Season 6

Season 6

Season 6 Episode 1
By the Skin of Our Teeth

P.C. Hollis is gossiping in the locker room. Probationary P.C. Able is sent to a pub to deal with a man on valium. The man ends up going to his mother-in-law’s house and trashing the place. Able sorts out a fight outside a pub and discovers the drunk he brought in had been robbed. Ch. Supt. Brownlow and Ch. Insp. Conway discuss starting salaries before Brownlow goes to a board selecting candidates for a graduate entry scheme.

Season 6 Episode 2
Officers and Gentleman

D.C. Jim Carver and Ch. Insp. Conway face an embarrassing situation when a thief confesses to a crime that Jim has already cleared up… and Carver’s having problems with the ladies too. P.C. Turnham talks to a pavement artist before he is called to a music shop and a shoplifter. He was told by Sgt. Peters to help W.P.C.s Datta and Ford at a pub but Insp. Frazer gives him a lecture about Women’s Lib and tells him not to go. A dog handler helps calm the situation. The landlord is not happy about W.P.C.s dealing with drunken disturbances and neither is Ch. Supt. Brownlow.

Season 6 Episode 3
Carry Your Bags, Sir?

Conway talks to Brownlow about officers needed to escort a German police officer around London looking for stolen car engines. Burnside and Cryer are admiring a lady who turns out to be the German officer. Conway is not happy Stamp is going to be on holiday when a case of his comes up at court. A man wants detectives to deal with the fact he has been burgled 3 times in a week. Brownlow wants him kept sweet. June is pushed over on the stairs when the flat gets turned over again. Turnham gives chase and ends up in the canal. Cryer arrests 1 of the burglars later. Reg gets punched by the owner of a car showroom whose father died a couple of months ago in a car park. Brownlow wants the charges dropped.

Season 6 Episode 4
I Thought You’d Gone

Inspector Frazer and Taffy Edwards are about to discover there is life after Sun Hill.

Season 6 Episode 5

Hollis is organising a blood bank at the station and Peters is not happy because Viv is lying down. She is sent to assist at an armed robbery and hits a radio black spot so no one at the station knows her whereabouts. Ken finds one of the robbers who shows him where she is but he also hits the black spot. Carver and Ted have a problem with their car. Tony feels unwell after giving blood and finds out why Hollis won’t donate. Previously he started rumours about why ranging from STD to bovine TB.

Season 6 Episode 6
A Day Lost

Garfield and Norika investigate a report of a man hanging round a school’s gate. A boy is missing so they start a full scale search. Inspector Monroe thinks A relief has gone soft. Carver is told off by Greig about 2nd visits. He finds the boy in a garage. Greig picks up the man hanging around the school.

Season 6 Episode 7
A Clean Division

D.I. Burnside is delighted to be called out of a boring meeting at Stafford Row police station, especially as he thinks it’s D.C. Carver with a lead on an important drugs case. Burnside is horrified to find, however, that Carver has been arrested for drink-driving by an over-zealous Stafford Row officer named P.C. Horden. Since Carver’s police career is on the line, Burnside and Horden’s more sympathetic colleagues manage to delay Carver’s breath test for a while, and Carver eventually passes the breath test and is released

Season 6 Episode 8
Roger and Out

D.S. Roach thinks that D.C. Lines has something going on the side. Sgt. Penny discovers that Lines has taken in a lodger in breach of regulations, and decides to report him. Everyone from Sgt. Cryer to P.C. Hollis feels that Penny has gone too far.

Season 6 Episode 9

Viv and Sgt. Cryer are on night patrol. They stop a lady wheeling a suitcase looking for an address. They are asked to assist Tony and Dave at a house where a man is dropping the contents of his flat off the roof. They then attend a burglar alarm. The lady reappears followed by 3 youths. They take her to another address

Season 6 Episode 10
Michael Runs the Family Now

D.I. Burnside talks to his snout about the robbery of a video shop owned by Michael Lovett, the son of a dead villain who has taken over the family business. An incident at a pub is thought of as being retribution for the robbery. The snout’s wife is having an affair with Lovett. A woman, who had been to self-defence classes run by P.C. Stamp, breaks a man’s arm. Sgt. Cryer thinks she used excessive force but she tells Stamp she was being molested. The man has form for indecent assaults.

Season 6 Episode 11
Against the Odds

D.C. Dashwood walks through an old subway when he is approached by a snout with information about a potential gang war on the plot. D.I. Burnside is off with a bad back and Greig is acting D.I. again. He takes W.P.C. Martella off early shifts. Greig is not happy about the snout and makes Dashwood write everything down. Ch. Insp. Conway, in the custody suite checking on prisoner detention times, is pleased that Burnside is off, but concerned about the prospect of a gang war.

