Season 10

Season 10 Episode 1

Steve radios in details about a missing juvenile. The mother is more worried than the father. The boy was supposed to be at a friend’s house. The missing boy and his friend are into computers. Steve has to look through the pedophile register to see if they can find a man matching the description given by the boy’s friend. It turns out to be the man complaining about Tony. Although he denies knowing the boy, objectionable material is found on his computer. Before he is let go, he gives Monroe a name that does fit the man who was last seen with the missing boy. Tony and June take a call about children causing a disturbance playing football in the street. The man who complained keeps the ball and wants Tony’s number so he can complain about his attitude.

Season 10 Episode 2
Second Sight

Jim is moaning about a tom(prostitute). Tosh and Jim are told to keep on the case. they go to a shop where they climb on the roof to observe the tom. While on observation they notice she has 2 visitors – 1 a biker, the other a known drug dealer. They bring in the tom and when he goes upstairs, Jim discovers the biker is wanted for the robbery everyone else was working on. The new D.I. walks up the stairs with Conway. as she arrives in the office she takes a phone call telling her there is a robbery in progress at a pub with the robbers still on premises. CID head down there leaving Tosh and Jim to deal with the tom. Steve and Polly arrive to find an injured man outside. George and Tony arrive in the area car as two men take off on a motor bike. Crofts has noticed a pattern emerging in the money snatches.

Season 10 Episode 3
Darkness before Dawn

Sgt Boyden and Polly are on patrol and discuss Reg’s plans for a parachute jump. Polly takes a visit to a tower block where a domestic has been reported. There doesn’t appear to be anyone in although the tv is still on. A body is noticed under the balcony and on checking they discover she jumped with her baby. Inspector Monroe comes down and talks to the man who reported the disturbance. Meadows and Carver also come down. Boyden finds a man sitting by the side of the road, who turns out to be the baby’s father. When interviewed he has problems answering the questions. He came down from Scotland to try to be a family.

Season 10 Episode 4
He Who Waits

George tapes off an area around a house where a body has been found. AMIT turns up. There is a way through the attic into the empty house next door. The murdered man is supposed to have no money and is not very popular. There is a local tom’s wallet in the next door house. George is asked about the dead man by a lad who has been primed by a man in a van which takes off when he sees George approaching. The new owners of the house arrive as the body is removed.

Season 10 Episode 5
Mix and Match

Pearce and Steele are looking for a stolen car that has a tracking system installed. The car is not there. The rep from the tracking company is very enthusiastic about the system. Pearce and Steele find a range rover in a lockup that is stolen along with the missing car. They think the garage could be a good spot for an observation. Monroe is not too happy but Cato is all for it. Tony and June are part of the surveillance team. A car drives into the yard and June recognises one of the men that Pearce then follows

Season 10 Episode 6
Dealer Wins

A prostitute is in family court on trial to work out whether her daughter should stay with her althought she was charged with possession. Jim and Suzy talk to some of the woman’s friends to see if they can help her. They are told that the woman’s boyfriend is trying to put her daughter on the game and she doesn’t know. Meadows organises teams to lead raids on 4 different targets

Season 10 Episode 7
No Job for an Amateur

June and Adam go to a nurse’s home where a nurse was attacked. They discover a door wedged open. A nurse told June the man had called earlier to see another nurse. June calls Adam a narrow minded bigot in the canteen. The nurse who had the male visitor the night before is attacked and turns out to be moonlighting as a tom. Tony and Mike are told to go to a hotel where a woman was assaulted. Boyden talks to the injured woman before her pimp appears. He talks to Monroe about a pattern appearing of toms being beaten as soon as they get into a room.

Season 10 Episode 8
Judge and Jury

P.C. Quinnan brings in a shoplifter. A woman talks to D.C. Carver and W.P.C. Croft about being mugged. Carver thinks he knows who the mugger is. They go to talk to the suspect. The duty solicitor is not happy about how Carver conducted the interview. On checking an acquaintance of the suspect, they find designer jackets in his lock-up. He is brought in on suspicion of receiving stolen goods. W.P.C. Ackland and P.C. Stamp talk to a service station owner who had a woman drive off without paying for the petrol she had put into the car. Her husband is the duty solicitor. Driving off is not an arrestable offence. Ackland is concerned that this is not the first offence the suspect has committed

Season 10 Episode 9
The Mourning After

P.C.s Stamp and Hollis are called to a stabbing in Canley Fields. Sgt. Cryer and W.P.C. Ackland arrive to help. The victim is DOA at the hospital. The doctor thinks he was attacked three hours earlier. W.D.S. Morgan goes to see the victim’s mother and discovers she is blind. When the mother checks the body, she discovers it is not her son. D.C. Woods talks to a shopkeeper who saw a group of men chasing another one. D.C. Lines talks to a party thrower and finds a leather jacket similar to the one on the body. The wallet inside belongs to the owner of an incorrectly parked mini who never came home the night before.

