Season 19

Season 19 Episode 1
Episode 076

DS Phil Hunter’s devious ways are catching up with him – DCI Meadows and Supt Okaro execute raids on known fences in the area before Hunter has time to warn Ron Gregory, the local crime boss who pays him off. Hunter’s attractive, long-suffering wife attracts Gregory’s attention, and instead of the payback he was expecting, Hunter has to deal with an unusual request to keep his head off the chopping block. An alibi from a prostitute takes Simon Kitson out of suspicion as the serial killer, leaving Acting DI Samantha Nixon to follow some of her theories. When DC Lennox can’t get anything further out of Simon’s sister Pat, Samantha takes over, and is surprised by what she discovers. But is her curiosity leading her into a dangerous situation? Luke Ashton is persuaded to celebrate his “last night of freedom” and Craig Gilmore reluctantly joins the boys for a drink, while Robbie, Gina and Gemma surprise Kerry at home – booze in hand and ready for fun. Sgt Boyden’s plans to leave Luke trouserless and tied to a post backfire, and Craig takes the inebriated Luke back to his hotel. It’s the morning of the wedding, and Robbie Cryer arrives with news that the reception has been cancelled because the pub was subject to one of the station’s stolen goods raids and has been closed. Gina Gold, having drunk too much to go home the night before, volunteers to rouse Luke so they can work out a solution, but even the Gina isn’t prepared for what she stumbles into! Meanwhile, Samantha, after standing Duncan up for a drink, calls him to say she thinks she has found the murder scene. Just as she is about to tell him her whereabouts, he loses contact…

Season 19 Episode 2
Episode 077

DI Samantha Nixon is on the trail of the serial killer and on the phone to DC Duncan Lennox when it goes dead. Duncan traces the call, but he and PC Taviner arrive to find only Cass Rickman’s neck chain, and Samantha’s phone – and her last call was from Pat Kitson… It’s Kerry and Luke’s wedding day and Inspector Gina Gold is not happy to find the groom in bed with Craig Gilmore. Both Gina and Gilmore want Luke to tell Kerry, but for very different reasons, so with a reception venue in doubt, Gold tries to convince Kerry to postpone the wedding. DS Phil Hunter is in deep, as crime boss Ron Gregory wants to sleep with Hunter’s wife and Phil has no way out. What will he do now that the tables have been turned on his philandering ways? Lennox and DC Mickey Webb break into Kitson’s house, but find nothing. While from the attic of the house next door, Kitson taunts a bound and blindfolded Nixon as she watches them drive away. Nixon fishes for information, and when prodded by Pat, talks about her own past in order to get more information. Pat relates a story from childhood, and tells Nixon that she killed everyone Simon got involved with. Meanwhile, Luke chases a mugger on his way to the church, making him late, and as Kerry’s car circles the church one more time, he arrives with a police siren blaring and a black eye. Best man Nick Klein hasn’t appeared, and as Kerry tries to enlist Gilmore for the job, Gina Gold steps in and appoints Tony Stamp. At the reception in the station’s canteen, Lennox, on his way back to talk to Kitson’s neighbours, tries to convince June Ackland his feelings for Nixon are purely platonic. While quizzing Kitson’s neighbour Margaret, Lennox hears noises upstairs, and Margaret tells him that Kitson sometimes stores things in her attic. He bursts in just as Pat is about to strangle Samantha. But Samantha isn’t happy to be rescued, she thought she was making headway. Back at the reception, Klein ruins the atmosphere by making a speech about Cass and is subsequently caught snorting coke in the toilet by Jim Carver. Robbie Cryer finds Mickey Webb in a compromising situation with a bridesmaid, and Gilmore tells Luke that he’s transferring tomorrow.

Season 19 Episode 3
Episode 078

Police are called to a disturbance at a local church, where a convicted paedophile priest, Father Frank Keegan, has taken refuge from an angry mob. Investigating the case, DC Danny Glaze encounters an old acquaintance, Sister Sarah Donohue. As Glaze and Donohue strive to keep the old man safe from the mob, one of his previous victims comes forth with new evidence. PC Gary Best is called to yet another domestic at his sister’s house, and he arrests her boyfriend for car theft. Desperate to protect his young nephew, Best calls in Social Services to investigate their living arrangements, but is horrified to discover that his sister Karen may be responsible for young Ryan’s injuries, not her boyfriend. Sgt. Craig Gilmore attempts in vain to submit his transfer papers to Insp Gina Gold, and PC Jim Carver tries to get Nick Klein to confront his drug problem. A desperate DS Phil Hunter convinces his wife to sleep with local villain Ron Gregory.

Season 19 Episode 4
Episode 079

Being in the pay of crime boss Ron Gregory is not paying off for DS Phil Hunter. Not only is his wife Cindy caught up in Gregory’s dirty tricks, but DCI Meadows and Supt Okaro are onto him as well, and decide to use him to bring Gregory down. Supt Okaro clashes with the Borough Commander, Jane Fitzwilliam over how to solve the drug problem, and his old friend David Ackroyd’s information about Gregory’s plans to flood the streets with cheap heroin, costs him his life. Sister Sarah Donahue, the nun who runs the local community centre, and who was also friends with David, is so upset by his death that DC Danny Glaze gives her a more than sympathetic kiss. With the Supt’s crackdown on burglaries, ATM robberies are on the increase and Cindy Hunter is mugged. Seeing her lying bashed in a hospital bed, Phil Hunter takes new interest in the robberies, and he and Webb and McAllister set up an operation to catch the culprits. Hunter’s fury overtakes him and Webb has to stop him using a baseball bat on one of the fleeing robbers. PC Gary Best finds his nephew lying bruised at the bottom of the stairs, but still struggles to believe his sister Karen is responsible.

Season 19 Episode 5
Episode 080

Supt Adam Okaro issues an order that drug users are not to be arrested by his officers – instead Sun Hill will target the dealers. PC Cathy Bradford is furious at this change in policy when the junkie who stabbed her with a hypodermic needle walks free. Meanwhile DS Phil Hunter is given a tip off about a 20kg drug deal about to take place in Sun Hill. Villain Ron Gregory has a plan. He wants Phil and his fellow officers to intercept this deal so the patch stays clear for Ron’s own dealing. But Phil’s already on thin ice with his superiors. Will Phil ever get Ron Gregory off his back? PCs Ruby Buxton and Nick Klein are called to a violent domestic in a smart area of town, they are quick to arrest the husband for assault. But is it as simple as it at first appears? DC Danny Glaze is eager to talk to Sister Sarah Donahue after the pair’s kiss the previous night, but the nun is in no mood to talk, particularly when her the community centre she runs is in danger of being closed by Ron Gregory. Sister Sarah confronts Gregory at his home, and Glaze is forced to arrest her for criminal damage

Season 19 Episode 6
Episode 081

Supt Adam Okaro’s rumoured controversial approach to drug policy draws the media like flies, so Borough Commander Jane Fitzwilliam calls a press conference to make him toe the company line. PC Cathy Bradford has come to rely on her partner DC Brandon Kane’s support, so when her HIV status is revealed, will she tell him the truth? If she plays on his sympathy, she may get him to bed. Suspecting him of having an affair with DS Debbie McAllister, DCI Jack Meadow’s wife Laura arrives at the station to give him his marching orders. But even after McAllister explains to her there is nothing going on, Jack decides he’s had enough and leaves home anyway. A small boy dies in a drive-by shooting in his neighbourhood, and Supt Okaro decides to walk to his press conference to give himself time to think. Will the press, the police and the community be ready for what he has to say?

Season 19 Episode 7
Episode 082

Supt Adam Okaro makes a shock decision to resign after he is forced to toe the line on the drugs issue by the Borough Commander. PC Des Taviner suspects a judge is corrupt when the absence of a key witness sees a court case collapse. PC Cathy Bradford is delighted after spending the night with TDC Brandon Kane, but Kane is indifferent. When an old school friend of PC Ruby Buxton disappears after being robbed, Buxton finds her friend’s mother is defensive about her daughter’s whereabouts. When the bank mistakenly credits his account, will DC Ken Drummond take the money and run, or notify them of their mistake?

Season 19 Episode 8
Episode 083

PC Des Taviner is eager to investigate Judge Sinclair, whom he suspects is corrupt. DCI Meadows, a friend of the judge, insists he drop it, but asks DC Mickey Webb to keep an eye on the case. Insp Gold overhears Taviner and Meadows, and encourages Taviner to investigate in secret. TDC Brandon Kane urges PC Cathy Bradford to reveal that she is HIV-positive, but Bradford is reluctant as she thinks it could ruin her chances of joining CID. A clairvoyant’s glimpse of the future encourages Sgt June Ackland to reconsider the nature of her relationship with PC Jim Carver.