Season 6 Episode 12

W.P.C. Ford and P.C. Melvin investigate a domestic. The wife initially says she fell down stairs. A neighbour keeps interrupting. The wife owes money, and her child benefit book has been taken by a money lender. The husband is suspected of slashing tyres. Insp. Monroe talks to W.P.C. Marshall about regular updates of clear-up figures. P.C. Quinnan voices his opinion on battered women. The calculators he has been selling are faulty. Not only does he have to give buyers their money back, but the money he got has to be put into Ch. Supt. Brownlow’s charity box. Mr. Brownlow asks about the money lender and states he would like to nick him as he is the money man behind a lot of crime. Melvin and Ford go to the money lender’s shop and find the husband, who has been assaulted with a golf putter.

Season 6 Episode 13
Workers in Uniform

P.C. Able and W.P.C. Ford moan about ruined weekend, as do P.C.s Turnham and Hollis. A street festival that had been thought to have been cancelled is going ahead. Hollis meets with Ch. Supt. Brownlow to complain about the relief having to work at the festival. P.C. Quinnan uses the area car to deliver some files to another station and causes some damage. Quinnan tries to cover it up, and Turnham is blamed.

Season 6 Episode 14
Something to Hide

P.C. Melvin chases and catches a suspect, who had caused a disturbance after being caught fishing for something in a pond. The package is gun-shaped, but when the wrapping is removed it turns out to be a diamond necklace. P.C. Turnham and W.P.C. Datta are called to a break-in but there are no signs of forced entry and the only thing missing is a ring. D.C. Lines investigates and connects both jewellery thefts. Turnham and Datta get involved in a fight in a pub.

Season 6 Episode 15
The Old Men’s Run

Cryer and Conway are training for the Divisional ¼ marathon. Cryer notices a man in a wheelchair being mugged by some youths and he pulls a muscle when he gives chase. Cryer is under pressure. Because Penny is sick, Cathy is acting sergeant and out on the beat. Quinnan and Stamp go to an accident. Two rival gangs are involved. Roach tries to take a witness statement from 2 Asians. Carver is interviewing one of the occupants of the car. Able tries to talk to an Asian neighbour of the injured man who dies in hospital.

Season 6 Episode 16

P.C. Stamp and W.P.C. Martella attend a break-in. D.C. Lines talks to the housholder after the S.O.C.O. has been. Lines thinks it is part of a string of burglaries by a bailed suspect. The solicitors of the victim and suspect are partners in the same firm. There is a fire at the suspect’s house, started by the only member of the family without a criminal record. Ch. Supt. Brownlow and D.I. Burnside argue over Sun Hill CID’s clear-up rate. Burnside thinks that Stafford Row have fiddled their figures. P.C. Melvin brings in a man who claims to be amnesiac, and plays him some Roy Orbison tapes in an attempt to help him regain his memory.

Season 6 Episode 17
Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

D.I. Burnside brings in a van of party goers involved with drugs. D.C. Lines comes up to tell Burnside he has to meet a snout, and hears him trying D.S. Greig’s clarinet. The snout is in hospital following a stroke. His daughter has problems accepting what her father does. He dies in hospital. Burnside talks to a man who has lost 30 leather coats. W.P.C. Martella is going undercover in his factory. She is offered a dope cigarette and, after the operation, recruits the dealer as a snout. The boss’s son is very interested in her. D.S. Roach and W.P.C. Ackland interview a girl who had Class A drugs in her possession. She refuses to reveal her identity, but her father is a commander in the Met. Ch. Supt. Brownlow, who has known the family for a long time, is still going to charge the girl even if it means her father’s career is ruined.

Season 6 Episode 18
Something Special

P.C.s Hollis and Turnham release the drunks from custody. Sgt. Peters later discovers the cell keys missing and thinks one of the drunks may have them. D.C. Carver and D.S. Greig give D.C. Dashwood a hard time about buying a country cottage. A detective superintendent comes and asks for someone from Sun Hill CID for an operation that is going to last six months. Greig thinks it will be in Northern Ireland. D.S. Roach helps W.P.C. Datta to bring in a street walker with a baby.

