Picture Quiz

Have you ever thought when watching The Bill on TV, where on earth have all those raincoats come from? Is there a stall down Canley Market selling them to unsuspecting C.I.D. officers or have a load fallen off the back of a lorry and has been left unclaimed for the past 30 years? Of course our friends at Google have spoilt our fun a little and no longer seem to have the likes of Suzie Simm all mac’d up, but we’ve found enough evidence to support our theory there is something dodgy going on.

We thought we’d ask you to play detective and ask the officers in question about the shady goings on of the, The Bill wardrobe department, but maybe first you need to figure out who is wearing them. But look closely you may find a clue or two to help you….

:sherlock: Suspect number 1.

:sherlock: Suspect number 2.

:sherlock: Suspect number 3.

:sherlock: Suspect number 4.

:sherlock: Suspect number 5.

:sherlock: Suspect number 6.

:sherlock:Suspect number 7.

:sherlock: Suspect number 8.

:sherlock: Suspect number 9.

:sherlock:Suspect number 10.










:sherlock: Suspect number 1: Viv Martella

:sherlock: Suspect number 2: Bob Cryer

:sherlock: Suspect number 3: Ted Roach

:sherlock: Suspect number 4: Frank Burnside

:sherlock: Suspect number 5: Matt Boyden

:sherlock: Suspect number 6: Tosh Lines

:sherlock: Suspect number 7: Grace Dasari

:sherlock: Suspect number 8: Kim Reid

:sherlock: Suspect number 9: Jo Masters

:sherlock: Suspect number 10: Alec Peters