Sgt Callum Stone

Portrayed by Sam Callis

First appearance: Good Cop Bad Cop #524 (8.8.07)

Call Sign: 30

Sergeant Callum Stone was an alpha male with a strong sense of justice.  Callum would bend and break rules to fit his own view of justice. He was quite popular with the relief and Callum liked to surround himself with loyal followers. Some of whom would blindly follow his lead: Ben Gayle. Sally Armstrong, whilst Will Fletcher could foresee being too close could indeed bring trouble and so spent some time distancing himself from the sergeant.  He seemed to care for his relief, putting his own career at risk to cover up Sally Armstrong’s drunken involvement in a car crash.  There was one officer, however, whom Sgt Stone has had a very difficult working relationship with and that was Dale Smith.  On one occasion, during riot training their squabbling actually broke into violence.

Callum was a very complicated individual, we gained an insight into his background after the death of his father whom he had a volatile relationship with.  Another notable in Callum Stone’s life was PC Emma Keane, whom he fell for.  Unfortunately, there was no time for a relationship to develop after Emma was killed whilst evacuating a building.   Her untimely death hit him hard.



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