Season 8

Season 8 Episode 1
The Best Policy

D.C.I. Reid’s influence in high places suddenly makes D.I. Burnside look vulnerable to criticism. CID investigate an armed robbery.

Season 8 Episode 2
A Friend in Need

P.C. Quinnan is the subject of a civil complaint. P.C.s Stamp and Stringer follow up on a fire at a home for ex-psychiatric patients, but find little care in the community.

Season 8 Episode 3
Whose Side Are You On?

D.C. Lines investigates a mugging, and tries to get the victim charged with the murder of his assailant.

Season 8 Episode 4
Lip Service

D.C. Lines is enjoying an off-duty pint in his local pub. He becomes involved in a bar brawl, and uncovers a loan-sharking business.

Season 8 Episode 5

D.C. Lines investigates when a cellarful of illegal immigrants is discovered. He enlists the help of Sgt. Boyden, who takes a fancy to one of the females. Lines warns him off.

Season 8 Episode 6
Fair Play

P.C. Quinnan investigates the illegal sale of steroids. P.C. Garfield is put on the spot when his old sparring partner is arrested.

Season 8 Episode 7

D.I. Burnside’s unorthodox policing methods, which include flushing an informant’s head down a toilet, set him on a collision course with D.C.I. Reid, who has already received several complaints about Sun Hill officers. Reid fears the worst when she is called in to Scotland Yard for an urgent meeting with MS15.

Season 8 Episode 8

A girl is seriously injured in a joyriding incident. Ch. Supt. Brownlow must decide whether he is prepared to risk a riot by sending officers into an estate to round up the culprits.

Season 8 Episode 9
Not Waving

A student nurse is sexually assaulted. D.I. Burnside arrests the obvious suspect, but he escapes from police custody.

Season 8 Episode 10

Sgt. Cryer is finding being non-operational tedious. He goes undercover as a punter in a brothel, but his presence on the operation antagonises Sgt. Peters. Cryer goes to sees Ch. Supt. Brownlow about giving up his job as duty sergeant and going back to the relief.

Season 8 Episode 11
Lost Boy

D.S. Greig is led to a vice ring when searching for a missing thirteen-year-old boy. D.C. Dashwood and W.P.C. Ackland are brought into an operation against ponces running rent boys.

Season 8 Episode 12

P.C. Stringer tries to stop some children from playing ‘chicken’ on the railway line, but one of them is run down by a train. Sgt. Peters transfers upstairs to the post of duty sergeant, swapping roles with Bob Cryer, who returns to the relief.

Season 8 Episode 13
Somebody Special

Acting D.I. Greig tries to recruit a hardened female thief as a snout, but finds her more than a match for him. D.C.I. Reid is promoted out of Sun Hill to MS15.

Season 8 Episode 14
Previous Convictions

Investigating an apparent accident in which a man’s hand is crushed in a car-breaker’s yard, Sgt. Maitland uncovers years of animosity, neglect and revenge. Attempting to close the yard down, D.C. Lines finds himself negotiating between the police and the owner.

Season 8 Episode 15
Beggar My Neighbour

A tramp is attacked, leading the police into a web of crime.

Season 8 Episode 16
It’s a Small World

Thinking of leaving the force, D.C. Dashwood is tempted by a lucrative business opportunity with a firm of security consultants. At the recruitment presentation his suspicions are aroused by the validity of the company in question, and he uncovers a con directed at retiring police officers.

Season 8 Episode 17

A man convicted of strangling his wife has been released on licence, but the probation service fails to notify Sun Hill. His presence comes to light when his son causes a disturbance.

Season 8 Episode 18

The community police station run by P.C. Smollett is fire-bombed. The area car is stolen from P.C. Loxton and W.P.C. Datta.

Season 8 Episode 19

D.I. Burnside leads an investigation into the fire-bombing of the community police station, but P.C. Smollett talks to his contacts on the estate and they lead him to the culprit.

Season 8 Episode 20
The Paddy Factor

D.C. Carver and W.D.C. Martella have a car thief under observation, and see him shot as he gets into a car. The Anti-Terrorist Squad is called in, and the IRA is suspected.

Season 8 Episode 21
The Wild Rover

D.S. Roach ignores the Anti-Terrorist Squad, and investigates a possible IRA cell.

Season 8 Episode 22

A small boy known for lying claims to have been the subject of an attempted abduction in an adventure playground. Investigating his claims, W.P.C. Ackland and Sgt. Maitland discover that the attacker is a friend of the family.

Season 8 Episode 23
Going Soft

A routine trip to a magistrate for a warrant turns into a nightmare for D.C. Dashwood when he is taken prisoner by two hooded burglars.