Season 6 Episode 19

A group of Asian youths cause a diversion in the market while another raids a till. Sgt. Peters tries to stop them. The thief wanted to impress his friends. His father is important in the community. A supterintendent from the Community Liaison Office at Area visits Sun Hill. He is anxious to nip any racial problems in the bud. W.P.C. Datta brings in a man who has hit his daughter. Datta has nearly calmed the girl down but the superintendent gets her back up again. Datta is able to resolve the problem. W.P.C. Ackland is having problems getting crime victims to participate in a survey about stress.

Season 6 Episode 20
Safe Place

Roach is not getting far after a bank robbery. It appears to be an exact copy of a robbery that occurred eight years before. The same employee was involved in both robberies and has signed himself into a psychiatric hospital. Viv goes undercover. He appears to be a natural born victim.


Season 6 Episode 21
Burnside Knew My Father

Papa Reeves, an old friend from D.I. Burnside’s uniform days, plans to end the life of his terminally-ill wife. Burnside takes time out from interviewing a suspected armed robber to convince Reeves that if he does so, not only will he be charged with her murder, but Burnside could also be charged as an accessory. With the robber’s solicitor demanding his immediate release, Burnside has an ace up his sleeve: a surveillance photo of the man committing the crime. Meanwhile, W.P.C. Ackland deals with a domestic dispute between a mother and son when the boy is found locked out of the flat wearing only his underpants.

Season 6 Episode 22

Garfield and Quinnan go to a school that reports an intruder. The intruder has been patrolling the school. Quinnan seems out to wind Garfield up. Stamp and Viv investigate some dumped rubble (fly tipping). There was a souvenir hanging from the driver’s window. Cryer goes to a Senior Citizens Centre to talk to them about unsolved crime.

Season 6 Episode 23
University Challenge

A lady approaches Tony and tells him there are men in masks in the supermarket. He goes in to see and radios in about a robbery. He chases them through the supermarket and notices the make of the getaway car. Burnside and Carver chases them in a car. They corner them but one of the robbers comes back to help the one held by Burnside and after giving Burnside a beating they get away.

Season 6 Episode 24
Growing Pains

PC George Garfield gets a collar, and spends hours interrogating him – without the use of a tape machine – only to discover he is a juvenile and should not have been interviewed without an appropriate adult. DCs Mike Dashwood and Jim Carver accompany DS Ted Roach to a factory where things have been going missing. They search for the thief in the warehouse, believing him to be from an air conditioning company. In the course of the search, Jim is attacked and left semi-concious beneath a pile of crates. It takes Dashwood a while to find him. Jim insists he is all right, but later collapses in the factory foyer. He’s taken, unconcious, to hospital where he’s diagnosed with mild concussion and has to stay in over night – which is fine with him as his nurse is very pretty and friendly! The case turns out to be one of industrial espionage, and Ted turns it over to the appropriate authorities.

Season 6 Episode 25
One of the Boys

Viv is typing a report while Tosh and Carver are reading the paper. She seems to be considered office girl. Tosh asks her to pick up a prostitute for an alibi check who takes off when she sees Viv. Viv gives chase and tears her skirt. A car driver who gives her a lift thinks she is being a tease and makes her walk back to the station. After a lot of aggravation Viv brings the prostitute back to the station only to find CID doesn’t need the alibi after all.

Season 6 Episode 26
Beggars and Choosers

June and Tony walk through an underpass where the homeless sleep. There is a riot there later. The Surveyor’s branch is visiting the station with their tape measures. Brownlow gives a speech about policing in the ’90s.

Season 6 Episode 27

Ch. Supt. Brownlow is off to the Forward Planning Meeting. He is worried about reduced resources. Sun Hill police station is to be refurbished and enlarged. Ch. Insp. Conway is given the job of overseeing the day-to-day refurbishment. P.C. Turnham is guarding a hole in the road and being harassed by an old man. Back at Sun Hill, a man from MI11 is making enquiries in connection with Turnham’s application for a transfer to Special Branch.

Season 6 Episode 28
Blue Eyed Boy

Burnside moans about the result of a court case. Melvin comes in late and forgot he was due in court the day before. Melvin’s honesty is being questioned after a burglary. He is not behaving as usual. He is going on holiday to Hong Kong with a barrister.

Season 6 Episode 29
Full House

Penny complains to Monroe about the alterations. They move to Barton Street temporarily. Brownlow is complaining about sharing a portakabin with Conway. The toilets are blocked. Burnside wants a child molester caught. Monroe recognises a man thrown out of a club by a bouncer from an identikit portrait. Monroe wants a crime sheet for an assault that was not followed up by Quinnan. Quinnan knows the bouncer who carried out the assault. Dashwood and Tosh catch a wanted man and get a ticket.

