insp. Cato’s orders and pursue the suspect vehicle in the Area Car. The vehicle hits a bulldozer and explodes, killing all inside.

Season 9 Episode 37

A mentally retarded young man goes missing. D.I. Burnside has to deal with the consequences for the parents.

Season 9 Episode 38
Goods Received

D.S. Greig investigates the burglary of an ailing business, a case that leads him to a missing schoolboy.

Season 9 Episode 39
Double Enmity

Woods goes undercover as a contract killer to expose a woman who wants her husbad killed.

Season 9 Episode 40
Hard Evidence

A murder investigation team from AMIP arrives at Sun Hill. D.C.I. Meadows is uneasy at the approach taken by the detective superintendent, who seems willing to exploit his relationship with D.C. Woods to get a result regardless of the evidence.

Season 9 Episode 41
High Hopes and Low Life

D.C. Carver and W.D.C. Morgan investigate a career-ending attack on a promising young boxer. His trainer seeks revenge.

Season 9 Episode 42
On the Loose

P.C.s Loxton and Garfield corner a savage pit bull terrier at an illegal dog fight. Sgt. Boyden tracks down a pensioner who has turned to crime.

Season 9 Episode 43
Out of Court

P.C. Stamp and W.P.C. Ackland are keen to get a conviction against a woman for assault on a minicab driver, but she is acquitted. The woman is later knocked down in a pub car park by the forewoman of the jury. D.C. Carver investigates.

Season 9 Episode 44

Chief Inspector Cato arrests two youths, actions which cause a riot outside Sun Hill station.

Season 9 Episode 45
Cat and Mouse

A woman is keen to be get rid of her burglar boyfriend and his fence, with whom she has been having an affair. D.I Burnside gets two arrests.

Season 9 Episode 46

Two young brothers are suspected of burglary. W.P.C. Croft discovers that they were deserted by their mother and left to fend for themselves.

Season 9 Episode 47
Playing Away

W.P.C. Ackland arrests a fifteen-year-old boy for shoplifting, and finds herself investigating his relationship with a woman twenty years his senior.

Season 9 Episode 48
Coming to Terms

The parents of a young man awaiting trial for the murder of a child are distressed when their home is broken into and they receive threatening phone calls. W.P.C. Ackland discovers the connection.

Season 9 Episode 49
Return to Sender

A young postwoman is beaten up, but the motive is unclear and she seems unwilling to talk to the police.

Season 9 Episode 50
Sticks and Stones

When Lines hits the jackpot during a raid, it makes an already difficult court case for Greig even harder.

Season 9 Episode 51
Tangled Webs

A mysteriously unmotivated break-in at a garage leads D.I. Burnside to a web of sexual deception and a jealous husband’s rampage.

Season 9 Episode 52
Recruiting Officer

Sgt. Maitland enlists P.C. McCann’s help in reassuring a young black applicant whose wife has serious misgivings about the job. But McCann is discovering racism within the force for himself.

Season 9 Episode 53
Give ’em an Inch

Ch. Insp. Cato allows a demonstration to go ahead, despite being warned that it could be hijacked by racists. When things turn ugly, he is forced to reverse his previous orders.

Season 9 Episode 54
By Hook or by Crook

D.S. Roach is disgusted when a judge halts the trial of a man accused of crippling a police officer, and decides to take matters into his own hands.

Season 9 Episode 55
Home to Roost

PCs Stamp and Quinnan attend to Ray Hickey, the victim of an assault at Sun Hill market. W.P.C. Datta and P.C.s Loxton and Stringer accompany some local children to Chessington. Datta loses one of her charges and finds him with his estranged father, Ken Deakin. W.P.C. Croft investigates the assault and arrests Deakin, who had sought revenge on Hickey for violent abuse against his son. Hickey drops the assault charges.

Season 9 Episode 56
In Safe Hands

D.C. Lines and W.D.C. Morgan arrest two members of a shoplifting team, but investigations into the girl’s family background reveals that she has been sexually abused by her stepfather.

Season 9 Episode 57
Punch Drunk

Called to attend to a pub brawl, PC Tony Stamp and PC Dave Quinnan are stunned to find one man unconscious and the other Sun Hill’s own DS Ted Roach. Roach is taken back to the station, and while DI Frank Burnside manages to persuade the victim to drop the charges against him, nothing can be done when Roach headbutts Insp. Andrew Monroe during a heated argument. Ch. Supt. Brownlow calls in MS15 to investigate him, but Roach turns in his warrant card and walks out of the station.

