PC Tony ‘Yorkie’ Smith

Portrayed By Robert Hudson

First Appearance Funny Ol’ Business – Cops & Robbers

Final Appearance Leaving

Yorkie Smith was the kind of police officer that if you had a problem you would want him to come to help – unless you were in a traffic accident that is. Yorkie cared, had a great way with the elder members of the public and the most vulnerable. He was quick on his feet and used his initiative to catch the villains. Everyone liked Yorkie, he was popular with the team and with those of higher rank. He did have one black mark put against his name after Jim Carver reported him for buying illicit steroids. After a few cross words with Carver and slapped wrists for wrong doing the incident was soon forgotten about. Yorkie’s time at Sun Hill came to an end after he attended a Fat’Ac, first on the scene Yorkie was unable to cope with the enormity of the situation. He left the police force not long after, moving back to Yorkshire to work as a security guard.  We met Yorkie twice after his rather eventful leaving do, firstly at the funeral of Ken Melvin. The second and final time we learnt how Yorkie’s life had moved on he had rejoined his local police force in Yorkshire and become a DC. The last we saw Yorkie getting plastered on a train headed north with a prisoner and JIm Carver.

Call Sign 148



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IMDb https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0399952/?ref_=fn_al_nm_1

Where Can I See Robert Now?
Robert can now be heard on a brilliant The Bill Podcast on the Podcast Patreon channel.