Season 15

Season 15 Episode 1
Long Term Investment

D.I. Deakin and D.S. Beech keep watch on a newly-released kidnapper, hoping he’ll lead them straight to the £300,000 ransom he and an associate were paid for the safe return of their last victim.

Season 15 Episode 2
Chasing Shadows

D.C.I. Meadows leads an operation to rescue a missing undercover officer.

Season 15 Episode 3
Follow Through

D.C. Holmes goes undercover as a prison inmate to crack a drugs ring.

Season 15 Episode 4
Walking on Water

D.S. Daly sets out to prove that D.S. Beech is corrupt.

Season 15 Episode 5
The Wrong Horse

P.C.s Garfield and Hagen volunteer to protect a jockey due to give evidence against a crooked bookmaker.

Season 15 Episode 6
No Love Lost

Sgt. Boyden picks up an attractive young girl at a nightclub, but the morning after he realises that she was not quite as old as she thought.

Season 15 Episode 7
Pond Life

D.C.I. Meadows has to deal with the protests when a local newspaper reveals the whereabouts of a registered paedophile in safe accommodation at Sun Hill.

Season 15 Episode 8
Murder, What Murder?

P.C. Garfield has to find the identity of a body with no head while fending off the amorous attentions of journalist Carrie Winkler.

Season 15 Episode 9
Age of Chivalry

D.C.I. Burnside and D.C. Rawton pursue a serial rapist and his accomplice.

Season 15 Episode 10
Slinging Mud

D.C.I. Meadows is in court for the prosecution of a notorious drug dealer, but finds himself on trial over the discovery of £5,000 stashed under a desk in C.I.D.

Season 15 Episode 11
Under Duress

D.S. Boulton and D.C. Rawton investigate a house fire and uncover a sordid secret.

Season 15 Episode 12
Sleeping with the Enemy

D.C.s Lennox and Skase go under cover at a sales conference to help D.C.I. Burnside investigates a predatory gang of women.

Season 15 Episode 13

D.S. John Boulton is determined to catch a pair of brutal thieves, and he is certain that local crook Mick Glover is one of them. Ignoring protests from P.C.s Quinnan and Garfield, who already have Glover under surveillance, Boulton leads a disastrous raid on Glover’s flat, which puts informant Janie in grave danger. When Quinnan and Garfield find Janie’s flat on the Jasmine Allen estate vandalised, Quinnan pursues the suspects, but finds himself separated from Garfield, who can only watch in horror as his friend is beaten and stabbed by a gang of youths

Season 15 Episode 14
Eyes Everywhere

With P.C. Quinnan in a critical condition in St Hugh’s Hospital, the police descend on the Jasmine Allen estate, determined to catch those responsible. P.C. Garfield manages to identify most of the gang. A young boy, Kevin White, is brought in for questioning and names them as the ‘Sun Hill Massive.’ Garfield and D.S. Boulton come to blows when Boulton denies any responsibility for the attack on Quinnan. Acting on a tip-off, the police raid Mick Glover’s flat again, finding he is responsible for the burglaries, and that his son Ben and Kevin White were the ones who stabbed Quinnan

Season 15 Episode 15
Yesterday’s Hero

Tension between DS Boulton and PC Garfield over Dave Quinnan’s stabbing reaches boiling point on an obbo with PC Hollis. Garfield explodes when pushed too far, and he headbutts Boulton, nearly breaking his nose. It’s up to Reg to step in and help Garfield come to terms with his feelings of helplessness over the incident. PC Dave Quinnan, still at St Hugh’s, resolves to help Juke, a fellow patient who claims the police have done nothing to find the person who stabbed him, although he soon comes to realise that Juke’s wounds are self-inflicted.

Season 15 Episode 16
On Air

Ch. Insp. Conway takes part in a radio phone-in show when a caller confesses to a brutal sex assault.

Season 15 Episode 17
To Catch a Cobra

D.C.I. Burnside is on the trail of two cunning Indian crime bosses. How far is D.S. Boulton willing to go to help?

Season 15 Episode 18
Weekends Are for Wimps

Ch. Insp. Conway gives up his weekend to cover for Ch. Supt. Brownlow, but when a wanted man surfaces D.C.I. Meadows magically recovers from ‘flu.

Season 15 Episode 19
Piggy in the Middle

D.C.I. Burnside’s unorthodox methods drag Sun Hill C.I.D. into a war with a gang of drug dealers.

Season 15 Episode 20
Sex, Lies and Videotape

D.S. Boulton is not happy when a fly-on-the-wall documentary shows him in a bad light.