Season 9 Episode 58
Fall Out

With the departure of D.S. Roach, one of his informants wants out. D.I. Burnside and Insp. Monroe investigate threats against her.

Season 9 Episode 59

An elderly ex-copper is in London to search for his estranged daughter and claims that he has been robbed in his hotel. D.C. Lines investigates.

Season 9 Episode 60
Pride and Joy

When a young woman’s car is stolen with a baby on board, CID fear an abduction and mount a search. P.C. Garfield tries to mediate with a private clamping firm.

Season 9 Episode 61
Fast Food

D.C.s Carver and Woods are caught napping when a street robber escapes from under their noses, but uncover a drugs operation at a takeaway restaurant. P.C. Loxton and Sgt. Maitland are in trouble when Loxton is accused of stealing money from a drunk in the cells.

Season 9 Episode 62
Soft Touch

P.C. Stamp’s driving prowess is questioned when he fails to stop a runaway road-roller. P.C.Jarvis finds a revolver in a rubbish bin. D.I. Burnside investigates a murder confession.

Season 9 Episode 63
We Gave Him All of Our Love

The body of a 14-year-old boy is washed up by the tide. Sgt. Cryer feels that he owes the parents an explanation.

Season 9 Episode 64
Hearts and Minds

D.I. Burnside disagrees with Ch. Insp. Conway’s approach to a young offender.

Season 9 Episode 65
Cry Baby

W.P.C. Page and Insp. Monroe attend what appears to be a cot death, but it transpires that the baby has a head injury. D.C.I. Meadows investigates.

Season 9 Episode 66
A Willing Victim

P.C. Garfield introduces a boxer friend to a business manager, but D.S. Pearce has the manager under investigation.

Season 9 Episode 67
Rank Outsider

P.C. Loxton’s prisoner is released after W.P.C. Page makes a mistake in the CAD room. Loxton and P.C. Jarvis try to get the prisoner back before Ch. Insp. Cato finds out.

Season 9 Episode 68
Tender Mercies

W.P.C. Datta assists a woman who has reported her husband missing. D.C.Lines uncovers a loan-sharking operation.

Season 9 Episode 69
Double Take

D.S. Greig and W.P.C. Croft investigate a burglary. The propery is found in a garden shed, but was it stolen?

Season 9 Episode 70
Mouth and Trousers

P.C. Stringer clashes with Ch. Insp. Cato about a serious shortage of officers and the ban on overtime. Meanwhile, two families fight out thir differences.

Season 9 Episode 71
Uses and Abuses

A woman walking home late at night thinks she is being followed by a young man and blinds him with oven cleaner. Is it self-defence or assault?

Season 9 Episode 72
Picking a Winner

P.C. Quinnan goes undercover as a refuse collector to investigate a series of burglaries.

Season 9 Episode 73

Insp. Monroe deals with the case of an alcoholic former coal miner who tries to organise exploited workers.

Season 9 Episode 74
Insider Dealing

A prisoner admits to crimes he didn’t commit in order to gain a transfer, leading CID to uncover how drugs are being smuggled into the prison.

Season 9 Episode 75
To Have and to Hold

A woman alleges rape by her estranged husband, but he insists that she consented. D.I. Burnside investigates.

Season 9 Episode 76
Honour among Thieves

D.I. Burnside questions three robbers after a botched getaway, and is given conflicting stories as they try to incriminate one another.

Season 9 Episode 77
Somebody to Love

W.P.C. Datta tries to help a battered wife, but discovers that it is another man who has beaten her up. W.P.C. Ackland and D.S. Greig find some strange connections when a housebreaking is linked to a lonely hearts advert.

Season 9 Episode 78
Morning Has Broken

Monroe acts quickly after a tip-off about a robbery at a supermarket. Meanwhile CID try to foil a kidnapping and robbery plot, only to be impeded by lack of resources.

Season 9 Episode 79

P.C.s Loxton and Garfield swap jobs. Loxton has to deal with the new screen ‘phones in the CAD room, while Garfield attends a fatal RTA.

Season 9 Episode 80

D.S. Greig suspects that his informant is giving him the run around, but it becomes clear that she is being fed false information.

Season 9 Episode 81
Divided We Fall

A man is found knocking on old people’s doors turns out to be suffering from paranoid schizophrenia, and attampting to contact family members. Sgt. Cryer realises that one old lady has cause to be afraid.