Season 6 Episode 30
Big Fish, Little Fish

Burnside is talking to a snout about a delivery going through couriers. Tosh temporarily breaks the chain. The contents of the bag are guns not drugs as Burnside thought.

Season 6 Episode 31
Information Received

When D.S. Roach’s case against Mickey Owen, a protection racketeer, is thrown out of court, Roach comes under pressure from the Flying Squad to convince Roxanne, a transvestite informant, to give evidence against Owen. Roach is reluctant, as Roxanne was badly beaten when he failed to protect her the last time she gave evidence. In spite of this, Roxanne finally agrees to testify, considering she has nothing left to lose.

Season 6 Episode 32
Close Co-operation

Brownlow is not happy about the office arrangements at Barton Street. Burnside brings in a drug dealer who gets tripped up by Hollis. Penny finds him beaten in the cells and Barton Street doesn’t want it to go higher than sergeants. The constable in custody lent the cell keys to another sgt. and the custody sgt. wants to keep it ‘in house’.

Season 6 Episode 33

D.S. Greig, D.C. Carver and D.C. Lines arrest a man for burglary and possession of drugs. D.I. Burnside recruits him as a snout and Operation Middleman is on. There is animosity between Burnside and D.I. Wray from the Drugs Squad. The operation – to bust a crack house – appears to be a stitch up for both Burnside and the suspects arrested.

Season 6 Episode 34

D.I. Burnside is not happy about D.I. Wray from Drugs Squad talking to his snout. Wray interviews the suspect at Barton Street but he won’t talk in the station. While in hospital he tells Burnside that the snout is being protected by a sergeant from Barton Street. Ch. Insp. Conway thinks the leak must be in CID. Burnside thinks that the snout stitched him up. Wray tells Burnside he has been promoted and will be stationed at Sun Hill.

Season 6 Episode 35

W.D.C. Martella is called to a solicitor’s house where one of his clients has come to see if he will keep his promise to marry her. The client has made threats to kill the solicitor’s wife and later attempts to run her down in a car park. W.P.C. Ackland and P.C. Stamp are called to deal with a barking dog in a house. Just as Stamp breaks the glass in the front door, the neighbour tells them that she has a key. Ch. Insp. Conway thinks there have been backhanders from contractors to the clerk of works. Ch. Supt. Brownlow tries to get Conway to take some leave.

Season 6 Episode 36
Small Hours

Norika and Dave call at a flat that has graffiti on the door. Dave doesn’t believe reports of harassment. Norika and Dave return to the flat. Dave is knocked down the stairs and the flat is set on fire. June is on patrol with Reg. Reg stops a car driven dangerously. the passenger strips off and takes off with Reg chasing him. Carver takes Norika with him as he needs a W.P.C. to bring a lady in. Norika tells Jim she is not interested. Tony hits a few cars chasing some kids. He also nearly hits the streaker.

Season 6 Episode 37

D.C. Lines talks to Ch. Insp. Conway about his report. Later, he talks to a woman who was assaulted and he thinks it may be linked to other attacks. D.I. Burnside is complaining about having no money to mount an observation. A couple come in to Sun Hill to make a complaint. They tell Lines that they were about to take their complaint to the newspapers. Insp. Monroe talks to W.P.C. Marshall about moving back to the beat.

Season 6 Episode 38
Somebody’s Husband

D.I. Burnside briefs officers at the start of an observation. D.S. Roach and D.C. Dashwood almost catch the burglars responsible for the break in at the Cleghorns but they can’t find their shoes. W.P.C. Ackland would have liked to be involved but instead gets sent to deal with a domestic. The woman claims that her husband has threatened to kill her. Ackland discovers a radio scanner. It transpires that the husband applied to join the force but was turned down. Ackland follows him. She assists another attack victim but is then attacked herself in the cemetery.

Season 6 Episode 39
Canley Fields

A child is reported abducted. D.C. Lines interviews one witness and D.S. Roach the other. Three dog teams and TSG are joining in the search, although there is a possibility it is a hoax. After calling off the search, Roach says the witnesses should be charged with wasting police time, but there is a call reporting a child missing matching the witness’s description.