Season 10 Episode 10
Just Say No

Conway is at a meeting when he sees a girl kicking a car and then tells Conway about the murder of a crack dealer. The girl is scared of her parents. Meadows and Conway are arguing over the girl’s info. Tony and Reg are in an electrical store dealing with a shoplifter who gave her name as Elizabeth Barrett. She has a passbook in her possession belonging to the girl connected with the dead crack dealer. She turns out to be the girl who was being raped by the dealer when he was killed.

Season 10 Episode 11
Mud Sticks

Morgan goes to interview a stabbing victim who was going to see a prostitute. The victim tells her there was a man with a camera taking photos of the cars stopping down the street who just turned his back. Jo talks to some of the prostitutes who say that phone boxes where their cards have been left have had their cords cut possibly by the photographer. She also talks to a passerby about it and she says the feeling in the street has changed.

Season 10 Episode 12
One Bad Turn

Following complaints from resident, Ch. Insp. Cato instigates a clampdown on prostitution. W.P.C. Datta and P.C. Loxton are patrolling 9 beat and will be taking Ch. Insp. Cato out later. They put out signs and caution kerb crawlers. They arrest a prostitute and caution a punter. The prostitute reveals that the punter is a drug dealer. The prostitute is later found beaten in an alley. P.C.s Quinnan and Jarvis are also patrolling the area and removing prostitutes’ cards from ‘phone boxes. They talk to one of the prostitutes. Driving around Quinnan spots a man wanted for jumping bail but loses him in the market.

Season 10 Episode 13
Faith in the System

D.C.s Carver and Lines are in a Transit van when they hear shouting. Carver goes to investigate and finds a man being beaten up by D.C Boulton from Barton Street station. The suspect makes a complaint against Boulton, who is not happy that Carver won’t back him up as a witness to the arrest. Insp. Monroe tries to pressurise Carver into turning Boulton in, while D.S. Pearce wants him to back Boulton up. The suspect is also pressurising Carver. Carver and Lines catch a girl breaking into a car. Carver talks to Ch. Insp. Conway and gets her a place in a safe house. The girl gives the name of the man who told her to break into the BMW.

Season 10 Episode 14
Keeping Mum

D.S. Greig and W.P.C. Croft call on a boy, who had been nicked previously as a pickpocket, because they want to talk to him about burglaries. When they arrive, the boy calls them in because his mother has been assaulted by his father. The boy sold a stolen brooch to a man so he could use the money for his mother. W.P.C. Harris comes up with a link with the burlaries to an alarm firm – three of the houses only had dummy boxes. Greig and Croft visit the security firm manager who mentions a lad in the firm also plays with the boy with the brooch. D.C. Lines talks to the mother as he is now handling the assault case. The victim couldn’t give a reason for the attack but previous attacks have been over very little. Her son was also hit. Lines and D.C. Woods talk to a publican to find out where the husband lives. During the interview the husband says he had no respect from his family and denies the assault. The victim wants to drop the charges because it turns out the son has learned from his father and is now hitting his mum.

Season 10 Episode 15
Double Vision

D.C.s Skase, Lines and Woods, D.I. Johnson, D.S. Pearce and W.D.S. Morgan watch a man get into a van to do a deal to buy wine that had been hi-jacked. D.C.I. Meadows thinks this arrest of the men in the van has stopped some hi-jacks. P.C. Loxton is not happy he was left out after feeding Pearce the information, and complains to his informant. Pearce gets into trouble because the information came from a man he had never met. Meadows talks to the target from the morning, who has a licence in a false name, but he is not prepared to inform on the man they believe was behind the hi-jacks. Insp. Monroe argues with Johnson about holding the prisoners. Their mother comes to check on them. Johnson talks to Loxton about running a snout and she apologises. They then go to talk to the snout and find out he had told the other men held about the deal.

