Inspector Rachel Weston

Portrayed By Claire Goose

First Appearance Street Kid – 6 August 2008

Final Appearance Conviction – Judgement Day – 16 July 2009

Call Sign

Sierra Oscar 1 (Inspector)
SO25 (Sergeant)

Rachel Weston arrived at Sun Hill as a sergeant and from the very start she impressed Superintendent John Heaton. Totally dedicated to her job, coming into work whilst off sick to help with a hostage situation, entering the building disguised as a paramedic, it was easy to see why her superintendent was enamoured with his sergeant. So when Inspector Gina Gold left giving very little notice Rachel was first choice for her replacement. Rachel was a very different inspector to her predecessor and at first she needed to earn respect off her relief. PC Leon Taylor was one officer who needed to be reigned in, which she did in time. There were a few issues during a riot which lead Rachel and her team to be sent off for a training day to Gravesend where her chain of command was criticised, but eventually Rachel even managed to reign in Sgt Callum Stone and let him know who was boss. Just in time for Rachel to leave and follow her Superintendent to join his specialist unit targeting human trafficking.



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Where Can I See Claire Now?
We are waiting to hear of Claire’s next role, please watch this space for news.