PC Dave Litten

Portrayed By Gary Olsen

First Appearance Woodentop

Final Appearance The Sweet Smell of Failure/The Chief Super’s Party

Call Sign 201

PC Dave Litten was never going to stay a PC for long, he had his eyes firmly set on CID. We first met Dave in Woodentop and from the very start Dave made it clear that he was a no nonsense namby-pamby type of officer. He was blunt, didn’t believe in political correctness and was definitely an old-school cop of the 1980s. He treated women with the same disregard, in one instance June Ackland dropped his pint in his lap for being stood up on a date so he could watch the football. But for all his faults Dave was incredibly eager, sometimes too eager to get a result. He spent much of his time checking in with CID, following DI Galloway around like a lost puppy. In a couple of instances Dave skipped protocol in his desire to get a result to impress which resulted in DI Galloway to intervene before Dave got himself into real trouble. Thankfully Dave got his wish and left Sun Hill to further his career on a trainee investigator course.



IMDb https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0647653/?ref_=nv_sr_1

Gary Olsen

Gary sadly died in 2000.