Season 15 Episode 21
Out and About

P.C. Quinnan is back from sick leave, but can he still cut it as a police officer?

Season 15 Episode 22
Kiss Chase

P.C. Ashton is accused by a teenage girl, a key witness in a domestic violence case, of getting her pregnant.

Season 15 Episode 23
On the Road

D.C.s Lennox and Rawton go to Salisbury to bring in a con-man for questioning, but he proves to be a slippery customer.

Season 15 Episode 24
Pressure Point

D.C. Lennox finds himself at the cutting edge of forensic science when he tries to solve a burglary case.

Season 15 Episode 25
Look Away Now

P.C. Harker and D.S. Beech disagree over how to handle a problem family. Meanwhile, P.C. Quinnan is determined to establish the identity of the new woman in P.C. Garfield’s life.

Season 15 Episode 26
A Question of Trust, Part One

D.S. Boulton is accused of causing the death of a suspect, and a witness tells the internal investigations unit that it was murder.

Season 15 Episode 27
A Question of Trust, Part Two

D.S. Boulton is on trial for murder, while D.S. Daly tries to get him off the hook by leaning on one of the accomplices in a jewellery raid.

Season 15 Episode 28
True Lies

P.C. Harker gets a tip-off about a series of robberies planned by her husband, but Sgt. Boyden doubts the reliability of the informant.

Season 15 Episode 29
Back to Basics

D.C. Carver is worried about being transferred from Sun Hill and back to uniform, and plans a career change.

Season 15 Episode 30

It’s Jim Carver’s first day back in uniform, and he puts up with some good-natured ribbing from his new colleagues. Paired with P.C. Luke Ashton, they are called to the Canley Arms Hotel, where the landlord has been brutally attacked and robbed. When D.C. Rod Skase and Carver’s replacement, D.C. Danny Glaze, arrive to investigate, Carver can’t help putting his detective skills back to work – while following a lead on the case, he gets into trouble with Sgt. Boyden when he leaves Ashton dealing with a gang of teenage shoplifters on his own. Forensic evidence points to the Baker brothers, and Carver’s persistence pays off when he finds out the location of the missing brother, Mark Baker.

Season 15 Episode 31

The senior officers at Sun Hill are dragged off to a team-building exercise with their opposite numbers from Barton Street.

Season 15 Episode 32

A young girl, Emma Finney, is attacked in the street and DC Kerry Holmes suspects a racial motive, as Emma and her family are gypsies living on a nearby waste ground. Holmes and an impatient DS Boulton are unable to get any information out of them, and Boulton even has Emma’s older brother Michael arrested when he drives off with a rifle in his truck. Boulton has other things on his mind: he has an upcoming interview for a transfer to the Flying Squad. With Michael locked up for the night, Holmes worries about the Finneys’ safety. As she watches their caravan, three men approach and firebomb it, Kerry barely manages to save them in time. Angry at Boulton’s attitude to the case and his colleagues, Holmes arranges for an old friend, DI Long who is on Boulton’s interview panel, to give him a real grilling and then pass the videotape on to her, which she gleefully shows to the rest of CID. Boulton is furious, but DI Deakin convinces him his attitude and methods are to blame for his colleagues’ lack of respect. Boulton throws himself anew into the Finney case, but uses his unorthodox methods of persuasion to convince their prime suspect, Neil Danson, to grass up his boss who organised the attack. With Danson wearing a wire, CID watch as Michael Finney enters the shop after him carrying a rifle which he fires into the air. The rifle is loaded with blanks, but scares the culprits into admitting they attacked the Finneys.

Season 15 Episode 33
Lone Ranger

PC Eddie Santini tries to convince his lover, Jess Orton, to set him up with some drug dealers – he wants out of Sun Hill, and DS Timpney, his friend in Area Drugs, has promised him a place in the squad if Santini can get him evidence on them. At parade, Sgt. Bob Cryer assigns the relief a door-knocking campaign to warn the elderly residents of the area about two bogus callers posing as social workers who are responsible for a string of robberies. Leaving PC Hagen to cover for him, Santini meets Jessica, but not before hearing the culprits have been following the local Meals-On-Wheels van. Jessica has met up with an old friend, Ferguson, who is a big-time drugs importer. She wants Eddie to pose as her husband when they next meet to seal the deal. When Eddie returns to duty, Cryer is furious. An old army Major has had all his medals stolen by the bogus callers, and Santini had neglected to warn him. A desperate Santini gets Hagen to investigate the Major, and finds his claim is a scam. He meets with Ferguson, seals the deal, gets out of trouble with Cryer, and returns to his new flat to find a naked Vicky Hagen waiting for him.