Season 10 Episode 16
No Access

A nine-year-old boy has been assaulted and W.P.C. Harris comes up with a possible suspect. Another boy has been reported missing and his mother is concerned because of the attacks. The missing boy was last seen near to where the suspect lives. W.D.S. Morgan and D.C. Carver talk to the suspect who denies any wrongdoing. Carver then goes to talk to a counsellor at the Sun Hill Men’s Group. Morgan talks to some boys who saw the missing boy go off with a man, who turns out to be his father. The suspect admits to assaulting two boys but denies abducting the missing child. He was very upset about visits with his children.

Season 10 Episode 17
Ways and Means

D.C.s Carver and Lines are on the way to speak to witnesses when they see a man wrestling with a woman who is known to the police. She has some information about shoplifters which she gives to Sgt. Boyden. W.P.C. Marshall and P.C. Quinnan deal with a break-in which turns out to be a boy gaining entry to his own home because his mum isn’t home. W.P.C. Page arrested her for shoplifting. W.P.C.s Datta and Marshall talk to a complainant who is being intimidated by her husband into dropping the case. Her husband is released on bail and later stabbed.

Season 10 Episode 18
Cutting It

A sergeant from B relief is accused of sexual harassment by a probationary W.P.C. As Federation representative, Sgt. Steele raises the case with Ch. Insp. Cato. D.S. Greig is in pursuit of a dangerous pimp.

Season 10 Episode 19

Sgt. Boyden and P.C. Loxton follow up reports of a missing thirteen-year-old girl and are led to a convicted sex offender.

Season 10 Episode 20

P.C. Stamp and W.P.C. Page investigate a case of assault and uncover a flat being used as a brothel.

Season 10 Episode 21
Ducking & Diving

D.C. Skase and P.C. Bostock go undercover to secure the arrest of two violent criminals involved in unlicensed boxing matches. P.C.s McCann and Jarvis are called to a warehouse burglary, and McCann is badly beaten by two men. P.C. Garfield, as Federation rep, complains to Ch. Insp. Cato that the relief is understaffed.

Season 10 Episode 22
Gone Away

D.C.I. Meadows and D.I. Johnson liaise with H.M. Customs and Excise on an operation to catch couriers smuggling heroin.

Season 10 Episode 23
Dead Men Don’t Drive Cars

P.C.s Loxton and Quinnan encounter a man taking driving tests and acquiring licences in the names of deceased men. Insp. Monroe and Sgt. Cryer investigate.

Season 10 Episode 24
Saturday Night’s All Right

D.C.I. Meadows and Insp. Monroe investigate the attempted murder of a young man at a rent party

Season 10 Episode 25
Ranks and Files

P.C.s Stamp and Garfield are called to an incident between an ex-policeman and a juvnile. Stamp tries to process the paperwork before the end of the shift to win a bet with P.C. Quinnan. D.I. Johnson tries to nail a suspect for a crime but the essential paperwork has not been seen since the departure of D.S. Roach.

Season 10 Episode 26
Business as Usual

P.C. Quinnan and W.P.C. Ackland investigate an inside job at a clothes shop. P.C. Loxton is certain that a bag snatcher released on bail will soon be back to his thieving ways.

Season 10 Episode 27
Root of All Evil

D.I. Johnson and D.C. Woods investigate an arson attack and turn to a local loan shark for help.

Season 10 Episode 28
Man to Man

A man reported missing is found the next day, and a man confesses, but D.I. Johnson is convinced that his wife incited him to murder her lover.

Season 10 Episode 29

D.S. Greig and W.P.C. Croft visit a woman who has been burgled. Malicious ‘phone calls and an intruder put D.C.I. Meadows on the trail of a potential killer.

Season 10 Episode 30

P.C.s Jarvis and McCann are assigned to help close down a pirate radio station that is interfering with Sun Hill’s radio communications. D.S. Pearce and W.P.C. Croft believe that the pirates can lead them to a drug dealer.

Season 10 Episode 31
One of Them

D.C. Carver investigates an apparently unmotivated attack on a youth worker, but learns that the man has been involved with a 16-year-old boy from a youth club.

Season 10 Episode 32
Day of Reckoning

An informant gives D.C.I. Meadows some information about a big-time drugs dealer but is then murdered.