Season 19 Episode 9
Episode 084

PC Des Taviner is transferred to CSU, and unsettles the team with his methods and aggressive attitude. Sgt June Ackland worries about her marriage proposal to PC Jim Carver, and DCI Jack Meadows makes plain his feelings for DS Debbie McAllister. Roberta Cryer questions an evasive PC Cathy Bradford about her medication – a question Bradford is ill-prepared to answer. DS Phil Hunter is also caught on the wrong foot when DC Mickey Webb’s investigation into a corrupt judge could land him in hot water. Attending a domestic at a local house, PC Luke Ashton discovers a love triangle that is not all it appears to be.

Season 19 Episode 10
Episode 085

The seemingly random drive-by shooting of a young girl at a local bank seems more deliberate when her father is discovered to be an accountant for some local thugs. FDO Roberta Cryer is suspicious about PC Cathy Bradford’s HIV lie after Bradford is berated by DS Phil Hunter for putting others at risk. PC Nick Klein attends Simon Kitson’s memorial service, but lets his emotions get the better of him when he encounters Pat Kitson there. PC Kerry Young investigates reports of a flasher, and encounters the mysterious but charming new Aussie PC, Cameron Tait.

Season 19 Episode 11
Episode 086

PC Luke Ashton is shocked to discover that his wife, PC Kerry Young, is pregnant. DC Danny Glaze sees a way to get enough evidence to arrest a teenage burglar when a young man is attacked by two thugs, although his informant may be at risk. DCI Jack Meadows is furious when DS McAllister is dropped off at work by a handsome young man. Sun Hill station holds an Open Day, and DC Eva Sharpe invites her family along, but after a row, her daughter Joanna goes missing

Season 19 Episode 12
Episode 087

A massive search is underway for DC Eva Sharpe’s missing eight-year-old daughter, Joanna. As a police officer, Eva is only too aware how serious the situation is, especially when a press conference is called. PC Reg Hollis is suspicious of a couple he questions during enquiries. Joe Kincaid joins the search, and Sgt Craig Gilmore notices the attraction between Kincaid and PC Luke Ashton. PC Ruby Buxton discovers a vital clue to Joanna’s disappearance at a local corner shop.

Season 19 Episode 13
Episode 088

An assault on a prison officer may not be the straightforward mugging it appears to be. PC Jim Carver moves in with the Sharpes as their Family Liaison Officer, hoping to glean some vital information on Joanna’s disappearance. PC Kerry Young suspects her husband is having an affair, and notices something going on when Ashton visits his sergeant in hospital after Gilmore is attacked while guarding a witness. PC Des Taviner ignores what could be an important clue in the Joanna Sharpe investigation, as he thinks it comes from an unreliable source. When the police get word there may be a paedophile ring operating in Sun Hill, they are determined to keep this news from Joanna’s distraught parents

Season 19 Episode 14
Episode 089

Despite the objections of her colleagues, DC Eva Sharpe returns to work, escorted by new Sergeant Sheelagh Murphy. Eva’s colleagues, and a special unit from Scotland Yard, do their best to investigate a possible paedophile ring without alarming Eva and her husband. PC Jim Carver finds the pressure of being the Sharpes’ Family Liaison Officer too much, and finds himself tempted to have a drink, but Sgt. June Ackland is on hand to show him just how much she cares about him. DCI Jack Meadows is convinced his old friend Judge Sinclair is a paedophile, and despite DC Mickey Webb’s objections to keep the investigation official and above board, Meadows confronts Sinclair on his own terms.

Season 19 Episode 15
Episode 090

Supt Adam Okaro is under pressure from the Borough Commander to get rid of DCI Jack Meadows after his confrontation with Judge Howard Sinclair. DC Eva Sharpe is furious when she discovers that her colleagues have kept the paedophile investigation from her, but when a child is found dead, there are fears it could be Eva’s daughter Joanna. DC Sharpe and Sgt. Murphy investigate a pizza delivery man’s missing moped. With his career on the line, DCI Meadows turns to Sgt June Ackland to convince a reluctant witness to make a statement against Judge Sinclair.

Season 19 Episode 16
Episode 091

DC Sharpe learns a child’s body has been discovered and steels herself for the worst. PCs Stamp and Best investigate a case of burglary at a luxury flat. Judge Sinclair is questioned over his involvement with the paedophile ring. DS Hunter is disturbed to find his criminal contacts are being linked with the inquiry.

Season 19 Episode 17
Episode 092

Suspected paedophile Clive Inverdale goes to court, and public interest in the case causes a headache for the officers. DS Hunter has a terrible lapse of judgement.

Season 19 Episode 18
Episode 093

DC Eva Sharpe is relieved when her daughter is found alive, although what ordeal she has been through remains unknown. The paedophile investigation into the charity “Global Families” continues, as the officers try to identify a dead child. PC Cathy Bradford is jealous when DC Brandon Kane starts dating a doctor. DC Drummond’s son sees him meeting his mistress, and DS Phil Hunter continues to play off villain Ron Gregory and DCI Jack Meadows against each other

Season 19 Episode 19
Episode 094

Acting Di Nixon becomes convinced that Ron Gregory is connected with the paedophile ring, while Meadows is certain Hunter is still working for Gregory. PC Bradford continues her attempts to break up TDC Kane’s relationship with his new girlfriend.

Season 19 Episode 20
Episode 095

PC Kerry Ashton finally faces up to the truth about her husband and decides to have an abortion.

Season 19 Episode 21
Episode 096

Sgt Boyden crosses the line in his relationship with Abi Nixon. PC Luke Ashton fights to save his unborn child.

Season 19 Episode 22
Episode 097

Schoolteacher Sonia Graham is under investigation for having sex with underaged pupils and is receiving threats from angry parents. PC Kerry Ashton interviews a young rape victim. PC Hollis catches Sgt Boyden in a compromising situation.

Season 19 Episode 23
Episode 098

PC Gary Best is smitten by the arrival of new PC Honey Harman, whose manner and appearance lead Sgt. Matt Boyden to conclude that she’s a bit of an airhead. Searching the school for the gun used in the gymnasium shooting and the shooting of teacher Sonia Graham, PC Reg Hollis stumbles upon Boyden in an embrace with Acting DI Nixon’s 15-year-old daughter. Sgt June Ackland recommends Reg inform Supt Okaro, which he does. Boyden is furious, but not as furious as Nixon when she finds out that her colleague has taken advantage of her underaged daughter. Insp Gina Gold and PC Luke Ashton are concerned that PC Kerry Young is back at work too soon after her miscarriage, but Kerry’s considerable persuasive skills come into play when rape witness Beth Tyler is threatened on the estate and refuses to testify. Best and Harman follow some robbery suspects on foot patrol, but when this leads them to the gun and the student who murdered Sonia Graham, Best is taken hostage. Harman uses her judo skills to disarm the gunman, saving Best’s life and earning his undying love

Season 19 Episode 24
Episode 099

PC Polly Page returns to duty at Sun Hill following her breakdown. She is assigned to the CSU, and paired with PC Cathy Bradford. Page and Bradford investigate a stalking case which becomes far less straightforward when both parties accuse the other of harassment. PC Gary Best goes undercover as a schoolboy to investigate drug dealers targeting the school, but when his information leads to a raid, Abigail Nixon blows his cover. Arrested for assault by PC Luke Ashton, Acting DI Nixon and Sgt Murphy witness Abi putting the moves on a befuddled Ashton, making Sgt Matt Boyden’s denials slightly more believable. PC Jim Carver spends the day with the mother of murdered teacher Sonia Graham, but his professional role as Family Liaison Officer is compromised when they end up in bed together.

Season 19 Episode 25
Episode 100

PC Des Taviner is given his own set of wheels – a bicycle – and hits the road in a new capacity as ward officer on the Coal Lane Estate. Sgt Sheelagh Murphy is not so pleased when Taviner eagerly assists an attractive resident. An abandoned lorry leads Sun Hill officers to the discovery of a Chinese “snakehead” gang smuggling illegal immigrants into the country. The shooting and ritual disfigurement of one of the owners of the lorry company sees Sgt Matt Boyden staring down the barrel of a gun when he attends the scene. Furious after Boyden’s indiscretions with her daughter, Acting DI Nixon is reluctantly paired with the sergeant to find the gunman. DS Debbie McAllister’s patience is wearing thin, as rape case witness Beth starts acting up and demanding perks for her testimony. PC Kerry Young manages to settle her down, but Young’s actions could severely jeopardise Louanna’s case. PC Jim Carver flounders in a state of romantic confusion as he tries to avoid Marie Graham. DC Danny Glaze is transferred to the Community Safety Unit, despite his fervent objections.

