PC Millie Brown

Portrayed by Clare Foster

First Appearance New Blood 12/6/08

Final Appearance On The Streets 29/12/09

Call Sign 212

Millie Brown wasn’t the loudest officer or the funniest but she was a popular member of the team. She was honest, caring and far more fearless than many would give her credit. However there was one officer who didn’t give her enough credit, DS Max Carter, whom she would cheerfully follow around CID with puppydog eyes given the opportunity. In time even with Max, Millie proved herself to be more than capable when she not only survived being kidnapped but cleverly convinced the kidnappers to drive to a trap of waiting police officers, For Millie the rules were written for a reason and Millie was a stickler for the rules. If she didn’t follow instruction to the letter her conscience punished her far more than any superior officer, such as the time she skipped an interview with a witness who was living on the streets and smelled as such. Kirsty Knight covered for her with Inspector Smith but Millie herself was mortified with her actions. We are only left to wonder what happened to PC Millie Brown, she left Sun Hill without a mention. Forget the Bermuda Triangle I think the officers at Sun Hill need to start investigating that stationary cupboard, once entered the officer is never seen again!



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Where Can I See Clare Now?

Clare can be seen in the theatre production ‘Best of Enemies’ please see our theatre listings for further details.