Season 15 Episode 34
Old Flame

As he and PC Quinnan investigate a burglar alarm, PC Eddie Santini sees Jessica Orton meeting covertly with Ferguson. Making excuses, Santini borrows the panda car and races to the Ortons’ club where he confronts Jessica. As she storms off, there is a huge explosion. Santini is shocked when one of the officers assigned by AMIP to investigate the explosion is his old nemesis, DS Rosie Fox. Fox is suspicious of Santini’s involvement, but her colleagues put it down to the animosity between them. As Santini returns to his flat, where his lover PC Vicky Hagen is waiting, he is kidnapped by Ferguson who assigns him the task of picking up a consignment of drugs from Amsterdam.

Season 15 Episode 35
Push It

Jessica Orton is brought in for questioning, but is released without charge. When she returns home, PC Santini is waiting for her, desperate to know if she grassed him up. They fight, and Santini hits Jessica, knocking her down the stairs and killing her. Realising her house is being watched, he escapes out the back. Vicki Hagen finds a set of keys under Santini’s bed which she brings to the station to return to him.

Season 15 Episode 36
Kiss Off

icki Hagen finds Eddie Santini’s tickets to Amsterdam, and questions him about them, but he is evasive. DCI Pallister takes DS Fox off the Jessica Orton case after her accusations against Santini, but she decides to do some investigation of her own. Santini, meanwhile, acquires a gun and some Class-A drugs to plant in Ferguson’s boss’s house when DS Timpney and the Area Drugs Squad raid it. Fox stumbles upon the house and is captured by Ferguson. His boss Mr Sherman is displeased that Santini allowed a police officer to find them. When Area Drugs arrive at Sun Hill for the raid, CID realise that both Santini and Fox are in trouble. Sure enough, Ferguson’s radio scanner warns him of the forthcoming raid and he locks Santini in the same room as Fox. The two argue, but are pulled apart when Santini attacks Fox. She manages to escape, and Sherman’s men are intercepted by SO19. Back at Sun Hill, Fox realises the keys in Hagen’s possession are Jessica Orton’s – and she arrests Santini for murder.

Season 15 Episode 37
Foreign Body

A suspected armed robber dies after his car crashes during a chase with police. He is identified as Alain Savoie, a French national, and the body of an English woman is found in the boot of his stolen car. The woman is identified as Carol Archer, and scorch marks on her back indicate she was electrocuted in her bathtub, and Savoie was trying to dispose of the body. According to Carol’s mother, Carol’s husband Peter was in France looking for her. DI Chris Deakin, a fluent Francophone, suggests they send officers to interview Savoie’s sister in France. DCI Jack Meadows insists on making the trip himself, and Deakin suggests he take DC Rod Skase with him. Once they are on the ferry, Meadows and Skase realise neither of them can speak French. With some trouble they manage to find their hotel, and despite the language barrier, Meadows clearly hits it off with the landlady Claudette. CID hear that Peter Archer is headed back to England, but he does not board the ferry, and Interpol reports that Archer’s previous wife was found dead in France under mysterious circumstances. With the help and translation of Capitaine Pierre Legrand of the Gendarmere Nationale, Meadows interviews Simone Savoie, but she denies knowing the suspect. Meadows and Skase follow her home, but are arrested by the gendarmes for spying! After much convincing, Meadows gets the gendarmes to arrest Archer, and after pursuing the TGV, they manage to intercept Simone Savoie who is also in on the plot.

Season 15 Episode 38

A CID raid nets a gun which DS Beech believes could have been used in a recent shooting. New PC Cass Rickman is entrusted with the task of taking the gun to the lab for forensic testing, but when she stops the car to render assistance to a mugging victim, a young man reaches in and steals it. Borough Commander Mannion arrives to take charge of the investigation – Operation Loose Cannon. DS Beech’s contacts come up with someone wanting to sell a gun, and he, Brownlow and Rickman organise their own operation to retrieve it, with Rickman posing undercover as the buyer. Rickman meets Leroy Jones, and Endean and Andrews, the original owners of the gun who want it back, but the operation is blown when Mannion’s team almost raid the pub where the meeting is taking place. Rickman arranges to meet Jones later, and buys the gun back, but is attacked by Endean and Andrews. She fires the gun in the air, which scares them off, and alerts Brownlow, Mannion and Beech to her position. Leroy Jones is arrested on the Brontë Estate the next morning.