Season 8 Episode 24

D.C.I. Jack Meadows arrives to take charge of Sun Hill CID. He becomes involved with a father suspected of murdering his drug addict son.

Season 8 Episode 25
Acting Detective

A woman who collapsed at an airport is found to be a mule, smuggling drugs in her stomach. D.I. Burnside, with only limited time to mount an operation, gets W.P.C. French to take the courier’s place in an attempt to uncover the dealer.

Season 8 Episode 26

P.C. Smollett tries to offer a follow-up service to victims of crime. A woman whose husband is in prison, and who runs a guest house, keeps reporting an intruder on the premises. Smollett gives her support, but P.C. Garfield thinks he is wasting his time.

Season 8 Episode 27

D.S. Greig arrests a suspect for an armed robbery, but is proved wrong.

Season 8 Episode 28
All the King’s Horses

A lorry overturns and sheds its load outside a school, burying a boy and girl and putting P.C. Loxton to the test.

Season 8 Episode 29
Party Politics

W.D.C. Martella celebrates her birthday. D.I. Burnside and D.S. Roach go to a party attended by a crooked businessman, who makes Burnside an offer he can’t refuse.

Season 8 Episode 30
Trials and Tribulations

W.P.C. Marshall becomes a vital witness in a murder trial. She soon realises that someone is trying to intimidate her, when flat is smashed up and her car wrecked. D.I. Burnside investigates.

Season 8 Episode 31
A Can of Worms

A traffic accident draws attention to a minicab firm. P.C. Stringer dicovers that the owner is using young boys as thieves.

Season 8 Episode 32

D.C.I. Meadows tries to find the link between three arson attacks. D.S. Roach and D.C. Dashwood track down an escaped prisoner, but Roach seems more interested in his beautiful wife.

Season 8 Episode 33
A Nice Little Line in Plastic

P.C.Quinnan and W.P.C. Datta arrest a girl using stolen credit cards and uncover a major racket.

Season 8 Episode 34
Trial and Error

An armed robber who put an innocent bystander in an wheelchair has his house firebombed by the victim’s son. D.I. Burnside is determined to see justice done.

Season 8 Episode 35
Owning Up

P.C.s Loxton and Stringer follow up on a mugging but their case is nearly ruined when it collides with an investigation by D.S. Greig and D.C.I. Meadows. Can W.P.C. Ackland crack the case?

Season 8 Episode 36
Up Behind

It’s Saturday night, but CID are at work trailing a known criminal believed to be responsible for a series of artifice burglaries involving pensioners. W.D.C. Martella finds herself locked in a room by one of the victims, and D.C. Carver could be in trouble.

Season 8 Episode 37

Following an argument with a drunken pub customer, a young barmaid is hit by a car and later dies. P.C.s Quinnan and Stringer have their suspicions about the customer. Could it be manslaughter?

Season 8 Episode 38
Principled Negotiation

D.I. Burnside and D.S. Roach look favourably on an ex-villain with a loan-shark problem, but they expect favours in return

Season 8 Episode 39
Sign of Our Times

An armed robber admits to D.C. Lines that redundancy and the repossession of his house made him take to crime to solve his problems.[/b]

Season 8 Episode 40

P.C.s Stringer and Loxton attend to a theft at an old people’s home and begin to suspect that the ex-policeman who runs the home is ill-treating residents.

Season 8 Episode 41

W.D.C. Martella arrests a woman for drug dealing. D.I. Burnside suspects that she is using teenage girls as couriers by offering them free holidays in Spain, but she is being exploited by a bigger dealer.

Season 8 Episode 42
Man of the People

P.C. Stringer wins the election for the post of Federation Rep, beating the incumbent P.C. Hollis by fifty-eight votes to two. Ch. Supt. Brownlow decides to eat in the canteen with the other ranks, much to their discomfort.

Season 8 Episode 43

D.S Roach investigates the beating of a teenage girl, and tries to establish if his suspect is also responsible for a number of murders being investigated by AMIP.

Season 8 Episode 44

A young model claims that she was sexually assaulted during a photographic session. W.D.C. Martella discovers that every picture tells a story.

Season 8 Episode 45
Better the Devil

P.C. Stringer gets involved with a bizarre household, and discovers a horrifying case of parental cruelty in the attic. W.P.C. Marshall goes on attachment to the Domestic Violence Unit at Stafford Row.

