A birthday Quiz

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:party: easypeasy :party:

1. Which officer transferred from CID to take over the role of sergent when Smithy was promoted to Inspector?

2. Jim Carver joined Sun Hill in what year?

3. Robbie Cryer had another family member who had worked at Sun Hill who was it?

4. Who played PC Leon Taylor?

5. Neil Manson found himself rather distracted from work in 2010 because what had happened to his son?

6. What was job did Jacob Banks have before he was a police officer?

7. Who did Ben Gayle risk his job for when he covered up for her after she crashed her car after an evening of drinking?

8. Which other officer joined Sam Nixon on a working trip to Romania?

9. What other television programme did The Bill join up with to celebrate its 25th anniversary?

10. What fictional borough of London is Sun Hill located in?

:party: Not So Easy :party:

1. WPC Norika Datta was assaulted by which officer?

2.Why did DC Rob Thatcher hate the Radford family?

3. Jo Masters encouraged her collegue Gary Best to make a complaint against which officer for her bulllying?

4. What year did Tom Chandler shoot himself?

5. Which officer joined Sun Hill the same day as PC Billy Rowan?

6. Who shot Bob Cryer?

7. Which two officers did Mia Perry have a relationship with?

8. Max Carter transferred to Sun Hill fron which where?

9. What special role did PC Nate Roberts take on at Deansgate School?

10. What job did DC Jacob Banks’ wife have?

:party: Tricky :party:

1. What was DC Tosh Line’s first name?

2. What was the name of Sgt Sheelagh Murphy and PC Des Taviner’s baby?

3. Which officer used her knowledge of sign language to help her crack a case?

4. Who played the clarinet for the Metropolitan Police Band?

5. Which officer started her career in the station typing pool before returning later as a WPC?

6. WPC Viv Martella wanted to join the police force of which country?

7. CIB planted which officer at Sun Hill to expose Don Beech’s corruption?

8. Which two Sun Hill officers discovered Frank Burnside working undercover in Manchester?

9. Which officer left the force to become a private invesitgator and returned to Sun Hill some time later to investigate claims of a fit up?

10. Which officer left to go into witness protection so that Dennis Weaver could be brought to justice?

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1. In his time before arriving at Sun Hill Frank Burnside was part of the MET initative to flush out corrupt police officers, what was the operation called?

2. What was the name of PC Francis ‘Taffy’ Edwards wife?

3. what does S.W.A.M.P stand for?

4. What job did Eva Sharpes husband have?

5. Polly Page was charged with murder after assisting the euthinasia of a doctor she had befriended, but what was his name?

6. Where did Inspector Christine Frazer go after she finished working at Sun Hill?

7. Kim Reid returned to Sun Hill to investigate alligations against which officer?

8. Which officer left Sun Hill after a bout of food poisoning?

9. Which officer was referred too as “the bald headed b*stard from Barton Street?

10. And the final question, if the previous 9 haven’t already blown your mind whose call sign was SO 217?








1. Jo Masters

2. 1983

3. Sgt Bob Cryer, her uncle.

4. Dominic Power

5. His son was sick with Leukemia

6. He was a teacher.

7. PC Sally Armstrong

8. Phil Hunter

9. Soko Leipzig

10. Canley

Not So Easy

1, PC Phil Yonug

2. Irene Radford killed his father (double check it was Irene)

3. DC Suzie Sim

4. 2002

5. PC Sally Armstrong

6. Dale Smith (Smithy)

7. DC Mickey Webb and Superintendent John Heaton.

8 .CO19

9. he was a temporary safer schools officer.

10. She was a barraster.


1. Alfred

2. Niamh

3. WPC Suzanne Ford

4. DS Alistair Greg

5. WPC Delia French

6. Bemuda

7. DS Claire Stanton

8. DS John Bolton and DC Jim Carver

9. DI Sally Johnson

10. PC Nick Klein

If I can answer these I should consider applying for mastermind or getting out more

1. Operation Countryman

2. Mary

3. Straight White Male Police Association, an associtation created by PC Gabrriel Kent.

4. Enviromental Health Officer

5. Dr Owen Preston

6. She left to write a thesis about Women’s Career Patterns in the Force, at Bramshill.

7. PC George Garfeild

8. PC Ron Smollett

9. Chief Inspector Phillip Cato

10. Laura Bryant