Season 15 Episode 39
Confessions of a Zookeeper

Ch. Insp. Derek Conway organises a charity ‘lock-up’ in the Sun Hill cells – the prisoners for the night being himself, Insp. Monroe, famous boxer Dion Barrie and his manager Max Weir, and Paul Lake, the father of the sick little girl they are raising money for. When Monroe calls in sick, Ch. Supt. Brownlow volunteers to take his place. Sgt. Matt Boyden as custody sergeant must cope with having his superior officers in the cells, as well as a large group of drunken female rugby players. DS Feeney from Barton Street turns up to investigate Barrie for an attempted murder, but Boyden works out that his manager is the man responsible.

Season 15 Episode 40
Pillow Talk

P.C. Quinnan thinks that guarding a prisoner in hospital will be dull, until an armed intruder turns up.

Season 15 Episode 41
Heavy Plant Crossing

Sgt. Matt Boyden organises a simple obbo to catch a gang stealing an excavator from a building site. The situation is made more complicated when another gang turn up carrying guns and a man is shot and abducted. As Boyden angrily collars his snout, PC Garfield and PC Quinnan volunteer to check the hospital. Garfield’s girlfriend Jenny is about to leave for South America, and he is keen to ask her to marry him, however Quinnan gets word that Jenny actually has feelings for him. As Garfield tries to organise a romantic dinner, DS Beech poaches Boyden’s snout, but he too is given bad information. Garfield’s dinner plans are a disaster, but he manages to catch Jenny at the nurses’ home. He pops the question, but she declines, as Dave Quinnan watches from the car outside.

Season 15 Episode 42
Good Relations

Rising crime levels on the council estates sees Ch. Supt. Brownlow with two additional problems: a gang of over-zealous security guards patrolling the Copthorne Estate, and a “mobile community liaison unit” – a caravan done up by PC Reg Hollis. When these two initiatives rankle a local gang, the guards are attacked at one end of the estate and Hollis finds himself a hostage in a potentially explosive situation. Managing to get the potential arsonist Tony Leyton on side with tales of his past misdemeanours, Hollis convinces Leyton to make a statement naming Danny McCormack as the ringleader in the attacks, but the rug is pulled out from under him when Brownlow cuts a deal with McCormack in order to preserve their public image.

Season 15 Episode 43
Big Fish


Season 15 Episode 44

PC Luke Ashton and PC Dale Smith chase a stabbing suspect onto an estate, but are separated and Ashton is paralysed with fear when confronted by the knife-wielding youth. Smithy is contemptuous of Ashton from that point on, who starts to feel that the rest of the relief is ganging up on him. The stabbing seems to be part of a racially-motivated vendetta between two families on the estate, the Wests and the Cords, but DS Daly and Sgt. Cryer work out that the Jasmine Allen’s Estate Manager is behind the harassment. When Doreen West is abducted, the police find her in an empty council flat, but as Smithy pursues the Cord and his accomplice, Ashton stands frozen in fear. Stamp and Quinnan rescue Smith, who is furious with Ashton for not backing him up

Season 15 Episode 45
Cracked Up

P.C. Ashton, reeling from P.C. Smith’s accusations of cowardice, tries to help an ex-con who claims to have gone straight.

Season 15 Episode 46
Wedded Bliss

PC Smith and PC Rickman deal with a disturbance at a registry office, and DC Proctor and DC Holmes discover an ingenious immigration scam in which British lookalikes of Romanian illegals marry Irish women to gain UK residency. Smith and Rickman follow up a case of forged speeding tickets, and come across a mail holding centre run by Colin Briggs at his garden centre, where they discover a stash of Romanian passports. Undercover at the registry office, CID and Immigration arrest the ‘Romanian Godfather’, Ion Goga, behind the scam and his wife, Sheila Devlin.

Season 15 Episode 47
Lucky Jim

P.C. Carver, depressed at the prospect of a life in uniform, has money and drink problems. When he unwittingly sleeps with a prostitute and gets involved in a fraud, his career appears in jeopardy.

Season 15 Episode 48

D.C. Proctor assists a female D.S. in the investigation of a series of sexual assaults, but the evidence is misleading.

Season 15 Episode 49
Inside Out

D.S. Beech and D.C. Glaze go to prison in the wake of a riot to investigate allegations of brutality made against the warders.