Season 9 Episode 82
A Duty of Care

Sgt. Cryer and P.C. Garfield attend a warehouse where a seventeen-year-old boy has fallen from a fork lift truck to his death. Cryer is convinced it was no accident.

Season 9 Episode 83
Family Values

P.C. Jarvis assists the investigation into a violent lorry hijack, where the driver suffered a fatal head injury.

Season 9 Episode 84
A Matter of Life and Death

An elderly man is arrested for beating his wife, but the couple have a bigger secret to hide. P.C. Quinnan is guilty of dangerous driving.

Season 9 Episode 85
Kith and Kin

When a woman is hospitalised, her son burgles her house and steals money, and her daughter starts to strip the house of its contents. P.C. Garfield and W.P.C. Marshall are forced to change their minds about a young offender who has befriended the woman, and to whom she has bequeathed her house.

Season 9 Episode 86
Part of the Family

The theft of a necklace reveals a case of domestic violence against a young Bangladeshi woman. Police examine immigration laws and find that she has no freedom at all.

Season 9 Episode 87
Mighty Atoms

Hours after a tough warning from Ch. Insp. Conway, a notorious young offender is in trouble again. He holds the clue to the whereabouts of a missing teenager.

Season 9 Episode 88
A Malicious Prosecution

A civil action is brought against P.C. Garfield, W.P.C. Marshall and Sgt. Cryer for wrongful arrest, malicious prosecution and false imprisonment. Meanwhile, P.C. Quinnan is accused of assaulting a college student.

Season 9 Episode 89

A violent remand prisoner escapes from hospital. W.D.S. Morgan and W.P.C. Croft question the prison officers who fell asleep while guarding him.

Season 9 Episode 90
Unreliable Witness

A timid music teacher is intimidated by a violent ex-pupil. Ch. Insp. Cato is furious when P.C. Garfield lets a thief get away

Season 9 Episode 91
Sweet Charity

P.C.s Hollis and Stamp are caught in the crossfire when a mother and daughter fall out over a mutual boyfriend. Sgt. Cryer pursues bogus charity workers.

Season 9 Episode 92
David and Goliath

A mother refuses to testify against her husband, accused of abusing their 14-year-old son. P.C. Jarvis intercedes on the boy’s behalf.

Season 9 Episode 93
What a Pair

A man working for an illegal escort agency seems to be stealing cash and credit cards from his female clients. W.P.C. Ackland arranges a date with him.

Season 9 Episode 94
Desirable Property

There is series of break-ins at properties sold through a single agency. P.C. Quinnan enlists the assistance of an estate agent.

Season 9 Episode 95
Blind Spot

P.C.s Jarvis and McCann know who is guilty of assault, but can’t prove it. D.S. Pearce suggests that they should claim to have witnessed the incident.

Season 9 Episode 96
Carrying the Load

W.D.S. Morgan and D.C. Lines investigate a lorry hi-jack. The husband of the depot owner is seriously assaulted.

Season 9 Episode 97
Deadly Weapon

The life of an unknown child hangs in the balance following a road traffic accident. The investigation uncovers a trail of corruption.

Season 9 Episode 98
All the Wrong Connections

The girl accused of knocking down a young woman in the street has an alibi. D.C.I. Meadows crosses swords with an old enemy.

Season 9 Episode 99
Give and Take

W.P.C. Polly Page sees W.D.S. Sally Johnson from Stafford Row plant drugs on a known dealer. Sgt. Bob Cryer discusses the arrest with Sgt. Stewart at Stafford Row, who advises that charges were dropped in exchange for the dealer’s co-operation. Cryer advises Page to forget what she saw.

Season 9 Episode 100
Desperate Measures

A 15-year-old boy is driven to deperate measures. W.P.C. Ackland has to decide whether he or his mother is at risk.

Season 9 Episode 101
To Catch a Thief

D.C. Carver arrests a pickpocket.

Season 9 Episode 102
Natural Reaction

D.C. Carver catches a fourteen-year-old thief. He and D.C. Lines question a man about his relationship with the girl.

Season 9 Episode 103
Desperate Remedies


Season 9 Episode 104
Bright Lights

CID investigate attempts at sexual assault by an electrician who turns out to have connections with the local psychiatric hospital. W.D.S. Morgan puts herself on the line to catch him.

Season 9 Episode 105
Bare Faced Lies

CID investigate the sale of stolen cigarettes and alcohol to pubs in the Sun Hill area. D.I. Burnside comes to the aid of an old friend, and D.S. Pearce goes to see a stripper.