Season 8 Episode 46

Sgt. Boyden and P.C. Hollis are hoping for a quiet night in the custody suite at Sun Hill, but that’s not how it turns out. Hollis has to resuscitate a drunk who swallows his own vomit, and Boyden is sympathetic to a prostitute called Gloria.

Season 8 Episode 47
World to Rights

W.P.C. Marshall, on attachment to the Domestic Violence Unit at Stafford Row, makes an error of judgement and is attacked by a woman’s husband.

Season 8 Episode 48
Do the Right Thing

P.C. Stringer is mugged by a gang, and determines to get his own back. W.P.C. Datta and P.C. Quinnan deal with a credit card fraudster.

Season 8 Episode 49
Hiding to Nothing

P.C. Stamp is ambushed by a gang of youths on a local estate. In trying to assist him, W.P.C. Ackland crashes the Area car, much to P.C. Loxton’s delight.

Season 8 Episode 50
Punching Judy

A woman lies critically injured in hospital, beaten up by her husband. D.S. Greig and D.C.I. Meadows interview the husband. W.P.C. Marshall decides to quit the Domestic Violence Unit.

Season 8 Episode 51
Vicious Circles

P.C. Hollis arrests a woman for being drunk in charge of a baby, and finds himself drawn into a complicated family set-up.

Season 8 Episode 52
Up All Night

P.C. Garfield pursues a burglar and is beaten up. Sgt. Boyden’s inaction brings hostility from the relief and trouble for D.S. Roach.

Season 8 Episode 53
Part of the Furniture

D.C. Dashwood is to be transferred to the Art and Antiques Squad. D.S. Roach hands him a burglary at an infants’ school as a wind-up, but it develops into a case that allows Dashwood to show the others a thing or two.

Season 8 Episode 54
Snakes & Ladders

It’s P.C. Garfield’s first day back after the attack. The relief place bets on the likelihood of Garfield punching Sgt. Boyden, but Garfield eventually takes his revenge.

Season 8 Episode 55
Street Cleaning

Sgt. Cryer gets the relief to put the Garfield-Boyden conflict behind them and get back to work, to sort out the takeover of genuine beggars’ pitches by violent professional thieves.

Season 8 Episode 56
Hands Up

Ch. Insp. Conway decides he needs to get back on the beat, and arrests a drunk for criminal damage. D.C. Carver deals with a building society robber, a woman who wants the money for a good cause.

Season 8 Episode 57
A Scandalous Act

P.C. Garfield brings in a teenaged girl arrested at a drugs party, and she accuses him of sexually assaulting her.

Season 8 Episode 58

A ram-raid ends in tragedy when a boy is killed. But what was his part in the affair? As CID investigate, a well-organised family business is revealed.

Season 8 Episode 59
Talk Out

A middle-aged couple arrive at the front desk and report their neighbour missing, but W.P.C. Ackland isn’t sure that they are telling the whole truth.

Season 8 Episode 60
True Confessions

D.S. Roach is put under pressure when a suspect retracts a confession and accuses the police of oppression.

Season 8 Episode 61
Private Enterprise

D.C.I. Meadows tackles CID about passing intelligence to the collator; but D.S. Roach is reluctant to share information relating to his current operation. P.C. Garfield stops a minicab over a minor traffic offence, but there is a surprise in the boot.

Season 8 Episode 62
Getting Through

The night shift is saddled with a feud between two men who come to the front desk with allegations of GBH against each other. Police and criminals alike doubt the ability of the new young duty solicitor, but Ms Bryant can give as good as she gets.

Season 8 Episode 63
Last Night of Freedom

Someone is stabbed on a stag night, but the likely suspect can’t remember a thing about it.

Season 8 Episode 64
Cutting Loose

D.I. Burnside and D.C. Lines are returning a chief suspect to prison when they are ambushed by a gang of masked men, who spring him.

Season 8 Episode 66
I’ve Never Been to Harrogate

D.S. Greig and D.C. Woods investigate the mysterious collapse of an old lady who has been burgled. They are led to a man who thinks he is helping elderly people with nothing to live for by killing them.

Season 8 Episode 67
Human Resources

Two con men are preying on women through the small ads in the local paper. Lack of personnel for D.S. Roach’s operation places W.D.C. Martella in danger.

Season 8 Episode 68

A loan shark is attacked. D.S. Greig has a vital witness who is young, blonde and pretty, but she keeps stringing him along, and then disappears.

Season 8 Episode 69

Acting on information from a snout, D.I. Burnside mounts a raid on crack-houses. When details of the raid are leaked, D.C.I. Meadows challenges Burnside over the trustworthiness of his team.