Season 10 Episode 33
Sleeping with the Fishes

Sgt. Cryer tries to piece together the events after a deserted boat is found adrift on the Thames and a body is recovered from the river.

Season 10 Episode 34
Fair Exchange

W.D.S. Morgan and D.C. Woods arrive at the scene of an arson attack. It appears to be part of a long-running feud, but the householder’s daughter also has a reason for wanting him dead. P.C. Hollis encounters two owners of the same vehicle.

Season 10 Episode 35
Last Rights

P.C. Stamp deals with a woman suffering from a rare spinal tumour who takes an overdose.

Season 10 Episode 36
Mean Streak

W.D.S. Morgan and D.C. Carver investigate a gang of armed robbers. D.C. Lines, P.C. Garfield and P.C. Bostock go undercover at a milk depot.

Season 10 Episode 37
Pig in the Middle

D.C.s Woods and Carver receive a tip-off to a crack dealer’s house on the Bronte Estate and find themselves in a battle between dealers.

Season 10 Episode 38
House Arrest

D.C.I. Meadows and D.C. Woods investigate a robbery. Meadows enlists the assistance of an ex-con to deal with a young villain.

Season 10 Episode 39
Clubbing Together

A doorman is arrested for assault for an incident outside a nightclub.

Season 10 Episode 40

Area Complaints want to speak to P.C. Jarvis after some foul play during a rugby match. P.C. Stamp and W.P.C. Marshall deal with a case of double identity.

Season 10 Episode 41
Sold Out

D.S. Greig goes after a man handling stolen car parts, and uncovers a crime of passion.

Season 10 Episode 42
Last Orders

D.C.I. Meadows works with a brewery security guard to solve the theft of kegs of beer after another guard is assaulted by the thieves.

Season 10 Episode 43
All the Comforts of Home

W.P.C. Marshall deals with a teenaged runaway found sleeping rough and showing signs of a beating. W.P.C. Ackland and P.C. Loxton are called to a disturbance at the home of the girl’s mother. D.S. Pearce and D.C. Carver make an embarrassing mistake.

Season 10 Episode 44
Wild Justice

A burglary suspect is positively identified by a witness but has a solid alibi. D.I. Johnson, D.S. Greig and W.P.C. Croft uncover an elaborate scheme of revenge.

Season 10 Episode 45
Give Away

W.D.S. Morgan and D.C. Lines clash with a vicious thug. P.C. Hollis and Sgt. Boyden are on the trail of stolen koi carp.

Season 10 Episode 46
Nowhere to Run

W.P.C. Datta deals with a complex case of domestic violence. P.C. Quinnan and D.S. Greig act on a tip-off from a local jeweller.

Season 10 Episode 47
Final Straw

D.S. Greig suspects a caretaker of burgling his own school, but his attempt at suicide makes the case a difficult one.

Season 10 Episode 48
Bodyguard of Lies

W.P.C. Ackland uncovers a series of muggings. D.I. Johnson is unimpressed, but Insp. Monroe, acting on Ackland’s information, organises an observation on a pub.

Season 10 Episode 49
Friends like That

P.C. Quinnan finds himself drawn into the problems of a man whose life is falling apart.

Season 10 Episode 50

D.S. Greig is confident of securing the conviction of a violent burglar, until a witness arrives in court and alleges that W.P.C. Ackland did not record her complete statement.

Season 10 Episode 51
Big Eagle Day

Sgt. Boyden, P.C. Garfield, W.P.C. Datta and P.C. Hollis respond to a noise nuisance complaint and find two known villains in a room littered with thousands of pounds in banknotes.

Season 10 Episode 52

Ch. Insp. Conway arranges a party and plans to sound out the Deputy Assistant Commissioner about changes to the senior ranks, but D.C.I. Meadows, Ch. Insp. Cato and Ch. Supt. Brownlow take the opportunity to do the same. While the top brass play politics, D.I. Johnson sets about trapping an escaped prisoner.

Season 10 Episode 53
Honour and Obey

D.C. Skase betrays a mysoginist attitude when he and W.P.C. Croft investigate a series of thefts of wedding gifts.

Season 10 Episode 54
Hot off the Press

Ch. Insp. Cato wants to find out who is behind the printing of racist leaflets. A campaign to rid the streets of illegally parked vehicles uncovers the distributor.