Season 9 Episode 106
But Not Forgotten

An important visitor comes to Sun Hill to see D.I. Burnside, but he is mysteriously absent.

Season 9 Episode 107

W.P.C. Page gets stuck in a lift with a pregnant 15-year-old girl and has to assist with the birth.

Season 9 Episode 108
Bad Reaction

Det. Insp. Harry Haines arrives for his first day at Sun Hill and helps track down a drug dealer who is distributing dangerous tablets.

Season 9 Episode 109
Compliments of the Service

A public relations exercise by Ch. Supt. Brownlow is threatened by a drugs raid on the Jasmine Allen estate.

Season 9 Episode 110
Game of Two Halves

W.P.C. Croft is back in uniform for the day, to Ch. Insp. Cato’s delight.

Season 9 Episode 111
The Knowledge

D.I. Haines gets involved in a war between an Asian minicab firm and a black cab operator.

Season 9 Episode 112
No Place like Home

Residents from the Greenfield Estate protest about the presence of an absconder from a nearby unit for young offenders.

Season 9 Episode 113
Customer Care

D.I. Haines is annoyed by a young man who refuses to take an allegation of rape seriously. P.C. Loxton looks after two children left alone by their mother and who have stolen £100 from a neighbour.

Season 9 Episode 114
The Right Man for the Job

Sgt. Boyden deals with a case of joyriding which ends with a crash and uncovers an insurance fraud.

Season 9 Episode 115
A Life in the Day Of

A woman parks her car with P.C. Loxton’s permission, but it gets clamped. Loxton is unable to prevent a young man from committing suicide, and blames Ch. Insp. Conway’s parking initiative.

Season 9 Episode 116
Having What It Takes

When the youngest member of a notorious crime family comes into the station to confess to a three-year-old murder, D.C.I. Meadows hopes he will be able to clear up a case from his time at AMIP

Season 9 Episode 117
Play the Game

Chief Inspector Cato’s bullish tactics put noses out of joint, after a pub brawl turns into a murder enquiry.

Season 9 Episode 118
Unlucky for Some

One of the employees at a bingo hall reveals that a robbery there was an inside job. Ch. Insp. Conway’s car is stolen.

Season 9 Episode 119
Gift of the Gab

D.S. Pearce and W.P.C. Croft investigate bogus callers who are stealing people’s pension money.

Season 9 Episode 120
A Class Act

When a drugs raid fails to deliver, it is D.C. Carver’s dislike of a customer that reaps unexpected results.

Season 9 Episode 121
Dangerous Trade

A tragic accident involving a teenage boy alerts W.P.C. Page and P.C. Quinnan to an illegal trade in imported alcohol.

Season 9 Episode 122
Cheating Heart

A man has persuaded two women to lend him money for a bar in Spain. The trouble starts when they find out about one another. Sgt. Boyden deals with the consequences.

Season 9 Episode 123
Somewhere to Hang My Hat

An old soldier is found at the bottom of a flight of stairs, but did he fall or was he pushed? D.C. Lines and W.D.S. Morgan have their suspicions.

Season 9 Episode 124
No Comment

An old man has been murdered in his flat. D.C.I. Meadows has two suspects in custody, but both claim the right to silence.

Season 9 Episode 125

Sgt. Cryer convinces Ch. Supt. Brownlow of the virtues of an arrest referral scheme offering counselling to those arrested on drugs offences. W.P.C. Ackland and P.C. Quinnan act to stop a gang of professional shoplifters and find it’s an inside job.

Season 9 Episode 126
Street Legal

P.C. Loxton investigates an assault and uncovers a ring of car thieves. P.C. Hollis launches a one-man public relations drive.

Season 9 Episode 127
The Green-Eyed Monster

D.I. Haines works with AMIP on a murder investigation and uncovers some secrets in the victim’s past.

Season 9 Episode 128
Behind Closed Doors

An Indian woman is the victim of domestic violence. The husband is arrested, but community leaders attempt to secure his release so that he can be dealt with by the woman’s family.

Season 9 Episode 129
Links in the Chain

Sgt. Cryer and P.C. Garfield investigate a break-in at a storage warehouse, putting Meadows on the trail of a small-time drug dealer with heavyweight connections.

Season 9 Episode 130
Care in the Community

An old woman is found dead in an empty house and P.C.s Quinnan and Garfield are called in to investigate. P.C. Jarvis arrests a violent youth for assault.

Season 9 Episode 131
You Don’t Always Get What You Want

P.C. Quinnan and W.P.C. Ackland support a C.I.D. raid on the house of a burglary suspect. W.P.C. Croft and D.S. Greig persuade a young mother to help with their inquiries.