Season 19 Episode 26
Episode 101

PC Des Taviner finds a terrified shoeless Chinese man on the Coal Lane estate, but when he is taken to the station for interview, there are serious doubts about the Chinese interpreter sent by the Yard, Mai Ann Wey. Unaware of these doubts, Taviner seeks Mai Ann’s help when he discovers a flat full of illegal immigrants on the estate. When the immigrants all disappear and there are signs of violence, it becomes clear that Mai Ann is working for the snakehead gang, and Taviner turns to a reluctant Chinese priest, Father Kwong, to locate the immigrants. The court case against the boys who gang-raped Louanna Shaw nearly falls apart when Louanna’s friend Beth loses her temper in court and the defence lawyer sees PC Kerry Young discussing the case with her husband PC Luke Ashton. Only Insp. Gina Gold’s forceful testimony saves the day, but Young is furious with Ashton for jeopardising the case and insists their marriage is over. DC Mickey Webb is delighted when Ron Gregory’s car is stolen, and may contain evidence that Gregory is running a paedophile ring in Sun Hill. Webb is shocked when Supt Adam Okaro intervenes in the case and demands the immediate release of Gregory’s associate Peter Mansell, but he’s even more shocked when he witnesses Mansell and Okaro meeting.

Season 19 Episode 27
Episode 102

Sun Hill police officers swoop into London’s Chinatown to locate and arrest corrupt interpreter Mai Ann Wey. Desperate to make amends to Sgt Sheelagh Murphy, PC Des Taviner manages to catch Mai Ann when she eludes the rest of the team. DC Mickey Webb is in turmoil after witnessing Supt. Adam Okaro having a friendly meeting with a suspected paedophile. Even a sceptical Insp Gina Gold begins to have her suspiscions about Okaro when Webb sees him taking his own daughter to Gregory. Okaro is furious when Webb charges into a delicate covert op to ensnare Ron Gregory. Gregory is arrested, and the “child” in his boot is revealed to be civilian Front Desk Officer Roberta Cryer. Since there is so little evidence against Gregory, his solicitor demands his release. As Mickey drives Robbie home, they realise that Gregory’s solicitor, Warren Napier, is in the paedophile ring as well. The pair break into Napier’s house, and find a frightened little African girl in an attic room. As they try to escape, Napier and Gregory come in through the front door…

Season 19 Episode 28
Episode 103

DC Mickey Webb and Robbie Cryer attempt to escape from Warren Napier’s house with little girl Abeo, but are captured by Ron Gregory and his thugs. A weary DCI Jack Meadows receives Webb’s phone message, and he and Supt Adam Okaro leap into action to find Webb and Cryer before Gregory murders them. A horrific road accident sees a man impaled by a pole, and believing himself to be dying, he confesses to killing his wife and hiding her body. DS Debbie McAllister and DC Ken Drummond discover his wife alive and well, but Peter Wallace’s confession may be true after it is revealed he has been married before and his ex-wife had mysteriously disappeared. Tracking Mickey and Robbie through Mickey’s mobile phone, the police close in on their location, arriving just in time to arrest Ron Gregory for numerous charges. PC Gemma Osborne is surprised when a former lover turns up at the station with several kids in tow, saying she’s left her husband and they can be together at last.

Season 19 Episode 29
Episode 104

PC Nick Klein and PC Ruby Buxton find Edith Bradley, an elderly woman, wandering alone and frightened on the Coal Lane estate. Moments later, Sgt Sheelagh Murphy and PC Des Taviner discover an elderly man, Ted Davis, in the same condition. Both refuse police help, despite their flats having been broken into. Klein teams up with Murphy to find out what has happened and why the two are so terrified of the police. PC Jim Carver nearly catches Klein with cocaine in the locker room. When Sgt Murphy notices the animosity between the two, it isn’t before Carver spills the beans about Nick’s drug habit. TDC Brandon Kane’s ex-wife Tanya arrives at the station, anxious over hate mail she has received. When she meets up with PC Cathy Bradford and mentions a possible reconciliation between herself and Brandon, Cathy lashes out, with fatal consequences.

Season 19 Episode 30
Episode 105

PC Cathy Bradford looks down in horror at the prone body of TDC Brandon Kane’s ex-wife Tanya. After calling an ambulance, Bradford makes a hasty escape from the car park before her Sun Hill colleagues arrive to investigate. PC Cameron Tait’s suspicions are aroused when he discovers the complex’s CCTV tapes have been stolen. DS Debbie McAllister suspects Brandon Kane is responsible, and her abrupt line of questioning puts both Kane and DC Ken Drummond off-side. As Kane waits at St Hugh’s for news of Tanya’s condition, Bradford turns up to work, full of sympathy for Tanya. Only Robbie Cryer has suspicions, as Cathy Bradford adds lie upon lie, even volunteering to help with the case so she can cover up evidence of her involvement. As Cathy comforts Brandon at the hospital, she is horrified to hear that Tanya’s condition is improving and she may recover…

Season 19 Episode 31
Episode 106

The investigation into the attack on Tanya Fisher continues, with DS Debbie McAllister and DI Will Elvins from MIT having strong suspicions about her ex-husband, TDC Brandon Kane. As PC Cathy Bradford prepares to flee the country, she receives a phone call from PC Polly Page telling her about Kane’s questioning. As suspicion begins to fall on her, Bradford arrives at the station and taking a leaf out of DS McAllister’s book, tells the investigators that Brandon couldn’t have attacked Tanya – he was beating her up at the time, and she is pregnant with his baby

Season 19 Episode 32
Episode 107

PC Gemma Osbourne arrests a minor celebrity, Channel London weathergirl Sandie Booth, for shoplifting. While being charged in Custody, Booth overhears a reference to Gemma’s sexuality, and it’s not long before she’s concocted an accusation of indecent assault by Osbourne. A glamorous robbery victim has PC Cameron Tait and PC Gary Best tying themselves in knots trying to impress her. Tait conspires to have Best recalled to the station, and then gives the case some “special attention”, but when PC Des Taviner is called out to the same house later in the day, he also leaves with a smile on his face. Feeling left out, Best also drops round, but is caught with his pants down when the woman’s jealous husband – under surveillance by CID for a brutal beating – turns up. PC Nick Klein is heavily in debt to his drug dealer, Dexter. When he turns up to pay off part of the debt, he meets Dexter’s girlfriend Amy – who looks somewhat familiar. As PC Osbourne leaves the station after being cleared of the assault, she is herself attacked and badly beaten by a mystery woman.

Season 19 Episode 33
Episode 108

The disappearance of a young girl prompts the team to call in retired sergeant Bob Cryer, who knows the suspects better than anyone — but his services are soon dispensed with when it becomes clear his old-school methods aren’t suited to modern policing. Undeterred, the veteran plod teams up with his niece, Sun Hill’s front desk officer Robbie, to finish the job — can they crack the case on their own? Meanwhile, PC Gemma Osbourne ponders her future at the station following her brutal attack, and drug-addled PC Nick Klein looks set to be found out when his colleagues raid the house where he is taking his first dose of crack, with the help of Sgt Boyden’s daughter Amy.

Season 19 Episode 34
Episode 109

With a five-year-old girl in hospital having accidentally ingested crack cocaine, the search is on to find her mother—and it’s not long before Sgt Matt Boyden realises the missing woman is none other than his own tearaway daughter Amy. But the case takes on a different dimension for PC Gary Best when he discovers that colleague PC Nick Klein was also in the taxi that dropped the little girl off. Back at the station, a thief is at large and new boy PC Cameron Tait is in the frame, while Acting DI Sam Nixon faces facts when her trouble-making teenage daughter is brought in for being drunk and disorderly.

Season 19 Episode 35
Episode 110

Supt Adam Okaro and Insp Gina Gold set up a surveillance camera in the male locker room to catch the station thief – with suspicion falling heavily on PC Cameron Tait, after DC Danny Glaze’s phone was found in his locker. The camera reveals PC Jim Carver breaking into PC Nick Klein’s locker, but all is not as it seems. Carver has had enough of Klein’s drug problem, and sets up an elaborate trap to catch Nick stealing to feed his habit. Carver and PC Gary Best catch Klein red-handed stealing from Marie Graham’s house, but he manages to slip away. Klein goes on a desperate rampage to score his next hit of crack cocaine, but is caught and arrested by Carver as he leaves Amy Boyden’s flat. Instead of sacking him, Okaro sends Klein into rehab. When a young adoptee is suspected to have attacked his foster father, A/DI Samantha Nixon and DC Ken Drummond find a boy torn between two families. The boy jumps from a building, despite Sgt Matt Boyden trying to talk him down, and his brother blames Matt for his death. PC Jim Carver confesses his alcoholic history to his girlfriend, Marie. Matt Boyden discovers a shocking secret about the father of A/DI Nixon’s daughter, Abigail.