Season 10 Episode 55
Killing Time

Sgt. Cryer tries to find a teenaged thief who uses a stolen army revolver to carry out a hold-up in a sports shop

Season 10 Episode 56
Butter Wouldn’t Melt

P.C. Quinnan and Ch. Insp. Cato close in on a den of thieves, centred around an ageing hippie inciting youngsters to steal car radios.

Season 10 Episode 57
All Things Nice

D.C. Lines finds the body of an eighteen-year-old man in a pub toilet during a drugs raid. D.I. Johnson has to move fast to get a result.

Season 10 Episode 58
No Way to Treat a Lady

W.P.C. Page is assaulted during a domestic. Ch. Insp. Cato is furious hat Sgt. that Steele has included some off-the-record remarks in the minutes of a meeting. D.C. Carver acts on information received to catch a villain.

Season 10 Episode 59
The Price

The key witness to an attempted murder vanishes.

Season 10 Episode 60
Old Scores

Sgt. Boyden receives an anonymous tip-off but suspects that he has been set up. His suspicions are confirmed when MS15 turn up at the pick-up point.

Season 10 Episode 61

D.C.I. Meadows interrogates a convicted sex offender whose father can’t face the truth about his son.

Season 10 Episode 62
Good Friends

A seemingly straight forward burglary becomes complicated when one of D.I. Johnson’s informants is given a false alibi.

Season 10 Episode 63

Insp. Monroe investigates a fatal road traffic accident and begins to suspect that the driver may have crashed the car on purpose.

Season 10 Episode 64
No Marks

D.C.I. Meadows and Sgt. Cryer try to gain the trust of a small boy from Devon found wandering about in his pyjamas.

Season 10 Episode 65
Sweetness and Light

A gang of teenagers cause a nuisance on an estate, and a boy on a scrambling bike is almost decapitated.

Season 10 Episode 66
Hey Diddle Diddle

D.C.I. Meadows receives a tape of a deathbed confession to murder.

Season 10 Episode 67
Funny Money

D.C. Lines and D.C.I. Meadows uncover two counterfeiters who haven’t quite been clever enough.

Season 10 Episode 68
Till Death Us Do Part

P.C.s Loxton and Quinnan are called to a canal where a familiar tramp claims to have fished out a DSS inspector.

Season 10 Episode 69
All Along the Watchtower

P.C. Stamp is called to deal with a 14-year-old car thief who has badly injured a young girl. Ch. Insp. Conway and Insp. Monroe deal with the consequences.

Season 10 Episode 70

D.C. Skase investigates some crack dealers but bites off more than he can chew and faces a mauling from D.C.I. Meadows.

Season 10 Episode 71
Lesson to be Learned

A young black student is accused of a savage attack on a schoolmaster, but D.C. Lines thinks that the teachers have something to hide.

Season 10 Episode 72
Dear John

D.C.I. Meadows investigates when a man who appears to have fallen to his death from a block of flats is found to have a knife wound in his back. Investigations lead to a second body.

Season 10 Episode 73
Within Limits

Sgt. Boyden investigates an assault and helps a former lover deal with her violent husband. P.C. Garfield thinks the sergeant may be up to his old tricks again.

Season 10 Episode 74
Tails You Lose

D.C. Skase’s informant needs protection, but he is compromised when he uncovers the full extent of her criminal activities.

Season 10 Episode 75
Gate Fever

A murderer is released from prison on licence. Sgt. Cryer deals with the victim’s parents, who are unable to accept that their other daughter befriended him while he was in prison.

Season 10 Episode 76
The Road Not Taken

W.P.C. Page finds her loyalties tested when she arrests an old school friend in a drugs raid.

Season 10 Episode 77
Fallen Angel

D.C. Woods investigates the activities of a cowboy builder, and uncovers a customer’s scheme to exact revenge.

Season 10 Episode 78
A Touch of Braid

D.I. Johnson’s raid on a flat goes wrong when a young boy flees and falls from the third-floor balcony. Ch.Supt. Brownlow has to pick up the pieces.

Season 10 Episode 79

D.S. Greig realises that a house has been burgled twice. Ch. Insp. Conway helps to arrest a most unusual burglar with a very special talent.

Season 10 Episode 80
Good Days

D.C. Lines and D.C. Woods attempt to solve the mysterious disappearance of an armed robber, and eventually uncover the answer after calling on his mistress.