Season 15 Episode 50
Critical Mass

Insp. Monroe is sceptical but cautious when a young woman, Emma Crawford, rings Sun Hill and says she thinks her boyfriend may have hidden a bomb in the station. At Emma’s flat, Ackland and Stamp find bomb-making equipment and a faxed warning due to be sent on a timer. PC Carver discovers a suspicious paint can hidden in the ceiling – enough to trigger the evacuation of the station and the calling in of the Bomb Squad. The suspect, Ben Wallace, has been in trouble with the police before, and he is apprehended by DCI Meadows when he returns to the flat. As the Squad begin defusing the bomb, Ackland and Stamp visit Ben’s parents whom he despises. The bomb is dismantled and the station declared safe, but Ackland and Stamp watch in horror as Ben’s father is killed by a car bomb planted by his son.

Season 15 Episode 51
Ring-a-Ring o’Roses

Sgt. Ackland and D.C. Rawton track down a man who appears to be deliberately infecting prostitutes with H.I.V.

Season 15 Episode 52
The Only Way Is Up

D.C.I. Meadows fails to notice a cry for help and soon has a crisis on his hands.

Season 15 Episode 53
Rock Bottom

P.C. Harker is offered the role of Youth Diversions Officer, and clashes with D.S. Daly over a former drug dealer turned counsellor.

Season 15 Episode 54
Sunhill Boulevard

PC Cass Rickman calls in sick after over-indulging at a barbeque for the relief the previous night. PC Harker and PC Stamp are called to the Sun Hill Lido swimming pool, where a young girl’s body has been found in the water. Harker goes undercover at the pool, where he runs into the miraculously-recovered Rickman. The pair team up to catch a peeping-tom with a digital camera, but Rickman’s warrant card is stolen when her locker is broken into. Eventually they discover that the pool’s Australian lifeguard Steve Kellerman is dealing drugs and that the dead girl died in an accident when she joined he and his friends for a late night pool party.

Season 15 Episode 55

DI Deakin leads CID and Uniform on a series of disastrous raids to catch alleged DSS fraudsters, while PC Polly Page is given the boring task of serving a court order. As she does so, she hears scratching at the wall from the house next door, which they believe is a trapped dog. With the help of the RSPCA, they force entry and discover a young Spanish woman named Lola imprisoned in a hidden cellar. The owner of the house, Ricky Lee, insists that Lola is a fugitive from a Dutch prison who stowed away in his van and took refuge in his house. When Lola disappears from the hospital, Page and DC Kerry Holmes pay Ricky Lee another visit. Page is suspicious and asks to see the cellar again, but Lee attacks them. Once subdued, they find Lola in the cellar once again, and it looks as if Lee was planning to kill her.

Season 15 Episode 56
Integrity Part 1

Sun Hill efforts to protect the organisers of a community festival are in vain when the convoy is attacked. New PC Nick Klein is friends with the organiser, Anil Indrani, but the brother of Klein’s girlfriend Pam is arrested by PC Dale Smith as he rushes to fight off the attackers. Paired with Smithy the next day, Klein manages to defuse a tense situation when Smith confronts a group of black youths at the market. That night, Indrani’s club is raided by officers from Barton Street, led by DS Vickers. Klein is certain that Vickers team has planted drugs on the Billy the DJ, and begins to suspect they were also responsible for the attack on Indrani. PC Smith is in trouble: the youths at the market were undercover police officers conducting an ‘integrity test’ and Smithy’s attitude to racial matters leaves a lot to be desired. As Klein lights up a joint at Pam’s house, DS Vickers raids the place and threatens to arrest him for possession unless he helps him destroy Indrani.

Season 15 Episode 57
Integrity Part 2

P.C. Smith puts Ch. Supt. Brownlow’s operation in jeopardy and P.C. Klein’s career on the line when he gets too close to a former colleague.

Season 15 Episode 58
Cold Calling

D.C. Rawton is furious when D.C.I. Meadows pulls an obbo on a violent ex-con for budgetary reasons.

Season 15 Episode 59

DCI Jack Meadows introduces new DS Claire Stanton to the rest of the CID team, who are jealous when she manages to land an eco-terrorism case on her first day. Someone has been injecting mercury into oranges as a protest against GM foods. Security footage shows a ‘New Age’ couple lurking around the fruit section, but when they are questioned, it appears they were stealing oranges rather than contaminating them. Supermarket shelf stacker Darren matches the description of the perpetrator, and when challenged, he incapacitates DC Proctor and takes him hostage. Locating his flat, the police find Proctor alive and well, but then word comes through that Darren is in the children’s ward at St Hugh’s armed with a gas grenade. SO19 arrive at the hospital, but DS Stanton manages to talk Darren into giving himself up.