Season 19 Episode 36
Episode 111

It’s an eventful day for Sgt Matt Boyden. Having discovered the identity of Abi’s father, he confronts the girl’s mother, his hated colleague Acting DI Sam Nixon, threatening to tell the tearaway teen everything he knows. Then he gets a blast from the past when his own estranged, crack-addicted daughter Amy is found and brought in for questioning. But it soon becomes clear none of these loose ends will ever be tied when the dodgy sergeant answers a seemingly routine callout to a suspect package – only to fall victim to a drive-by shooting.

Season 19 Episode 37
Episode 112

Life goes on at Sun Hill, after the recent murder of Sgt Matt Boyden. When PC Gary Best and PC Honey Harman bring in an Australian girl believed to be part of a shoplifting gang, it attracts the interest of CID. DC Mickey Webb uses Aussie PC Cameron Tait to infiltrate the gang, run by the Fagan-like Gene Bishop, but Cameron may have gone too far when Robbie and Bob Cryer witness him shoplifting in a department store. DC Danny Glaze finds Nathan Morley stuck through with a spear, and DC Mickey Webb and TDC Brandon Kane face a brush with death when an armed gang springs Nathan’s brother Prince from a prison transport. Bob Cryer rallies the troops when Sgt Boyden’s unpopularity casts a cloud over his funeral, and PC Tony Stamp is surprised by the arrival of Cass Rickman’s mother. PC Jim Carver helps his girlfriend Marie out with some domestic issues, and is shocked when she proposes marriage

Season 19 Episode 38
Episode 113

PC Jim Carver is in a quandary over the marriage proposal from his girlfriend, Marie Graham, which he has just turned down. His old flame, Sgt June Ackland, is about to return from leave and PC Honey Harman advises him that her astrology book suggests that he steer clear of his colleague and return to Marie. DC Danny Glaze finds himself in a dangerous situation when he goes looking for the gang that have abducted Nathan Morley. PC Des Taviner takes a witness statement from a cabbie, and tries to dissuade him when the cabbie insists on seeing Sgt Sheelagh Murphy after the interview. Taviner is unaware that the cabbie is Sheelagh’s husband Patrick. Sgt June Ackland arrives back at Sun Hill.

Season 19 Episode 39
Episode 114

PC Osbourne gets over-involved with the problems of an asylum seeker. DC Sharpe and DS Hunter investigate an alleged assault on a lawyer by a female colleague. Sgt Ackland jumps to the wrong conclusion when she sees a ring in PC Carver’s desk drawer.

Season 19 Episode 40
Episode 115

Sgt June Ackland is feeling sheepish about last night’s blunder – thinking PC Jim Carver was about to propose, but work beckons. An elderly Czechoslovakian woman is being victimised on the local estate and June feels it is racially motivated. DS Phil Hunter and DC Eva Sharpe are puzzled when solicitor Robert Fenn withdraws his assault complaint against colleague Kim Bradbury, but then they discover Kim has resigned. Eva confesses she visited the seedy bar where Robert and his friends hang out and where the assault happened and she convinces Phil that they’re dealing drugs. Cameron Tait goes undercover to check out the action, gets the evidence and they raid the bar. PC Gemma Osbourne is determined to help Ziba and her daughter Niki and can’t even conceive of their returning to Iran, but at what cost to her career? Having already been warned off by Insp. Gold, her conscience gets the better of her, and she helps the woman escape. A screaming match ensues and Gemma is given her marching orders. Jim announces his engagement in the canteen and invites everyone to join him later for a celebratory drink. June decides to go along, but after meeting Marie, Jim’s fiancée, feels sorry for herself, drinks too much, and ends up in a compromising situation…

Season 19 Episode 41
Episode 116

PC Tony Stamp is avoiding Sgt June Ackland after their drunken kiss the previous night. Sun Hill officers investigate a series of assaults on homeless people in the area, but when social worker Clare Johnson is brutally attacked, the prime suspect is Sgt Sheelagh Murphy’s cabbie husband Patrick. Despite warnings to tread softly from DCI Meadows, DS Debbie McAllister is sure Murphy is her man, with little regard for her colleague’s sensibilities. PCs Des Taviner and Luke Ashton have their hands full when two elderly men fight over some misplaced books.

Season 19 Episode 42
Episode 117

PC Luke Ashton is first on the scene of a horrific car crash, but is shocked to hear a familiar voice when his backup arrives – Sun Hill’s new sergeant: Dale Smith. Smith takes a huge risk when he and Luke rescue a boy trapped in the car, a fact which does not escape the notice of Insp Gina Gold, who is already well aware of Smiffy’s reputation from his last posting to Sun Hill. Linking the boy and the car to a local gay nightclub, Smiffy believes the club is pimping underage rent boys, but his brusque manner sees a complaint brought up against him by the club’s owner. PC Tony Stamp tries to do a good deed and convinces PC Jim Carver to invite Sgt June Ackland to his wedding, but he underestimates June’s feelings for Jim. Things aren’t looking good for Patrick Murphy after the Garda in Dublin supply DS Debbie McAllister details of his form for assault, but Murphy is bailed due to lack of evidence. When one of PC Des Taviner’s young snouts finds Murphy’s wallet and cab in a warehouse, Taviner and Sgt Sheelagh Murphy investigate, but Taviner can only watch in horror as Sgt Murphy is abducted by the suspect.

Season 19 Episode 43
Episode 118

Sgt Sheelagh Murphy regains consciousness in the back of the stolen cab and texts PC Des Taviner her whereabouts. She escapes, only to be recaptured, but Des arrives in time to disarm her attacker. Relieved that they have actually caught their man, Sheelagh tells Des how grateful she is he helped clear her husband’s name. Sgt Dale Smith and PC Cameron Tait stake out a local club where they suspect manager David Wemmick is running rent boys. Cameron poses as a client, and rent boy Justin gives him an address where he finds enough evidence for a raid. While waiting for Tait, Smith sees PC Luke Ashton enter the gay club with a male companion. After the raid, the rent boys are using the same number to call ‘home’ – a number that belongs to the club’s barman, Colin Meakes. Now it’s a matter of convincing Justin to help them. Sgt June Ackland is bemused that Marie Graham, Jim Carver’s intended, is involved in an assault, but decides to dig into her past anyway – could Marie be a violent woman? Meanwhile, Polly Page drags Jim off on his wedding day to investigate a report of a young boy living alone, but after discovering the decomposed body of an old man, they find themselves locked in a cellar. With the wedding hour drawing closer, Tony Stamp panics when he can’t raise either Jim or Polly on the phone, so he takes June Ackland off to look for them. They locate the missing duo, but then find themselves well and truly trapped…

Season 19 Episode 44
Episode 119

Sgt June Ackland and PCs Jim Carver, Tony Stamp and Polly Page are trapped in a cellar, and with Jim’s wedding to Marie Graham only hours away, tempers start to fray amongst the group as old tensions boil to the surface. A leather-clad biker who turns up at the station turns out to be the new Detective Constable, Juliet Becker, who is paired with Mickey Webb when PC Gary Best realises that four Sun Hill officers have gone missing. It’s a race against time, as a gas leak threatens the trapped officers, but Webb and Becker manage to rescue them in the nick of time. Despite his discussions with June Ackland in the cellar in which she asks him to call off the wedding, Jim and Marie get married. PC Luke Ashton is terrified that Sgt Dale Smith will “out” him to the rest of the relief – Smithy is non-committal, but it’s Ashton’s estranged wife Kerry Young who reveals his secret at Jim’s wedding reception

Season 19 Episode 45
Episode 120

A furious DCI Jack Meadows finds DC Ken Drummond asleep at his desk, and also hauls DS’s Debbie McAllister and Phil Hunter over the coals for failing to meet their crime targets. Deeply in debt to Hunter, Drummond is moonlighting as a security guard for Mortis Security – a private security firm which has taken over “looking after” the Coal Lane Estate. As Mortis boss Alan Trent moves into the ward office previously occupied by PC Des Taviner, DCI Meadows and Supt. Adam Okaro begin to suspect that Trent’s company is causing many of the crimes they claim to prevent, as well as racially harassing black residents. PC Cathy Bradford turns a blind eye to Trent’s methods. When DS Hunter discovers Drummond’s second job, he threatens to spill the beans, which could cost Ken his job. DS McAllister and DC Juliet Becker are paired when a young mother, Lindsey Holland, and her son are run off the road. McAllister is irritated when Becker’s enthusiasm and fresh ideas in the investigation conflict with hers, and when the woman’s father is found badly beaten, it looks to have obviously been Holland’s ex, but Becker suspects there’s more to the case than first appears. PC Polly Page moves in with the ailing Dr Owen Preston, and a scheming PC Cathy Bradford can’t resist the temptation to meddle with Polly’s happiness, one of Cathy’s previous lies is exposed when DS McAllister questions her about her pregnancy.

