Roger Valentine’s Day Quiz

See how well you know PC Valentine…

1. What is Roger’s call sign?

2. Name the gifted actor who played Roger Valentine.

3. Roger saved which officers life during an incident with a lighting rig?

4. Why was Roger given indefinate leave?

5. For 13 years before starting at Sun Hill, what section of the police was Roger in?

6. Which Sun Hill officer did Roger have a fling with? 

7. What was the name of the final episode that Roger Appeared in?

8. When caught up in an armed robbery at an off license Roger asked the gunman to do what with his gun?

9. When discovering that he was to work alongside Lewis Roger complained that the MET should no longer bother with Hendon and instead they should get their recruits from where?

10. And finally heres one question for all of you with eagle eyes, can you name the nightclub where Roger was injured?









1. 275

2. John Bowler

3. Lewis Hardy

4. he was suffering from post traumatic stress disorder

5. Ha, trick question, Roger actually left the police force for the previous 13 years.

6. June Ackland

7. Respect – part 2

8. He asked the gunman to shoot him.

9. Primary school

10. Bombastic