Season 8 Episode 70
Snap Shot

A complaint over loud music quickly escalates into an armed siege, as a man waves a gun at P.C.s Stamp and Quinnan.

Season 8 Episode 71
Letting Go

Reg is playing with a train set before going out. He is looking for a place to live as he is moving out of the section house but ends up moving to a different corridor instead. Greig and Tosh investigates a stabbing in a station car park. The case is being dropped but Greig goes to see the widow and finds a new lead. June and Reg act as back up to bailiffs trying to evict a family. The case is turned over to Tosh.

Season 8 Episode 72
Travelling Light

Viv helps Donna dress up for a reconstruction of a murder case. They find a man who spoke to the dead woman and gives them a new lead. The ex-boyfriend of the murder victim asks to see Burnside protesting his innocence.

Season 8 Episode 73
Radio Waves

Monroe talks to Conway about a problem with a car chase. Tony and Dave were chasing joy riders with Ron in the back. Norika and George help catch the children who were joy riding. CID think they might be part of a gang knocking off car stereos. The fathers have a fight in custody after their children were interviewed.

Season 8 Episode 74
A Blind Eye

Viv brings in an elderly mugging victim who helps make an identikit picture. Boyden gets spoken to by Monroe about working with the relief. Tony assists George with a disturbance when there is another mugging which turns out to be a misunderstanding. Tony see what he thinks is a mugger getting beaten up but the suspect turns out to be an off-duty copper.

Season 8 Episode 75
Sympathy for the Devil

D.I. Burnside sets a trap for an armed robber at a building society, and is surprised to finds that the culprit is a man in his sixties. P.C. Loxton attends to a disturbance behind a pub and finds the victim of an assault. He suspects that the attack might be racially motivated, but it turns out to be a revenge attack.

Season 8 Episode 76
Force Is Part of the Service

Brownlow and Conway have a meeting with councillors about the changes in the police force. Conway gives them a tour of the station. Steve brings in a man suspected of street robbery. The man accuses Steve of harassment. Reg tells Steve the bad news that he brought in the wrong man. The man makes a complaint against Steve and Brownlow wants it sorted honestly. Steve is trying to get George to back up his story.L

Season 8 Episode 77
On the Record, Off the Record

CID investigates a break-in at a warehouse which resulted in the theft of personal CD players. Steve spots the van used in the robbery. After talking to a worker with form, fingers start pointing at the security guard. Jim gets spoken to by Meadows about complaints. He gets into further trouble after arresting a man on information received.

Season 8 Episode 78
Stoning the Glasshouse

Bob visits a friend who is the head of a neighbourhood watch. His son is stealing to support his drug habit. Bob’s friend thinks the police are turning a blind eye towards the Cockcroft Estate. Conway gets a report on the Cockcroft Estate and a visit from the head of the Cockcroft Action Committee complaining of harassment.

Season 8 Episode 79

Tosh is asked for by a burglar whom he put inside. He gives Tosh information that there might be a bank robbery. CID catches the robbers after the job but when Tosh tries to arrange protection for his informant he is too late as the man has had his face slashed. Reg talks to Donna for an article in the station newspaper.

Season 8 Episode 80
Open to Offers

Monroe and the relief go to a pub where some men are damaging it. One of the men tries to blackmail Dave over some moonlighting Dave did to get off the charge. Monroe thinks the men might be involved in protection. Dave tells both Sgts Boyden and Maitland who advises him to tell Monroe. Dave asks Barry’s advice as Fed Rep. Barry asks Reg’s advice as he was previous Fed Rep.

Season 8 Episode 81
Playing God

CID are tied up with a court case. A burglary suspect of Ted’s may have to be released as he is at court. Tony brings in an old lady who has been abusive in the street. Dave and George find a man in the street who might have killed his wife who had terminal cancer.

Season 8 Episode 82
Crack of Doom

There is a search of people looking for crack. A man has a scuffle with another man and claims a piece of crack was planted on him. Tony discovers the man, an ex-boxer, lives over the road from the crack house and CID ask if they could use it as a base for an obbo.

Season 8 Episode 83
Spit and Polish

Steve is late for shift. Just as Steve is about to arrest a fine defaulter Dave is nearly run over by a speeding BMW. Steve really wants to arrest the fine defaulter, who has already left by the time he gets back, but Dave wants to deal with the driver. They find the body of the car owner’s lover in the boot of the car.

Season 8 Episode 84

Burnside talks to a snout in a bus queue about a delivery. Woods and Carver observe the delivery and CID raid the premises. The cartons contain bricks and motor parts instead of the stolen goods expected. Burnside goes to a promotions board and is passed over.

