30 Years Of Sun Hill Quiz

:police2:Round 1

1. Who organised Dave Quinnan’s stag night?

2. Where was Amy Tennant found?

3. Artichoke Hill can be remembered by fans of The Bill for what reason?

4. What was WPC Blake’s first name?

5. Who was arrested for the murder of Dr. Owen Preston?

6. Which officer lost his firearms licence in 1988?

7. Which officer arrived to work at Sun Hill after being demoted from being previous position of Detective Superintendent at AMIP?

8. Julian Tavell had what role at Sun Hill?

9. Sgt Tom Penny discovered an officer had broken the rules and had taken in a lodger to get some extra money and decides to report him. Who was the rule breaking landlord?

10. Viv Martella got into trouble for sharing inadmissable evidence in court, who did she learn the trick from?


:flash: Bluehealer’s Brainbuster Bonus Question 1 :flash:
In 2004, ownership of a greyhound was transferred to Mr. J. Carver and Mr. S. Fletcher. What was the name of the racing dog?


:police2:Picture Round 1

Name the following characters:

a.    b.    c .  d.  e. 


:flash: Bluehealer’s Brainbuster Bonus Question 2 :flash:
Name the actors who played these characters.


:police2:Round 2

11. Name the first ever relief inspector who appeared in Woodentop. Bonus points if you can name the actor who played him.

12. What special skill did WPC Suzanne Ford have?

13. Which Sun Hill officer had a Doppelganger?

14. Which two ex-Sun Hill officers attended Ken Melvins funeral?

15. In 1986 which officer nearly ended up working in the coroner’s office.

16. After Frank Burnside mysteriously left Sun Hill who took on the role as DI?

17. What is the name of the final ever episode of The Bill?

18. What was PC Patel’s first name?

19. Which Sun Hill officer helped the thief with the towing away of a stolen BMW?

20. Who went missing during Sun Hill’s annual Open Day in 2003?


:flash: Bluehealer’s Brainbuster Bonus Question 3 :flash:

In what episode number did Sam Nixon and Terry Perkins find themselves in a room full of venomous snakes?


:police2:Picture Round 2 

Name these famous actors who have appeared in The Bill.

f.   g.   h.   i.   j.


:flash: Bluehealer’s Brainbuster Bonus Question 4 :flash:

Name the years of each of these appearances.


:police2:Round 3

21. Which officer dealt with a woman who had a miraculous 13 month pregnancy?

22. It turned out that PC Steve Hunter was Phil Hunter’s brother, but when the actor James Lloyd appeared on The Bill previously he played an officers son, whose son did he play?

23. Dave Quinnan did a spot of moonlighting, what job was he doing?

24. DS Debbie McAllister’s nanny was also working as what?

25. What was the name of DC Duncan Lennox’ ex-wife?

26. Who blamed Tosh Lines for the shooting of Pete Ramsay?

27. I Thought You’d Gone was an episode in 1990, who hadn’t left yet?

28. Which community spirited officer tried to start up a youth club in 1984?

29. The totally insane Cathy Bradford told everyone she was previously an inspector in which country?

30. Who left Sun Hill rather spectacularly in an episode called Punch Drunk?


:flash: Bluehealer’s Brainbuster Bonus Question 5 :flash:

In 1996, the era when June Ackland had just passed her Sergeants exam, what were the designated telephone and facsimile numbers given to 2 Sun Hill Road (Sun Hill Police Station)?


:police2:Picture Round 3

Name these characters:

k.   l.   m.   n.   o. 


:flash: Bluehealer’s Brainbuster Bonus Question 6 :flash:

Name the year each of these characters started at Sun Hill AND made their final appearances.




Round 1

1. Reg Hollis

2. Brighton Beach

3. Location of first studio.

4. Jamilia

5. PC Polly Page

6. Ted Roach

7. Jack Meadows

8. He was a Station Reception Officer – found at the front desk!

9. DC Tosh Lines

10. Frank Burnside

Bluehealer’s Brainbuster Bonus Question 1. Sergeant boy

Picture Round 1

a. DC Juliet Becker

b. DS Vik Singh

c. PC Steve Loxton

d. Robbie Cryer

e. Abe Lyttleton

Bluehealer’s Brainbuster Bonus Question 2.

a. Rae Baker

b. Raji James

c. Tom Butcher

d. Moya Brady

e. Ronnie Cush

Round 2 

11. Inspector Sam Deeping played by Jon Croft

12. She’s able to communicate using sign language

13. Sgt Matt Boyden

14. Yorkie Smith & Taffy Edwards

15. PC Taffy Edwards

16. DI Harry Haines

17. Respect: Part 2

18. Danesh

19. Reg Hollis

20. DC Eva Sharpe’s daughter, Joanna

Bluehealer’s Brainbuster Bonus Question 3 – 304

Picture Round 2 

f. Sean Bean

g. Keira Knightly

h. Bert Kwouk

i. Catherine Tate

j. Andrew Sachs

Bluehealer’s Brainbuster Bonus Question 4

Sean Bean – 1984

Keira Knightly – 1995

Bert Kwouk – 2003

Catherine Tate – 1993

Andrew Sachs – 2006

Round 3 

21. Viv Martella

22. DC Tosh Lines

23. Electrician

24. A prostitute

25. Shona

26. PC Malcolm Haynes

27. Inspector Christine Frazer and PC Taffy Edwards

28. Jim Carver

29. Hong Kong

30. DS Ted Roach

Bluehealer’s Brainbuster Bonus Question 5

T: 0171-511-1642
F: 017-511-9669

Picture Round 3

k. DC Kate Spears
l. PC Di Worrell
m. Sgt Tom Penny
n. Chief Inspector Philip Cato
o. PC Beth Green

Bluehealer’s Brainbuster Bonus Question 5

DC Kate Spears arrived: 2000, departed: 2002
PC Di Worrell arrived: 1999, departed: 2002
Sgt Tom Penny arrived: 1984, departed: 1990
Chief Inspector Philip Cato arrived: 1993, departed: 1995
PC Beth Green arrived: 2007, departed 2009