Season 15 Episode 60
The Three Sergeants

Sgt. Matt Boyden is not looking forward to another night shift in Custody, but a noisy prisoner demanding food turns out to be the least of his worries. Sgt. June Ackland and PC Dale Smith bring in a drunk and disorderly vagrant who they nickname ‘Olly’. Chaos sets in as a drink-driver, some cat-fighting prostitutes, an immigration officer with two deportees and two lay visitors conducting a surprise inspection arrive. As the F.M.E. takes a blood test from the drink driver, Boyden has Olly placed in a cell to rest. When the lay visitors inspect his cell, he is dead. Faced with a death in custody, Ch. Supt. Brownlow calls in CIB, and the three Sergeants on duty, Boyden, Ackland and Cryer argue amongst themselves over who was responsible. Ackland manages to find Olly’s real identity, and his widow threatens to sue the Met, but June talks her out of it and discovers that his wife blames herself for his death.

Season 15 Episode 61
Trade Off

D.C. Glaze arrests one of D.S. Beech’s informants, but agrees to do his sergeant a favour.

Season 15 Episode 62
Treading Water

PCs Jim Carver and Cass Rickman wander through a CID obbo, allowing suspect Micky Harris to go free. Trying to make amends, Carver tries to contact a former snout from his CID days, Steve Raines. As they make enquiries, Carver’s old friend, nightclub manager Alan Brooks notices Carver’s dissatisfaction with uniform work and offers him a job as security manager at his club. Carver finds Raines, now a junkie, who gives Rickman a duff lead on a building society robbery. Carver convinces Raines’s estranged wife Alice to give him a second chance, and eventually Raines agrees to testify against Harris. With the nightclub job all but his, Carver reluctantly prepares to hand in his notice, but when the job just as quickly falls through, he turns to a hip flask of vodka in his locker to console himself…

Season 15 Episode 63
Look Again

PC Reg Hollis turns up late for parade, and an angry Sgt. Boyden assigns him to an eviction followed by traffic duty on Malpitt Road. The evictee is Colin Boswell, a notorious racist who has been terrorising and bullying fellow residents on the Bronte Estate. Boswell puts up a fight, and threatens Hollis and Page with a kitana sword, so he is arrested. As the Canley Council clean out his flat, they discover a passport and benefits book belonging to Murali Kumarathungum, a Tamil refugee who Boswell has been threatening and stealing his benefits. As Hollis follows up Kumarathungum’s case, Boyden is outraged that he has neglected the Malpitt Road traffic duty, but finds himself drawn into the situation when Kumarathungum’s cousin accuses him of racism for ignoring their original plea for help some months ago. Boswell is arrested when he tracks Kumarathungum to St Hugh’s Hospital, but Hollis is horrified as a terrified Kumarathungum runs into the path of a speeding lorry. Boyden realises that the original plea came as he was searching for a missing child and that there was no racist intent in his not following it up.

Season 15 Episode 64
Love and War, Part 1

PC George Garfield is in quite a state – his girlfriend Jenny Delaney has just returned from South America and he is eager to know if she has considered his marriage proposal. Unknown to him, PC Dave Quinnan is also trying to contact Jenny. Both are distracted, but Quinnan nearly blows an obbo to catch a disqualified driver when he tries to call again. As Quinnan makes his excuses and tries to visit Jenny at the nurses’ home, he is observed by CID who are staking out St Hugh’s Hospital. When Garfield also turns up in a panda car, CID must get him out before their target sees the police car. Finally, Garfield finishes his shift and rushes to the nurses’ home in time to see Dave and Jenny kissing at the door.

Season 15 Episode 65
Love and War, Part 2

Back at the section house, George Garfield confronts Dave Quinnan about his relationship with Jenny, and then storms off. Polly Page and Tony Stamp go looking for him, while Quinnan rushes off to see Jenny. Later in the night, a very drunk Garfield turns up at the nurses’ home, demanding to see Jenny. He causes such a disturbance, the police are called, and when Garfield punches one of the attending officers, it takes the persuasive powers of Tony Stamp to convince him not to press charges. Amazingly, both Quinnan and Garfield turn up to their shift the next day, and despite their colleagues’ best efforts to keep them apart, the two come to blows during a critical operation. Insp. Monroe is livid, the two clearly cannot work together, one of them has to go. Quinnan is about to apply for a transfer, but Garfield takes leave to travel.L

Season 15 Episode 66
Hot Money

D.C.I.s Burnside and Meadows set up an undercover operation in a local casino.

Season 15 Episode 67
Crash Landing

D.S. Daly investigates when a light aircraft makes a crash landing in Sun Hill, carrying his ex-mistress.