Season 19 Episode 46
Episode 121

DS Phil Hunter tells his bosses about DC Ken Drummond’s moonlighting as a security guard – DCI Jack Meadows and Supt Adam Okaro tell him to forget it, but secretly plan to use Ken to get the evidence they need on Alan Trent, so posing a bent copper, Drummond manages to convince Trent to rehire him. Trent meanwhile, has charmed DS Debbie McAllister into a dinner date, which he uses to question her about her supposedly corrupt colleague. Concerned with Trent’s moving in on the estates, the Borough Commander, Okaro and Meadows organise a residents’ meeting on the Jasmine Allen which is interrupted by three armed men in masks. Forensics of the shots fired indicates a flood of converted replica firearms on the estates. PC Cathy Bradford once again has her sights on DC Brandon Kane, and she will stop at nothing to get her man. Since his public outing, PC Luke Ashton is convinced he is being assigned all the ‘gay’ cases, and he confronts Sgt Smith, and is horrified to find out that Smith and PC Kerry Young have slept together.

Season 19 Episode 47
Episode 122

PC Ashton confronts an armed teenager in a local mini mart. DS McAllister discovers the truth about boyfriend Michael and puts her life at risk. DC Drummond, investigating Alan Trent’s activities, comes across an arms cache. PC Page gets emotionally involved with Dr Owen Preston.

Season 19 Episode 48
Episode 123

PC Reg Hollis intervenes when he sees a trio of youths harassing a bus driver, but the situation takes a dangerous turn when one of the youths pulls out a gun, and they hijack the bus with Hollis, the driver and a busload of terrified passengers. The gun is one of Alan Trent’s replicas from the Coal Lane estate, and it backfires, hitting the driver. PCs Best and Harman spot the runaway bus, but their moment of glory is lost when PC Taviner and Sgt Murphy take over the pursuit in the area car. A man is found beaten in the street, with PC Polly Page’s friend Dr Owen Preston tending to him. When it is revealed that this was the man who killed Preston’s wife in a drink-driving accident, to Page’s horror he becomes the prime suspect. When the victim revives, he clears Preston of any wrongdoing, but Page’s decision to help Preston end his life could have far-reaching consequences. PCs Cameron Tait and PC Honey Harman investigate a green-thumbed resident at an retirement home, whose plants are not exactly of the legal variety.

Season 19 Episode 49
Episode 124

A distraught PC Polly Page is told by her friend Cathy Bradford to cover up her involvement in the death of Dr Owen Preston, but as Polly types up her statement for the police she receives a letter naming her as the beneficiary of Owen’s will – will Polly’s conscience get the better of her? CSU gains a new officer – sexual offences expert DC Ramani De Costa, who hasn’t even reached the station when she is assigned to investigate the alleged rape of a university student. Acting DI Samantha Nixon has her hands full when a daring armed robbery is carried out on Sun Hill’s patch, but as Nixon takes on the case, she is distracted by the presence of reporter Dougie Pritchard, who threatens to reveal the father of Nixon’s daughter Abigail, a fact passed on to him by the late Sgt Matt Boyden. Sgt Sheelagh Murphy betrays more than professional concern when shots are fired as PC Des Taviner pursues the armed robbers

Season 19 Episode 50
Episode 125

DC Danny Glaze returns to Sun Hill, and as he is still assigned to CSU, assists DC Ramani De Costa and PC Cathy Bradford in investigating the student rape case. CSU’s prime suspect is union bar manager Keiran Thompson, but they have no firm evidence or testimony as the victim Izzy Scott was drugged before she was attacked. When Thompson is assaulted, De Costa realises this might not be the rapist’s first offence, and their discovery of a previous victim reveals videotapes of the rapes – filmed by Izzy’s so-called best friend Emma. With Acting DI Samantha Nixon distracted by Dougie Pritchard’s threats to reveal Abi’s parentage, DS Phil Hunter relentlessly pursues his theory that the armed robbery was an inside job, but he may have pushed too hard when the bank security guard kills himself. Nixon is forced to reveal to Abigail that her father is convicted child murderer Glenn Weston, but when Weston turns up at the station, she is unable to avoid father and daughter meeting face to face

Season 19 Episode 51
Episode 126

Acting DI Sam Nixon hustles Abigail and Glenn Weston into the station as reporter Dougie Pritchard approaches with a camera. Nixon wants Abi to have nothing to do with Weston, but he is insistent, and she agrees to meet with him to discuss terms. DS Phil Hunter uses Nixon’s personal crisis to go over her head to DCI Jack Meadows to approve surveillance on Sid Wright, a security guard he believes is involved in the armed hold-up. Hunter’s persistance pays off when it transpires Wright is planning a raid on the Metropolitan Police warehouse, and DC Ken Drummond is hastily drafted back into his undercover security guard persona. New PC Gabriel Kent starts at Sun Hill, but despite his age and ambition, his “puppywalker” PC Tony Stamp shows no mercy from the usual jokes played on probationers. PC Des Taviner confronts Sgt Sheelagh Murphy with his feelings for her, and despite her initial objections, the two end up going home together.

Season 19 Episode 52
Episode 127

DC Ken Drummond’s attempts to gain the confidence of Sid Wright are getting nowhere, but Drummond literally plays his last hand when he follows Wright and gatecrashes a private poker game between Wright and the Fosters. A drunken brawl outside a pub turns nasty when Sgt Sheelagh Murphy finds a boy beaten badly on the street. Feeling guilty at having let the suspects off with a warning earlier, Murphy tackles the case on her own rather than handing it over to CID. After their night of passion, a smitten PC Des Taviner will do anything for her – but Murphy’s doubts and guilt over their affair could put a crimp in Taviner’s ardour. Acting DI Samantha Nixon reluctantly organises a meeting between her daughter Abigail and Abi’s father, Glenn Weston, but it all goes horribly wrong when the father of the child Weston murdered arrives and attacks him in front of waiting press cameras. Supt Adam Okaro and DCI Jack Meadows are furious when the story hits the papers. DC Ken Drummond is abducted by the Foster family on his way home, where they reveal that they know about Ken’s polygamy – and the fact that he’s a cop

Season 19 Episode 53
Episode 128

DC Ken Drummond’s cover as a security guard has been blown, and he’s been taken hostage by the Foster family. Archie Foster wants Drummond to help them raid the Metropolitan Police warehouse to steal millions of pounds worth of luxury sports cars – and as an incentive, he threatens Ken’s family – both of Ken’s families. Drummond’s absence at the station goes unnoticed at first: Acting DI Samantha Nixon’s family troubles come to a head, and after a confrontation with her daughter, Nixon decides to resign from the police to prove her love for her daughter, and uniform are kept busy by a series of bomb hoaxes organised by Foster. With the raid underway, Foster’s plans begin to unravel – Drummond has to knock a fellow security guard unconscious, as well as put off a curious DS Debbie McAllister and DC Juliet Becker who turn up looking for him. As Foster and his gang make their escape, internal rivalries and a counter-raid by a rival gang see the body count rise ever higher, and DC Drummond is himself shot in the shoulder as he pursues the fleeing transporter.

Season 19 Episode 54
Episode 129

DC Drummond recovers from his injuries while his son is kidnapped by the Fosters. Supt Okaro is angry about the news stories featuring Acting DI Nixon and Glenn Weston. PC Young deals with a vicious cat fight between two young girls.

Season 19 Episode 55
Episode 130

DC Drummond escapes from hospital to find his son Alex. Police attend to a disturbance at a local brothel. DS Hunter and DC Becker discover the car gang’s hideout. PC Page attends Dr Owen Preston’s funeral.

Season 19 Episode 56
Episode 131

DC Drummond arranges to meet Foster in an attempt to save his son. Sgt Smith goes under cover as a prisoner to find out where the stolen cars are hidden. Police hunt for a missing prostitute and uncover an underaged prostitution ring. PC Hollis tries to find out the identity of the new woman in PC Taviner’s life.

