DS Stevie Moss

Portrayed by Lucy Speed

First appearance: The Deadly Game: (2.1.08)

Final appearance: Respect Part 2

Stevie arrived as a DC from SO10, an under cover unit for covert policing and evidence gathering.  Stevie used the skills gained in this job to her advantage at Sun Hill. She proved herself from day one that she wasn’t just a chatterbox but actually rather an effective cop. Stevie’s hard work paid off and in 2009 she was promoted to Detective Sergeant.  There were questions asked of Stevie’s allegiance to the force in the ‘Too Hot To Handle’ story-line when she went undercover as a girlfriend to drug dealer Robert Towler however in a flashback scene we discovered that actually she had secretly alerted DC Jo Masters and thus Di Manson to her actions. This wasn’t the only time when we saw Stevie Moss go undercover, on another memorable occasion we watched Stevie pretend to be the girlfriend of Dale Smith in an undercover operation to stop machine guns reaching the streets of London.



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Where Can I See Lucy Now?

We are waiting to hear of  Lucy’s next role, please watch this space for more info.