Season 15 Episode 68
Father’s Day

Sgt. Boyden’s estranged daughter Amy turns up at Sun Hill claiming to have information regarding a man’s violent death and looking for protection.

Season 15 Episode 69
Sweet Sixteen

D.C. Skase goes undercover to investigate a series of robberies, but is himself abducted and robbed by the gang of teenage girls responsible.

Season 15 Episode 70

Leaving a pub, a drunken Jim Carver is approached by Alec Facer, a former DS whom he met while in CID. Facer offers him a job at Marlowe’s, a prestigious private investigation firm, and Carver jumps at the chance. With the job all but his, Facer asks Carver to look up the location of a woman he suspects of embezzling, which turns out to be in a women’s refuge. To Carver’s horror, Facer turns out to be an alcoholic wife-beater who has just used him to find his estranged wife, and as he and DC Lennox race to the women’s shelter, CAD radios through a report of an assault there.

Season 15 Episode 71
Walking the Line

A Polish shopkeeper tells police he was attacked by three black youths, and DC Duncan Lennox and DC Tom Proctor arrest the main suspect, Davy Rawlings. After an attempted escape, Rawlings accuses Lennox of racial abuse, saying that he called him a ‘black bastard’ during the arrest. As usual, Ch. Supt. Brownlow scrambles into damage control with more regard for the Met’s public image than for the welfare of his officers. DC Danny Glaze is furious when Brownlow insists he take DC Proctor’s place on the case to ease the ‘racial sensitivities’, but thanks to PC Gary McCann, he and DS Geoff Daly manage to find the ‘third man’ involved in the beating, who tells them what really went down. The other suspect in the van, Errol Price, is brought to the station by his father and he clears DC Lennox of any racial abuse during the arrest.

Season 15 Episode 72
Cover Stories

D.C.I. Burnside realises that P.C. Carver’s drinking is becoming a problem when he repeatedly lets him down during an operation.

Season 15 Episode 73

D.S. Stanton and D.C. Proctor investigate a vicious intimidation campaign against an officer from Barton Street. P.C. Quinnan plans to propose to Jenny Delaney.

Season 15 Episode 74
Up in Smoke, Part 1

DCI Meadows and DC Skase are furious when PC Jim Carver turns up drunk to give evidence in a court case – evidence which is so unreliable the judge throws the case out of court. As his colleagues begin to realise the extent of Carver’s problems, Insp. Monroe decides to put him on an easy task – escorting a convoy of confiscated drugs to a Home Office depot for destruction. As Carver enjoys a sly drink with depot floorman Vernon Liggett, he accidentally mentions the convoy’s destination. The next day, he and Stamp drop behind as Carver dashes out to be sick. When they catch up, the convoy is under attack from four armed men. With little regard for his own safety, Carver dashes forward and tackles one of the men, who abandon their assault, although an SO19 officer is shot during the raid. Despite his heroics that day, Carver is in trouble for breaking procedure, and it could be far worse as there could be an inquiry into how the convoy route was known

Season 15 Episode 75
Up in Smoke, Part 2

DCI Scanlon from Kent Constabulary arrives to investigate the attack on the Home Office convoy. PC Jim Carver pays Vernon Liggett a visit, but he denies any involvement. Scanlon and Meadows interview the warehouse staff, with Liggett high on their list of suspects, but when DC Lennox goes to his flat, Liggett has disappeared. One of Liggett’s colleagues mentions him drinking with a copper named Jim, and Lennox confronts Carver and demands he admit his mistake to Meadows. Insp. Monroe makes Carver go on leave, but when Carver returns to the station he is so drunk he passes out in the yard. Sgt. Ackland and hide him in the FME’s room and a van, but he ends up in the Elcott Arms where Lennox drags him out and forces him to confess. Tracing a call Liggett made from the pub to a hotel, Lennox poses as a taxi driver to drive their suspect to a nightclub where he and his associates are arrested in an SO19 raid.

Season 15 Episode 76

Sgt. June Ackland is planning a romantic evening alone with her new boyfriend, Steve Bryant, when her neighbour arrives from across the street with a shotgun she found under the floorboards of her lodger’s room. CID arrive and want to set up an obbo – with June’s flat as the perfect location

Season 15 Episode 77
Knowing You

D.C. Holmes gets personally involved in a case involving a brutal pimp and his teenaged girls.

Season 15 Episode 78

Jim Carver has gone missing. Among the relief fears for his safety grow when a youth is arrested in possession of his credit card.

Season 15 Episode 79
Lock In

P.C. Carver hits rock bottom, and D.C.I. Burnside is forced to arrest his old friend on suspicion of murder.