Season 19 Episode 57
Episode 132

Young girls arriving from the North at London’s Kings Cross Station are being forced into underage prostitution rings from which they cannot escape. Main suspect John Rutherford is believed to be based in Canley, so Sun Hill officers team up with British Transport Police to track him down. PC Gary Best goes undercover at the station, watched by a police surveillance teams. He rescues a young girl, Lorna, from a mugger and the two get on well. The pair are approached by Rutherford, who suggests they stay at a squat he knows. Gary is suspicious, but doesn’t want to leave Lorna in Rutherford’s clutches. However, when the support team lose sight of him, Gary is in way over his head. At the squat, he is drugged and wakes up with no memory of the previous night when PCs Des Taviner and Reg Hollis raid the house. As Gary struggles to come to terms with the fact that he may have been raped, PC Honey Harman discovers Lorna is not the innocent girl she appears to be. Supt Adam Okaro comes under fire from the local councillor after she accuses the police of being soft on prostitution in the area. PC Jim Carver returns from his honeymoon, but his relationship with Sgt June Ackland is in tatters when they argue over a domestic violence case. Sgt Sheelagh Murphy feels she’s been taken for a fool when Reg tells her what Des has told him about his relationship with a “married woman”.

Season 19 Episode 58
Episode 133

Sgt Ackland gets too involved when trying to protect a woman from her violent husband. PC Buxton naively purchases cheap electrical goods from an old friend. A dealer informs on disgraced PC Klein. Sgt Murphy’s husband catches her in the throes of passion with PC Taviner.

Season 19 Episode 59
Episode 134

Sgt Ackland’s professionalism is questioned during an investigation into the suicide at her home. PCs Stamp and Hollis help an elderly couple get to church. PC Tait is called to the scene of a robbery and finds that his ex-girlfriend is working there.

Season 19 Episode 60
Episode 135

On her first day back in uniform, Sgt June Ackland finds a man brutally stabbed in the house of prominent CPS prosecutor Carl Harris. Arresting Harris for GBH, they find back at the station that Supt Adam Okaro has some history with him – Harris threw out an assault case Okaro had worked on, and Okaro suspects he is corrupt. Harris’s daughter Natasha stays quiet, and it is clear she knows more than she is letting on. Acting DI Samantha Nixon investigates a fraud case Carl Harris was prosecuting, but Ackland convinces Natasha to reveal the truth – the victim was her biological father, and had been blackmailing Carl. PC Cameron Tait takes desperate action when he thinks his daughter Emily might be in danger from her mother’s boyfriend, Mark Davies. When Davies ends up in hospital after a mysterious assault, PC Gary Best looks on in horror as Tait bundles Emily into a minicab and speeds away…

Season 19 Episode 61
Episode 136

PC Tait, who has abducted his daughter Emily, decides to return to Australia. DC Webb investigates when a man is found injured in a woman’s home in mysterious circumstances.

Season 19 Episode 62
Episode 137

PC Polly Page’s horrible cousin Michelle turns up at Sun Hill, to report she is being stalked. Despite Michelle’s obstructiveness, Polly manages to convince PC Cathy Bradford to get some information out of her so they can find the suspect. DCI Jack Meadows does all he can to prevent Rachel Heath from being charged with GBH, and when the victim presses charges, the matter is out of his hands. Sgt. June Ackland feels her age when she falls behind while chasing a bag snatcher. When an elderly lady is struck by a car and later dies in hospital, Ackland realises the dead woman could be the mother of DC Mickey Webb. DS Phil Hunter convinces DC Juliet Becker to tell his wife she was the cop having an affair with Heather Rayner, not him. As PCs Page and Bradford uncover details of Michelle’s love life, Bradford’s indiscrete line of questioning results in a complaint made against her and a tongue lashing from DS Ramani De Costa – but Bradford turns the tables once again by summoning crocodile tears and telling De Costa that she herself was stalked.

Season 19 Episode 63
Episode 138

DS Phil Hunter and DC Eva Sharpe investigate an assault case, where a man’s football career has been ruined by an apparent deliberate foul. They arrest the suspect after viewing a videotape of the match, but bringing him back to Sun Hill, they are surprised to find out he is PC Honey Harman’s fiancé. Harman risks her career to save “her Fletch” and hides the videotape evidence in her locker. No one is surprised when DC Mickey Webb turns up to work despite the death of his mother the day before. DCI Jack Meadows tries to distract him with another case, but Webb is determined to track down the driver who killed his mother. Arresting a drunk driver, Webb thinks he has his man, but a woman turns up at the station to admit she was the driver. At Webb’s encouragement, DC Juliet Becker uses a young prostitute as bait in a big drugs sting. When the woman goes missing, Webb checks her escort agency’s website and is stunned to see DCI Meadows’ new girlfriend is a prostitute. Sgt Dale Smith and Insp Gina Gold have a drinking contest at the local pub after work, but when Smithy cheats, will their light-hearted fun end in disaster?

Season 19 Episode 64
Episode 139

On her way into the station, Insp Gina Gold is involved in a minor traffic accident when a white van cuts her off. When the police arrive, it is a horrified PC Gary Best who is forced to breathalyse his Inspector – when the test is postitive, Best is forced to arrest her for driving under the influence. Sgt Dale Smith, realising that Gold’s condition is due to him cheating in their drinking contest conspires with Best to rig the test by using Gary’s breath sample. When Gold works out what they’ve done, she is furious that they have implicated her in a conspiracy. DC Juliet Becker goes to the house of her friend and former lover Heather Rayner, who has left her violent husband after he raped her – but the unexpected arrival of Heather’s husband sees Becker knocked unconscious and abducted.

Season 19 Episode 65
Episode 140

DS McAllister rescues DC Baker from her abductor. Dr Owen Preston’s nephew demands an official investigation after PC Page reveals that she was with his uncle when he died. DCI Meadows challenges Rachel Heath about her work as an escort. PC Young flirts with Sgt Smith but he backs out of a date.

Season 19 Episode 66
Episode 141

PC Kent pressurises PC Buxton into lying under oath, and threatens a witness. PC Bradford warns PC Page that she will be charged with murder when her prints are found on Preston’s syringe. DC Webb is furious when he overhears DCI Meadows arrange a date with Rachel Heath. DC Becker rejects DS McAllister’s advances. Sgt Smith and PC Young get physical in the back of a patrol car while PC Taviner challenges a group of joy riders.

Season 19 Episode 67
Episode 142

A stunned PC Des Taviner catches Sgt. Dale Smith and PC Kerry Young in a passionate clinch in the back of a car during an obbo on a gang of teenage joyriders – so stunned that he leaves the keys in the Area Car, and is horrified to see Sierra One roaring out of sight with a young boy at the wheel. When the car turns up vandalised, Taviner is determined to catch the boy responsible, but with no evidence, Taviner borrows a ‘stinger’ from traffic and lies in wait at the location of the next joyride. Sgt June Ackland convinces Julie Lewis to help the police sting a big drug buy, but Julie’s husband Eddie is shot dead by SO19 when one of the dealers pulls a gun. PC Ruby Buxton decides to resign after committing perjury, despite PC Gabriel Kent’s pleas. As the police rush to a bomb scare at the local cinema, Kent watches as Buxton leaves her resignation letter on Insp. Gold’s desk. DC Mickey Webb visits Rachel Heath demanding she end her relationship with DCI Jack Meadows, but Meadows walks in the door just as he is threatening her…

Season 19 Episode 68
Episode 143

A furious DCI Jack Meadows is about to arrest DC Mickey Webb for an assault on his girlfriend, Rachel Heath, but Heath stops him, knowing that revealing their relationship would end Meadows’ career. Insp. Gina Gold leads a team searching a cinema for a hidden bomb, with the help of two ushers. When the bomb explodes, PC Honey Harman is critically injured – when PC Ruby Buxton finds usher Stephen at Honey’s bedside, she knows something’s up, and manages to talk Stephen down from setting off another bomb. Despite her bravery, and sick of being pressured by the unscrupulous PC Gabriel Kent, Buxton admits her perjury to Insp Gold and tenders her resignation.

Season 19 Episode 69
Episode 144

PC Nick Klein is back on the beat after his spell in rehab for drug addiction, and not many people are pleased to see him back, but Klein is eager to show he has reformed and is up to the pressures of the job. Paired with PC Gary Best, they attend a break-in at a young woman’s flat, which seems to be part of a campaign of harassment by property developer Charles Vanderbilt to force two women to sell their flats to him. Reluctant to testify, but holding out for more money, the women stay put, until an arson attack takes place with fatal consequences. Acting DI Samantha Nixon investigates a different series of burglaries, and when the latest victim is DCI Jack Meadows estranged wife Laura, the link is revealed to be an internet dating agency which all the women used. PC Gabriel Kent uses his knowledge of Insp Gina Gold’s drink driving to blackmail her into putting him forward for an advanced driving course at Hendon. DC Eva Sharpe is having problems at home.

Season 19 Episode 70
Episode 145

DS McAllister acts as a decoy to catch the property developer who has been intimidating householders. Sgt Ackland goes on line to attract the internet burglar. PCs Stamp and Kent try to identify a young boy found unconscious in the street. DC Sharpe give a talk on car bombings on an estate. PCs Tait and Klein are at loggerheads.

