Burnside ran for 6 episodes, 6/7/2000 – 10/8/2000.

1 – Back With A Vengeance, Part 1 – 06-Jul-2000
2 – Back With A Vengeance, Part 2 – 13-Jul-2000
3 – Exposed, Part 1 – 20-Jul-2000
4 – Exposed, Part 2 – 27-Jul-2000
5 – Trial By Fire, Part 1 – 03-Aug-2000
6 – Trial By Fire, Part 2 – 10-Aug-2000

The series focused on DCI Frank Burnside who had left Sun Hill and was working for the National Crime Squad. Christopher Ellison stars as Detective Chief Inspector Frank Burnside in a six-part series was devoted to television’s toughest and most uncompromising detective.

In this series Burnside is the head of a crack police team in the National Crime Squad – the British Police’s latest weapon against top level crime. He is joined by Justin Pierre as Detective Sergeant Dave Summers and Zoe Eeles as Detective Constable Sam Philips. The NCS, dubbed the British FBI, tackles organised crime in Britain and abroad – the biggest villains, the grandest scams, the toughest targets. Burnside’s unit delves into the darker side of crime and becomes involved in the murky world of illegal firearms, gang warfare, and goes on the trail of a serial killer.

The series features special guest appearances from Shane Ritchie who plays Burnside’s reliable informant, Tony Shotton, and Paul Nicholas as Ronnie Buchan, an old adversary who Burnside believes was responsible for the death of his oppo 20 years ago.