Season 15 Episode 80
Money for Nothing

Sgt. Boyden and P.C.s Klein, Quinnan, Rickman and Stamp form a syndicate – along with Quinnan’s unwitting fiancée – to buy a greyhound.

Season 15 Episode 81
A Night to Forget

As Dave Quinnan’s stag night begins, an old friend turns up – Steve Loxton. A newly sober Jim Carver faces temptation and ridicule from his colleagues as the night wears on. Jenny and her friends rope DC Procter into helping them investigate a stripper who is indecently assaulting the patrons of the strip club they attend, but Vicky Hagen is forced to take matters into her own hands. Insp. Monroe waits desperately for the duty inspector to relieve him, but he is delayed for most of the night. Paranoid that the lads have hired a stripper, Quinnan takes refuge at Polly Page’s flat, where she drops a bombshell that she is in love with him. Dave returns to the party, but falls on a bottle, injuring his hand. Arriving at St Hugh’s, he is alarmed when his ‘doctor’ removes her clothes and tells him he’s been a very naughty boy and will need to be punished!

Season 15 Episode 82
A Day to Remember

Dave Quinnan wakes up on the day of his wedding with a splitting headache and bleached eyebrows. Despite the incompetence of his best man, Reg Hollis, the actual wedding goes ahead with only a few minor hitches – including the attendance of a known fugitive arrested by Tony Stamp and Polly Page, and the unexpected appearance of George Garfield. As Hollis hasn’t organised any transport to the reception on a boat, Dave and Jenny hitch a ride in a police transit van. As Steve Loxton gives the other PCs a lift to the pier, he is pulled over by Stafford Row police for speeding, and it turns out his car is flagged by Manchester Drug Squad. Meanwhile, the reception turns out to be a disaster as they run out of food and drink, and one of Jenny’s aunts falls into the river, only to be rescued by the extremely sober Jim Carver.

Season 15 Episode 83
Judgement Day

DC Liz Rawton arrives at the station to find an envelope on her desk containing cut-up lingerie and rose petals. After the action-packed arrest of Joseph Anderson, a man suspected of organising lorry hijackings, Rawton receives a phone call asking if she liked her ‘gift’. DC Duncan Lennox offers to let her stay at his house, and the two end up nearly kissing after a few drinks. Anderson abducts Rawton when she stops at a cash machine, and reveals that he is an associate of Brian Hill, a man she put away while she was with SO10. Anderson hands Rawton over to Hill, who is obsessed with her and takes her to a hotel room. An interview with another of Hill’s associates reveals the name of the hotel, and CID and SO19 storm the room – but Hill jumps to his death rather than go to prison again

Season 15 Episode 84

DS Stanton, DC Lennox and DC Proctor are on an obbo at a spooky old building called the Old Pumping Station, which is supposed to be haunted. The trio tell each other ghost stories: back in his uniform days, Proctor was assigned to watch the house of a serial murderer. Investigating a noise, he meets a young woman called Cathy, who turns out to have been one of the killer’s victims. A sceptical Stanton reveals how a psychic’s assistance with a case she worked on turned out to be a hoax. Lennox, when he was in the Glasgow police, meets a dying crime boss who promises revenge from beyond the grave

Season 15 Episode 85
When the Snow Lay Round About

A young runaway waiting for his foster parents, a bickering Russian barbershop quartet and a drunk and disorderly elf from the North Pole are all part of the job for the Sun Hill night shift on Christmas Eve.

Season 15 Episode 86
Blowing It All Away

On a night out with her friend Lynn, Cass Rickman meets two men, Jamie and Ben, who offer her some dope which she refuses. To her horror, Ben is arrested the next day by DS Boulton for possession of drugs, a charge which Ben manages to drop onto Rickman when he insists the drugs are hers. Rickman is investigated by CIB, and things look bad for her when her friend Lynn makes a statement that Cass took drugs the previous night. DS Beech and DS Boulton follow Lynn and discover that she is the drug dealer, and she is linked to another dealer, Cairns, whom Boulton has been after for a long time.

Season 15 Episode 87
All Change

It’s New Year’s Eve 1999, all police leave has been cancelled and even CID officers are back in uniform for the night. Chief Insp Conway and DCI Meadows just want to enjoy a drink of whiskey, but their plans are dashed at every turn. An obsessed DS Boulton drags PC Hollis around the city in pursuit of a suspect. PCs Quinnan and Page are trapped in a lift, and DC Lennox and PC Stamp have a wager going on who can make the first arrest.