Season 19 Episode 71
Episode 146

DS Phil Hunter has PC Nick Klein in his clutches again when he forces Klein and PC Tait to lie to Acting DI Samanatha Nixon about the circumstances of Jim Conrad’s injuries. When Matthew Easton’s brother dies after taking his drugs, Easton attacks his dealer, and both are arrested. When DC Eva Sharpe sees the dealer at the station, she realises her bad-boy lover Tyler may have compromised her, and she admits all to Nixon. Supt Okaro is determined to nail property developer Charles Vanderbilt before he can get planning approval for the flat redevelopment. His officers nearly succeed in getting Carol Evans and Sandra Yorke to testify, but DC Danny Glaze and Okaro have a lucky break when they arrest Vanderbilt on Customs and Immigration charges when he “imports” prostitutes and drugs from Eastern Europe on his private plane. Sgt June Ackland goes ahead with the sting operation on the internet dating burgler, but is shocked when Laura Meadows arrives at Sun Hill to report that she has been raped.

Season 19 Episode 72
Episode 147

Laura Meadows’s rape investigation is dealt with by DC Perkins at Barton Street. DCI Meadows falls out with DC Webb over Rachel. PC Best is furious when PC Harman invites his father to a surprise 21st birthday party. PC Page is taken in for questioning by DCI Ross of MIT. PCs Klein and Cameron solve a spate of muggings involving skateboards and stun guns

Season 19 Episode 73
Episode 148

Preoccupied with her ‘best friend’ Polly’s arrest, PC Cathy Bradford visits Polly’s boyfriend Max, implying to him that he may have been her next victim. Bradford ignores the urgent calls of domestic violence victim Paula Robinson and her son as the woman is brutally beaten by her husband. The woman’s young son volunteers to act as bait for the father when he eludes the police, and DS Ramani De Costa begins to have serious doubts about Bradford. PC Gary Best is horrified that he knocked back PC Honey Harman the previous night, whilst DS Debbie McAllister and DC Juliet Becker argue after their night together. Polly Page is questioned at Barton Street by DCI Ross from MIT. Ignoring her solicitor’s advice, she admits to assisting Owen Preston’s suicide. To the shock of Polly and her colleagues, the CPS charges her with murder. Now working as a CAD Officer, Robbie Cryer realises that Bradford’s deceit has been responsible for the assault on Paula, and threatens to tell all to Supt Okaro. A desperate Bradford calls Robbie in CAD and insists the reason she’s been so out of sorts is because she has a stalker. She then requests urgent assistance, which Robbie knows is a lie and ignores. When a 999 call from Cathy comes through, Robbie is horrified when PCs Taviner and Kent find Cathy badly injured in a stairwell.

Season 19 Episode 74
Episode 149

Insp. Gina Gold has no choice but to suspend Robbie Cryer following PC Cathy Bradford’s hospitalisation, and Robbie is escorted from the station. Desperate to save her job, Robbie calls on her uncle, Bob Cryer, and the pair do some investigation into Cathy’s lies. Sandra Malik, the doctor who Bradford harassed and framed, has moved to Australia, so they track down Petra McAvoy, who Cathy beat up in the interview room. Petra is only too happy to make a statement, but once again, her evidence is called into question. PC Gabriel Kent ignores PC Des Taviner’s advice when he sympathises with a depressed father and helps him get bail, but Kent’s good deed has tragic and fatal consequences. Polly Page’s bail hearing is refused, and she is sent to prison pending trial.

Season 19 Episode 75
Episode 150

PCs Harman and Best search for a madman with a sword. CID investigate a car ringing scam. Supt Okaro accuses Sgt Smith of racism. Sgt Murphy has morning sickness. PC Page has to adjust to life in prison

Season 19 Episode 76
Episode 151

DCs Eva Sharpe and Ken Drummond investigate when a black man is set alight on the Jasmine Allen estate, and a graffiti tag on a nearby wall leads them to Brad Kelso, one of a gang of youths who don’t hesitate to make racist comments to DC Sharpe. Concerned that he might be violent like his dad, PC Gary Best agrees to a magazine personality test conducted by PC Honey Harman. DS Debbie McAllister takes her chance to surprise DS Phil Hunter in the shower after the two of them fall in the mud while investigating a severed arm found on a beach. The CID love triangle hots up as DC Juliet Becker notices their behaviour. In prison, Polly Page has befriended Eileen, a Customs & Excise officer who insists she has been framed by her boyfriend. Polly asks Cathy Bradford to do some investigating, but DC Becker instead asks Polly to keep an eye on her cellmate. Calling for urgent assistance, Sgt Dale Smith is attacked by Brad Kelso and his gang, but when Kelso stops breathing after being arrested by DC Sharpe, Smithy thinks Eva may have gone too far and let Kelso’s taunts get the better of her.

Season 19 Episode 77
Episode 152

DC Sharpe faces an inquiry into the death of Brad Kelso. Sgt Smith fights to prove he’s not a racist. Polly Page informs on her cellmate, who wants a hitman to eliminate a witness against her. DC Webb and DCI Meadows are on the trail of violent criminal Martin Delaney, who is assaulting and stealing from escort girls.

Season 19 Episode 78
Episode 153

PC Carver poses as a hit-man to gain evidence against Polly Page’s cellmate. DC Webb pursues vicious criminal Martin Delaney. Sgt Smith investigates Brad Kelso in an attempt to clear DC Sharpe’s name. DC Becker and DS McAllister tempt DS Hunter with the promise of a threesome. Marie Carver turns up drunk at the station and assaults her husband. PC Harman tells PC Best that their liaison was a one-off deal.

Season 19 Episode 79
Episode 154

DC Webb is in denial after the attack by Martin Delaney and tries to keep the incident secret, and is furious when he discovers that Sgt Smith has discussed it. Ex-DI Sally Johnson, now a private investigator, returns to Sun Hill looking for evidence to prove Jeff Simpson was innocent of the firebombing of Sun Hill. New DC Rob Thatcher investigates the stabbing of a Chinese waiter. PC Best is shocked to see his father drinking with Insp Gold.

Season 19 Episode 80
Episode 155

DC Mickey Webb decides to go after Delaney. He sets about tracking by getting to know more about him, while other officers just want to catch him. Webb strikes lucky with Delaney’s prison padre and goes in search of a lead on the man who raped Delaney in prison. He comes across Delaney in a park and after a confrontation, chases him. Delaney is caught and charged but has no intention of leaving Mickey out of it and tells the officers he raped him. Devastated, Mickey decides to press charges and sadly to leave Sun Hill before he’s the talk of the nick. Meanwhile, Jack’s relationship with Rachel becomes the talk of the station and Mickey persuades Jack to knock it on the head. DC Danny Glaze also leaves, but under a cloud and on the run. PI Sally Johnson is getting closer and closer to uncovering the truth about the Sun Hill fire. Unable to take the heat, Danny decides to cut and run – complete with a robbery victim’s cash. Sgt. Sheelagh Murphy has troubles of her own when PC Des Taviner discovers, in the maternity ward, that she is pregnant and demands the truth – is it his?

Season 19 Episode 81
Episode 156

Sally Johnson questions new PC Yvonne Hemingway about Danny Glaze and Des Taviner, but as she is new, she doesn’t know them. Danny Glaze is long gone, as DCI Meadows discovers when he receives Glaze’s warrant card in the post. Hemingway and Klein find a teenage girl being harrassed, and when a cyclist is hit by a stolen car during a chase with police, the prime suspect is one of the girl gang – Beth Tyler – the reluctant witness in a rape case several months previously. PC Des Taviner is devastated when he fails to revive a baby who appears to have died of SIDS, and Sgt Sheelagh Murphy admits she is pregnant with his baby. DC Rob Thatcher notches up his first conquest at Sun Hill – PC Cathy Bradford, who is shocked when Polly Page’s boyfriend Max proposes to her.

Season 19 Episode 82
Episode 157

Sgt Murphy investigats a cot death. PCs Hemmingway and Young fall out over the investigation into a teenage girl gang. Sally Johnson continues her investigations, but PC Taviner will not leave Sun Hill as he wants a future with Murphy. DC Thatcher bets PC Klein that he can bed new receptionist Marilyn Chambers on a first date

Season 19 Episode 83
Episode 158

DCs Rob Thatcher and Brandon Kane raid the house of a heroin dealer after several addicts have died from a bad batch. Thatcher is determined to catch the supplier, and once again, he goes too far and arrests a suspect: Alan Best, PC Gary Best’s father, who is working as a police informant for Insp Gina Gold. Sgt Sheelagh Murphy tells PC Des Taviner she is going to leave her husband for him, but Taviner has other matters on his mind. PC Reg Hollis warns his friend that Sally Johnson is closer to the truth about the Sun Hill fire than ever, and at a memorial ceremony for the officers who died that day, Taviner is too overcome with guilt to make a speech. Determined to be honest with Murphy, Taviner admits he framed Jeff Simpson for the fire, but Johnson tells DCI Jack Meadows that Taviner’s involvement may go further than that.