Season 10 Episode 81

D.I. Johnson’s methods are called into question when she removes an aggressive solicitor’s clerk from an interview with a robbery suspect.

Season 10 Episode 82
Parental Guidance

D.C. Lines helps W.P.C. Ackland track down a delinquent son but he should be worrying about his own.

Season 10 Episode 83
Settling the Score

P.C. Quinnan chances his arm in order to get an arrest. D.C. Carver realises that one of his informants has set up a suspect to clear the way for an affair with his wife.

Season 10 Episode 84
High Drivers

Insp. Monroe is called to a fatal traffic accident then deals with a case of mistaken identity.

Season 10 Episode 85
Personal Space

W.D.C. Croft and D.C. Woods interview a man suspected of abducting a girl

Season 10 Episode 86
Public Spirit

A businessman seems unconcerned after one of his employees is fatally injured in a street fight over drug-dealing territories.

Season 10 Episode 87
Dirty Laundry

D.I. Johnson tries to stop a drugs war from developing after a crack addict is shot.

Season 10 Episode 88
Paying the Price

Ch. Insp. Conway clips the wing-mirror of a car and finds himself listening to a man’s confession to an attempted armed robbery.

Season 10 Episode 89
Best Interests

W.D.S. Morgan has to choose between heart and head when trying to track down a boy who has been abducted by his father.

Season 10 Episode 90
Easy Prey

D.C.I. Meadows investigates when a recluse is found dead in his flat. He appears to have been assaulted but may have taken an overdose.

Season 10 Episode 91
Unfinished Business

D.I. Johnson attempts to track down a violent escaped prisoner. The arrival of new D.S. Chris Deakin is delayed as he has to give evidence in court.

Season 10 Episode 92
War of Nerves

W.P.C. Datta has a difficult case, unfriendly colleagues and Ch. Insp. Cato’s support.

Season 10 Episode 93

D.S. Deakin shares information that D.I. Johnson needs to solve her case, but on his own terms.

Season 10 Episode 94
Death and Taxes

W.P.C. Ackland and P.C. Quinnan investigate a break-in at a pharmacy. Sgt. Cryer unearths extortion among the young homeless.

Season 10 Episode 95
In Too Deep

D.C.I. Meadows and D.S. Deakin investigate the fatal shooting of a young windscreen washer and uncover a link to a local drug dealer.

Season 10 Episode 96
You Belong to Me

W.P.C. Datta and Sgt. Cryer investigate the disappearance of a seventeen-year-old girl and find that her half-sister and brother-in-law have something to hide.

Season 10 Episode 97
Looking for Mr. Right

W.D.S. Morgan and D.C. Woods investigate a serious assault and are led to a case of kidnap and extortion.

Season 10 Episode 98
Skinning Cats

D.C.I. Meadows and Ch. Insp. Conway fall out over the handling of an informant. P.C. Quinnan traces a van-load of stolen meat.

Season 10 Episode 99
Full Contact

D.C.I. Meadows is annoyed when a lorry carrying cigarettes is hi-jacked. P.C. Stamp and W.P.C. Ackland intervene in a fight in a pub car park between two thieves who have fallen out over the landlady.

Season 10 Episode 100
Threats and Promises

A young man is stabbed by a member of a notorious family of criminals, but no witnesses are prepared to come forward. too scared to speak. Morgan and Lines get a breakthrough when they realise that the suspect’s fiancée is not quite as respectable as she appears.

Season 10 Episode 101
On the Latch

D.C.I. Meadows and W.D.S. Morgan investigate what appears to be the violent death of an old soldier in a drugs-related burglary.

Season 10 Episode 102
Wall of Silence

P.C. Stamp and W.P.C. Ackland respond to an anonymous call and find a man in a curious state of undress. D.I. Johnson and D.S. Deakin investigate an assault on a telesales agent and uncover a background of sexual harassment and office cover-ups.

Season 10 Episode 103
Business Opportunities

P.C. Hollis investigates the theft of a bowling green. P.C. McCann finds Tony Wright sleeping rough on a bench, yet learns that he owns a house just around the corner. McCann is confronted by a gang of intimidating builders. D.S. Pearce investigates the Irish roofer, Samuel O’Rourke, and finds that he has targeted Tony, depressed and alone, for large weekly payments for roofing work he never carried out.