Season 9 Episode 132
Reason to Believe

D.I. Haines and W.D.S. Morgan work on a murder investigation with AMIP when a body is found after an office party.

Season 9 Episode 133
Let Slip

W.P.C. Page and P.C. Jarvis are called to deal when two rottweilers terrorise a shopping centre and attack a young girl.

Season 9 Episode 134
Until Proven Guilty

Sgt. Steele and W.P.C. Ackland find a man who has been beaten up to dissuade him from testifying against a vicious loan shark. The C.P.S. suggests dropping the case but D.C.I. Meadows secures the assistance of a lesser villain to get the evidence for a prosecution.

Season 9 Episode 135
The Hard Sell

P.C. Quinnan witnesses a robbery. He suspects that a derelict shop is being used as an auction house for stolen property.

Season 9 Episode 136

D.C.I. Meadows and W.D.S. Morgan lead a raid on a club in pursuit of a drug dealer who is laundering money through car sales. An illegal immigrant has inside information, but will only talk to Sgt. Steele.

Season 9 Episode 137
A Question of Identity

A neighbour spots an HIV-positive drug addict breaking into a house. He is at the centre of a drugs scam, signing for heroin and income support under two names.

Season 9 Episode 138
Cutting Edge

W.P.C. Page and P.C. McCann are called to the scene of an aggravated burglary. There is a lot of blood at the scene, but it has not come from the victim.

Season 9 Episode 139
Put Down

An invalid is found dead in bed, and the wife is charged with aiding and abetting a suicide.

Season 9 Episode 140
Left Behind

A convicted wife-beater has been released on parole. He, his wife and son all end up in Sun Hill on suspicion of violent assaults. D.I. Haines and D.C. Lines investigate the theft of photographic equipment.

Season 9 Episode 141
Real Villains

W.P.C. Croft and Sgt. Cryer examine the remains of a burned-out car on the Whitegate estate, where residents are concerned about the increase in lawlessness. Ch. Insp. Conway goes on the warpath when a local resident urns vigilante.

Season 9 Episode 142
Questionable Judgement

A homeless man is found murdered and a teenage girl has gone missing.

Season 9 Episode 143
Taking Care of Business

A store participating in Ch. Insp. Conway’s business watch scheme has been burgled, and one of the suspects is beaten up.

Season 9 Episode 144
The Law in Their Hands

Sgt. Steele and P.C. Garfield arrest a father and son who assaulted the man they believe burgled their house. P.C.s Loxton and Quinnan catch the real thief.

Season 9 Episode 145
Cause for Complaint

Insp. Monroe investigates a complaint about an unattended emergency call, which the victim attributes to racial prejudice.

Season 9 Episode 146
Blood Counts

A postman is attacked, and D.C.Carver discovers the remains of a mailbag in the embers of a fire. D.S. Pearce struggles with a false confession. P.C. McCann is in trouble over a false arrest.

Season 9 Episode 147
Hurting Inside

A convicted burglar absconds while on day release from prison.

Season 9 Episode 148

D.C. Carver and P.C. Jarvis are in court, but the case against a man accused of robbing a couple at knife point may fall because of poor identification evidence.

Season 9 Episode 149
Death of a Ladies Man

A woman reports her husband missing. D.S. Greig and W.P.C. Croft establish that the man is a bigamist and an armed robber.

Season 9 Episode 150
An Ill Wind

P.C.s McCann and Jarvis discover a man unconscious in a building yard suffering from exposure to toxic gas and car exhaust fumes.

Season 9 Episode 151
Keep on Trucking

P.C. Garfield solves a rash of holiday burglaries with his knowledge of tachographs.

Season 9 Episode 152
A Family Trait

D.S. Greig and W.P.C. Croft investigate an aggravated burglary. A fourteen-year-old thief, following in his father’s footsteps, poses a problem for W.D.S .Morgan.

Season 9 Episode 153
Paid in Full

Sgt. Boyden foils a smash-and-grab raid at an electrical store, and thinks he deserves a reward, but Insp. Monroe sees things differently.

Season 9 Episode 154
Cause for Concern

W.P.C. Datta and P.C. Stamp have to unravel an unusual case of mistaken identity when a domestic dispute gets out of hand.

Season 9 Episode 155
Nothing Ventured

When an informant tips D.I. Haines off about an LSD factory, he is eager to set up a drugs bust, but D.C.I. Meadows has other plans for him.