Season 19 Episode 84
Episode 159

With the guilt of what he has done weighing heavily on his mind, PC Des Taviner admits to Sgt Sheelagh Murphy his part in the Sun Hill fire which killed six of his colleagues. To his horror, Murphy demands he turn himself in or she will do it for him. Instead, she calls her husband Patrick and admits her affair, saying she is leaving him for Des. Alan Best tells Insp Gina Gold that a big heroin deal is about to go down at the garage where he works, so CID set up an obbo. They don’t count on PC Gary Best turning up at the garage in full uniform and a panda car to apologise to his dad for assaulting him. When the dealer pulls a gun, DS McAllister calls for a Trojan unit, but when the gunman takes aim at Gary, his dad offers himself as a hostage in his place. PC Taviner becomes obsessed with finding a mugger responsible for the death of an elderly woman who dies of shock after her husband is stabbed. Hearing that Sgt. Murphy has gone to Scotland Yard, and that Supt Okaro wants to see him urgently, Taviner assumes the worst, and drives the Area Car (with PC Reg Hollis) into a gas storage facility with devastating consequences…

Season 19 Episode 85
Episode 160

Sgt Smith pulls PC Hollis from the burning warehouse but there is no sign of PC Taviner. PC Page is on trial for the murder of Dr Owen Preston, and both PC Bradford and Max Wyatt betray her in the witness box. Officers search for PC Best’s father, who has been taken hostage. Marie Carver, drunk, harangues Sgt Ackland.

Season 19 Episode 86
Episode 161

Insp Gold coordinates activities as Sgt Smith volunteers himself to a guman as a hostage in exchange for an elderly couple, while SO19 wait to storm the building. PC Page takes the stand and decides to tell the truth, in a last-ditch effort to save herself from being found guilty of the murder of Dr Owen Preston.

Season 19 Episode 87
Episode 162

PC Bradford attempts to talk down a drunk holding DC Becker at knifepoint. PC Best isdetermined to avenge the death of his father. DC Carver and Sgt Ackland reminisce over their twenty years of service together at Sun Hill. Sgt Murphy makes a life-changing decision.

Season 19 Episode 88
Episode 163

DS McAllister investigates a serious assault on a prostitute. National Party councillor Nicola Marsh tries to raise racial tensions by highlighting an increase in black-on-white crime. Sgt Murphy tells Supt Okaro that PC Taviner was responsible for the firebomb attack on Sun Hill. PC Kent kisses Sgt Ackland. Ex-PC Polly Page struggles on her first day of prison following her conviction for murder

Season 19 Episode 89
Episode 164

DC Thatcher and DS Hunter investigate a vendetta against boxer Joel Brewer. Supt Okaro is under pressure to placate both local community leaders and National Party councillor Nicola Marsh in the light of increasing racial tension. PC Kent and Sgt Ackland pose as a couple in an Indian restaurant to catch a gang of racists. Ackland asks Kent out for a drink after work. DS Huner and wife Cindy are having IVF treatment.

Season 19 Episode 90
Episode 165

Sun Hill establishes a Public Protection Unit. DC Perkins investigates when a convicted paedophile is seen giving cash to a schoolgirl. DS Hunter and DC Thatcher investigate Dennis Weaver’s part in the assault of boxer Joel Brewer. Cindy Hunter gets the result of her pregnancy test.

Season 19 Episode 91
Episode 166

PC Carver and DS De Costa investigate the staff at St Hugh’s when the home of an elderly patient is burgled. DC Perkins arranges a rehabilitation programme for a convicted paedophile. A suspected intruder at PC Stamp’s home is actually his Filipina girlfriend.

Season 19 Episode 92
Episode 167

DS Hunter and DC Sharpe investigate the stabbing of a young prostitute. PC Klein plans to tell Hunter’s wife Cindy about her husband’s illegitimate daughter. Marie Carver is brought in for being drunk and disorderly.

Season 19 Episode 93
Episode 168

Sg Smith deals with a victim of aggravated burglary and male rape. PC Kent confides in Sgt Ackland that his parents were recently killed in a car crash. DC Sharpe confronts PC Carver about his aggressive behaviour towards his wife, while Marie warns Ackland to stay away from her husband. PC Klein admits telling Cindy Hunter that her husband had been having an affair

Season 19 Episode 94
Episode 169

DS De Costa and DC Thatcher investigate a man who has been secretly filming girls in the changing rooms of a leisure centre. PC Hollis solves an attack on a blind woman. Sgt Ackland makes a wrongful arrest and uncovers a suicide. De Costa’s stepdaughter is raped.

Season 19 Episode 95
Episode 170

DC Thatcher investigates the rape of DS De Costa’s stepdaughter. PC Stamp discovers that his Filipina girlfriend is part of an illegal immigration racket. PC Kent attends a domestic dispute at PC Carver’s household.

Season 19 Episode 96
Episode 171

PC Carver is in hospital following the assault by wife Marie and PC Kent, who is desperate to cover up his frenzied attack on his colleague. Insp Gold and Sgt Smith investigate Kent’s background and make a shocking discovery.

Season 19 Episode 97
Episode 172

Acting DI Nixon investigates a mysterious death. PC Harman and DC Kane follow up the case of an abandoned baby. Insp Gold and Sgt Smith debate whether to tell Sgt Ackland what they have discovered about PC Kent.

Season 19 Episode 98
Episode 173

PC Bradford returns to work after taking forced leave due to her un-authorised appearance on the Lorraine Kelly Show. She quickly becomes angered when she sees DC Kane and PC Harman becoming closer. PC Stamp stops a black man who fits the description of a mugger. However, the man claims racism and tries to make a compliant about it. Supt Okaro is furious about the event and isn’t happy that Sun Hill are failing to meet crime targets. Kane later finds evidence that the man is involved with credit card fraud. Okaro tells him to find more evidence before bringing him in but Brandon ignores him and does so anyway. DS Hunter starts a rumour that Acting DI Nixon has got the DI job knowing full well that she hasn’t. DCI Meadows tells Sam that she is being demoted back to DS and a new DI will be appointed. PC Harman moves in with DC Kane and Meadows tells Okaro that he is losing the support of his officers.

Season 19 Episode 99
Episode 174

PC Bradford loses a vital piece of evidence in a murder case. Unimpressed with her attitude and ability, DS De Costa has her transferred back to uniform. Bradford loses control and accuses DC Kane and PC Harman of having an affair. Insp Gold challenges PC Klein with her suspicion that he has started using drugs again. DS Hunter’s wife Cindy is suspected of am attack on Hunter’s ex-lover, Christine Weaver.

Season 19 Episode 100
Episode 175

Supt Okaro’s judgment is questioned when some heavy-handed tactics provoke a riot on an estate. DC Kane blames PC Harman for burning down his house. Dennis Weaver exacts violent revenge on DS Hunter.

Season 19 Episode 101
Episode 176

Supt Okaro goes back on the beat with PC Stamp. DS Hunter’s ex-lover, Christine Weaver, is arrested for shoplifting. Sgt Murphy goes into labour.

Season 19 Episode 102
Episode 177

PC Bradford has little sympathy with a man who destroyed all of his wife’s belongings when she cheated on him, and decides that she has had enough of fiancé Max Wyatt. PC Carver is assigned to a domestic violence case. Sgt Smith comes across a teenager struggling to hold his family together on an estate run by drug-dealing gangs.

Season 19 Episode 103
Episode 178

MIT are called in to investigate when the body of PC Bradford’s fiancé is discovered in the freezer of his chip shop. DC Kane is shocked when he sees his children watching a video of CCTV footage showing Bradford with Tanya Kane moments before her death. DS Hunter’s wife Cindy and ex-lover Christine Weaver are arrested for assaulting one other. New DI Neil Manson arrives at Sun Hill.

Season 19 Episode 104
Episode 179

DC Kane is convinced that PC Bradford was involved in the death of his ex-wife and approaches former station receptionist Robbie Cryer for information. DI Manson and DC Perkins investigate a series of hammer attacks on young women.

Season 19 Episode 105
Episode 180

Robbie Cryer is found badly beaten. DC Kane informs Insp Gold and DCI Meadows of his suspicions about PC Bradford. DCs Sharpe and Thatcher hunt for a young girl whose blood-stained cardigan is discovered in the boot of a car fished from the canal.