Season 10 Episode 104
A Little Learning

D.S. Deakin investigates the indecent assault of a schoolteacher by one of her pupils, but she is reluctant to press charges.

Season 10 Episode 105
Right Way, Wrong Way

Sgt. Steele and P.C. McCann investigate a hit-and-run incident as violence between the West Indian and Chinese communities leads to tension between Ch. Insps. Cato and Conway.

Season 10 Episode 106
Instant Response

P.C.s Stamp and Hollis pursue two teenagers as they wreak havoc in a stolen car while always managing to stay one step ahead of the police.

Season 10 Episode 107

Investigating a sawn-off shotgun found in a house fire, Lines is led to Lee Ruddick, a crack dealer. When Lines and Johnson team up to raid him, Ruddick eats the evidence, with fatal consequences.

Season 10 Episode 108

When Lee Ruddick dies at St Hugh’s, CIB is called in and DI Johnson is accused on manslaughter. Claudia Morris, the complainant and chief witness, later withdraws her allegation, but just as Johnson seems to be in the clear, Ruddick’s family serves her with a private prosecution for manslaughter.

Season 10 Episode 109

Ackland and Datta are drawn into the past when a couple are pestered by a young woman claiming to be a long-lost daughter. Meanwhile, a death message to an old lady reveals a relative she had forgotten she had.

Season 10 Episode 110

P.C.s Hollis and Loxton arrest an armed man at a building society. D.S. Deakin and W.D.C. Croft investigate the shooting of a jeweller.

Season 10 Episode 111

A man holds a woman hostage in a flat. Jarvis is faced with the task of talking him out. As Jarvis builds a rapport with him, the investigation led by Monroe constructs a worrying picture of the hostage-taker. Can he be talked out or will force be necessary?

Season 10 Episode 112
Back on the Chaingang

W.D.S. Morgan owes an old villain a favour, but pays a heavy price for her loyalty.

Season 10 Episode 113
Out in the Cold

Jarvis, Loxton, Page and Cato deal with a trio of squatters and a violent landlord.

Season 10 Episode 114
Living Legend

When Meadows arrests notorious robber Kenny Stone in a drugs-for-money exchange, Stone isn’t in possession of the drugs. Meadows fails to detain Stone long enough to charge him, but he dies in his cell as he is about to be released.

Season 10 Episode 115
Down & Out

Sgt. Boyden asserts his position as custody sergeant when D.I. Johnson seeks information from a prisoner with a history of mental illness.

Season 10 Episode 116
Runners and Riders

D.C.I. Meadows is worried that a vicious attack was meted out in revenge for the conviction of a loan shark.

Season 10 Episode 117

Sun Hill are at the Coroner’s Court for the inquest on Stone, who died in custody. Did the Great Bullion Robber die of natural causes or are Sun Hill officers in some way to blame for his death?

Season 10 Episode 118
Grey Matter

D.I. Johnson investigates an apparently racially-motivated attack

Season 10 Episode 119

D.C. Lines retraces the steps of an alcoholic who comes out of a two-day blackout and believes that he has committed a crime.

Season 10 Episode 120
The Cold Consumer

W.P.C. Page deals with the sudden death of an unidentified man in the bathroom of a high class prostitute.

Season 10 Episode 121
Saving Face

Carver ends up leading ‘Operation Cock-up’ and is determined not to look an idiot in front of Deakin

Season 10 Episode 122
Silent Partner

D.S. Pearce and W.D.C. Croft investigate a burglary at a block of flats for the elderly, and she becomes suspicious of a woman who claims to be from a befriending charity called Here to Help.

Season 10 Episode 123
One Born Every Minute

D.S. Deakin’s investigation into an alleged rape takes him into the seedy underside of Sun Hill.

Season 10 Episode 124

D.I. Johnson stands trial for manslaughter of Lee Ruddick, and allegations of a police cover-up.

Season 10 Episode 125
Taken on Trust

Insp. Monroe has to organise an evacuation when an unexploded bomb is discovered on the riverside.

Season 10 Episode 126

D.C.I. Meadows and Ch. Insp. Cato are at loggerheads, but Conway couldn’t care less: it’s his birthday!

Season 10 Episode 127
Land of the Blind

D.S. Deakin and D.C.I. Meadows are prosecuting a teenager for assault but P.C. McCann thinks he is innocent.