Season 8 Episode 85
We Should Be Talking

George is following a silver car that might have been involved in a ramraid. While checking in with the station, his radio goes dead. Sgt. Cryer discovers the radio link is down. June is investigating a failure to stop and enlists the help of people on the estate to help find a hurt kid.

Season 8 Episode 86
Reasonable Grounds

Norika goes to see a man about a missing child. Barry has to tell a man his brother is dead after complaining of having to let a suspected burglar go with a caution. the man takes off as soon as he sees Barry.

Season 8 Episode 87

An obbo on a club nearly goes wrong when a fight starts outside it. The man who started the fight turns out to be a D. S. suspended from the Drug Squad.

Season 8 Episode 88

Sgt. Maitland finds himself in the wrong when he discovers a serious procedural error meant that a dangerous and possibly psychopathic man has been arrested twice for the same offence and released.

Season 8 Episode 89

Tosh investigates a fire bombing of an Asian shop. Dave and Cathy investigates an Asian lady accused of shoplifting. Cathy thinks there is something going on. Her husband is gambling. Dave and Sgt. Boyden join the game.

Season 8 Episode 90
Occupational Hazard

When sex appeal doesn’t get him what he wants, Harry Osborne turns vicious. W.D.C. Martella has to pick up the pieces.

Season 8 Episode 90
Occupational Hazard

When sex appeal doesn’t get him what he wants, Harry Osborne turns vicious. W.D.C. Martella has to pick up the pieces.

Season 8 Episode 91
Just Send Some Flowers

W.D.C. Martella investigates a burglary that occurred during a funeral. D.C. Carver links it to previous burglaries and an employee with a criminal record who claims to be innocent.

Season 8 Episode 92
Waifs & Strays

An old lady brings a blood-stained book belonging to a missing girl in to the station. D.C. Lines uncovers the family’s dark secrets and comes up with an unexpected result. P.C. Hollis has to deal with a lost dog. P.C. Loxton discovers the dog has been beaten and decides to keep it.

Season 8 Episode 93
Happy Families

What’s a smart girl like Sharon doing with a villain like Daniel Batt? D.I. Burnside thinks it’s all to do with female hormones, but W.D.C. Martella isn’t so sure.

Season 8 Episode 94
Well out of Order

Meadows and Burnside want to go in force to the Tankeray estate to root out the criminal element, but Brownlow is committed to a softer approach. P.C. Smollett proves more effective than C.I.D. at catching a dangerous mugger.

Season 8 Episode 95
Into the Mire

CID receive information that leads to the arrest of a prolific handler of stolen goods. D.I. Burnside has more success than P.C. Smollett in exposing a squatting scam on the Tankeray estate, and arrests a corrupt housing official.

Season 8 Episode 96
Master of the House

The body of a respectable family man is found on a notorious patch of wasteland. His son confesses to the killing.

Season 8 Episode 97

P.C. Stamp uses some old-fashioned policing methods to tackle the problem of children playing with railway detonators.

Season 8 Episode 98
Cold Shoulder

A local youth with form is stabbed in the centre of a densely populated housing development. D.C.I. Meadows investigates when no witnesses come forward.

Season 8 Episode 99
Safety First

Following an armed robbery, D.I. Burnside confronts the problems caused by the widespread ownership of shotguns, and discovers just how easy it is for shotguns to get into the wrong hands.

Season 8 Episode 100
Counting the Cost

A local hero who prevented a robbery, and was severely injured in the process, but received no compensation, is being harassed by a scrap dealer until W.P.C. Ackland turns the tables with some harassment of her own.

Season 8 Episode 101

A probation officer seems eager to asist D.I. Burnside over the murder of a prostitute, but how close is she to the murderer?

Season 8 Episode 102
Finders Keepers

D.C. Carver finds a buried treasure and the glory should be his. D.C. Dashwood, now with the Art and Antiques Squad, takes the case away and gets a result.

Season 8 Episode 103
Return Match

When a collection of valuable dolls is stolen, D.C. Dashwood from the Art and Antiques Squad turns up, wrong-foots D.C. Lines and gets a result.

Season 8 Episode 104
High Places

An ex-criminal who used to be part of a circus high-wire act is found dead, apparently from a fall, but the pathologist says he died elsewhere. Then reports of a series of bizarre burglaries come in.

Season 8 Episode 105
When Push Comes to Shove

Sun Hill officers are drinking after shift when a some troublemakers arrive at the pub. W.P.C. Ackland tries to calm the situation, but P.C.s Quinnan and Loxton decide that she needs their protection, and provoke a fight with a violent thug.