Season 10 Episode 128
Indecent Exposure

D.S. Pearce and W.D.C. Croft fall out over the arrest of a disabled drugs dealer.

Season 10 Episode 129
Pass the Parcel

It seems that Ch. Supt. Brownlow is about to be retired, but is he ready to go?

Season 10 Episode 130
Cheap at Half the Price

D.S. Deakin goes undercover as a professional hitman and is asked to kill the wife of a failing businessman.

Season 10 Episode 131
The Sixth Age

Loxton and Quinnan are drawn into a world of romance, intrigue and violent affections when called to attend an incident at a local tea dance.

Season 10 Episode 132
Pipped at the Post

With the transfer of Ch. Supt. Brownlow to Area, there is a vacancy at Sun Hill. Ch. Insps. Conway and Cato and D.C.I. Meadows all vie for the job.

Season 10 Episode 133

Sgt. Cryer and P.C. Garfield are called to the scene of a suicide.

Season 10 Episode 134
Taking Stock

W.D.S. Morgan’s ambition brings her into conflict with D.I. Johnson.

Season 10 Episode 135
The Melting Pot

Conway has a hectic first day in his new job as he deals with the aftermath of a senior officers’ night out, absentee inspectors and burglars that need babysitting.

Season 10 Episode 136
No Name, No Number

D.C.I. Meadows blames a leak when a witness is threatened. P.C. Stamp and Sgt. Boyden come under suspicion.

Season 10 Episode 137
Make Believe

Insp. Monroe and Sgt. Cryer investigate an old man who has been giving expensive toys to young children.

Season 10 Episode 138
Sleeping Dogs

D.I. Johnson and D.S. Pearce try to find evidence to support a prosecution when a young girl reports a rape a year after the event.

Season 10 Episode 139
Beg, Borrow or Steal

Ch. Insp. Cato’s anti-vagrancy initiative draws W.P.C. Page’s attention to the plight of a young mother, who along with other hostel residents is being threatened by a short-tempered loan shark with violent tendencies.

Season 10 Episode 140
Work Experience

D.C. Carver goes undercover as a mechanic to frustrate a garage owner’s plans to commit a robbery.

Season 10 Episode 141
Down a Blind Alley

Ch. Insp. Cato brings in a mugger with a bloody nose.

Season 10 Episode 142
Creating a Market

D.S.s Greig and Deakin set up shop in an attempt to trap mobile phone thieves in a sting operation.

Season 10 Episode 143
Fly on the Wall

D.S. Pearce and W.D.C. Croft investigate when rivalry between gangs of fly-posters escalates to assault.

Season 10 Episode 144
King of the Hill

Sgt. Boyden has a lonely night in custody, with only a villain for company.

Season 10 Episode 145
Fathers and Sons

D.S. Pearce and W.D.C. Croft investigate an assault, but the victim’s father seems reluctant to help.

Season 10 Episode 146
A Feeling for the Job

Sgt. Cryer suspects the worst when a young wife goes missing.

Season 10 Episode 147
Closing Time

Ch. Insp. Cato organises a raid on a pub and plans to take away the landlady’s licence, but Sgt.Cryer is not impressed.

Season 10 Episode 148
Blood Pressure

A Jehovah’s Witness is seriously assaulted, but his mother refuses to let him have a blood transfusion.

Season 10 Episode 149
Appropriate Adults

Ch. Insp. Cato goes undercover to investigate a pimp.

Season 10 Episode 150
Throw the Key Away

D.S. Deakin bends the custody rules, leaving Sgt. Boyden to carry the can.

Season 10 Episode 151
An Unconventional Approach

W.P.C. Ackland and P.C. Loxton get caught up in violent competition between rival bailiffs.

Season 10 Episode 152
Fall Guy

W.D.C. Croft is horrified when D.C. Skase goes over the top to get a result.

Season 10 Episode 153

Ackland and Quinnan are led on a wild goose chase by two juveniles, while Stamp thinks he’s going to pull at the Sun Hill Christmas bash.

Season 10 Episode 154
Dearly Departed

D.S. Greig investigates the theft of a series of corpses

Season 10 Episode 155
Returning the Call

P.C. Hollis outsmarts C.I.D. to make two arrests.

Season 10 Episode 156
Licensed to Kill

P.C. Hollis assists a woman who is the victim of obsession.