Season 6 Episode 40
The Night Watch

Garfield and Young are called to a party at a squat. They call back and get attacked by the party goers. The man who answered the door the first time, is found in a cupboard. Roach offers Martella a drink. He gets a report of an attack. Viv takes the victim to the rape investigation suite. Roach and Viv clash over whether it was consensual


Season 6 Episode 41
Trojan Horse

P.C. Ken Melvin and P.C. Reg Hollis stop a young man for erratic driving, and a PNC check reveals the expensive car is stolen. Stamp and Quinnan arrive to transport the prisoner to Barton Street, and Melvin and Hollis volunteer to drive the car back to Sun Hill. As Melvin moves some of the building materials from the station renovations so he can park, the car explodes in a huge fireball. Hollis, Conway and Melvin are rushed to hospital – but Ken Melvin soon dies from his injuries. SO13 arrive at Barton Street to interview the car thief, who it turns out stole the car from an army major who was a likely terrorist target. Sgt. Cryer is outraged that the disaster could have been prevented as SO13 had the major under surveillance and could have stopped the car being stolen.

Season 6 Episode 42

It’s the day of P.C. Ken Melvin’s funeral, but the men and women of Sun Hill still have a job to do. P.C. Stamp volunteers to do a reading at the church service. W.D.C. Martella is annoyed when D.I. Burnside keeps CID out on an obbo when the funeral service is about to start. Two old friends turn up at the church: P.C. Taffy Edwards, now in the Wales Police, and Yorkie Smith, now working for a security firm. The funeral goes off without a hitch, as Sun Hill pays its last respects to one of its officers.

Season 6 Episode 43

Tosh and Dashwood call at a house, where there seems to a party in the backyard, about an incident 2 years ago. The husband is trying to celebrate his wedding anniversary. It turns out to be revenge by his ex-wife but because of the questions his new marriage may be over.

Season 6 Episode 44
A Fresh Start

Brownlow is photographed outside the completed building. There are 8 rooms uncompleted. Garfield stops the Mayor attending the function. Penny inspects the cells. A man trying to report a murder is manhandled to the cells. The body is linked to the murder of the abducted boy in Canley Fields. Brownlow won’t stop long enough for Conway to tell him about the murder.

Season 6 Episode 45
A Case to Answer

W.D.C. Martella is in court for the rape case committal hearing. Marie wants to drop the allegation. D.C.s Carver and Dashwood surprise D.C. Lines. Lines is enquiring about stolen scotch. D.I. Burnside offers Lines some overtime. Burnside and D.S. Roach help Dashwood and Carver catch the gang. D.C.I. Wray talks to Ch. Supt. Brownlow about how he is going to run CID.

Season 6 Episode 46
Line Up

P.C. Stamp chases a suspect into a shopping precinct after a robbery. P.C. Garfield stays with the victim. The forensic evidence won’t back up the positive ID in the line-up.

Season 6 Episode 47
Police Powers

Bob arrests a soccer player at half time for GBH. Monroe wants to take the man to the station after the game. The two team chairmen are trying to keep the situation between the soccer federation. Garfield has been injured.

Season 6 Episode 48
Action Book

Meadows is conducting the investigation of the murders of Jenny Price and Graham Butler. A car has been reported seen in the vicinity but the car had broken down. Paedophiles are being interviewed. Roach has been relieved of his role.

Season 6 Episode 49

A D.I. from Sheffield has information involving a big operation to catch a gang of five villains nicking heavy plant machinery. The snout the D.I. was using turns out to be one of Sun Hill’s informants, and Ch. Supt. Brownlow has words at the Super’s meeting after the operation. D.I. Burnside is told to take a backseat to the CID operation. D.C. Dashwood raids an empty house, and D.C. Carver can’t get into the house he goes to. Two uniformed officers accompanying D.S Roach are assaulted.

Season 6 Episode 50

Roach and Lines are watching a man. Burnside needs an arrest to make up his figures. The man watched is shot by another man Burnside had talked to. Burnside is after a man into hard core porn, vice and bribery. He has a score to settle. Burnside talks to both Cathy and Roach about his marriage.

Season 6 Episode 51
Witch Hunt

6 weeks after the murder of Jenny Price, nothing seems to have happened. Wray thinks Lines should have followed up questioning of a school teacher. Wray thinks the man will tell them something if they keep asking. Lines loses it. The suspect is guilty because he sent the boy home before he was killed.

Season 6 Episode 52
Close to Home

Ackland is called to a hospital where a doctor is concerned about child abuse. Another child could have done it. Cryer is having problems with his son.

Season 6 Episode 53
Breaking Point

A girl has been knocked off her bike. The girl is worried her father will be cross. The girl has bruises on her back and the mother is powerless to stop her husband hitting the girl. Burnside and Dashwood go to see a burglar who takes off after they find coffee makers in a cupboard. The burglar threatens to jump off a roof. Cryer climbs up the building to get behind the burglar but he couldn’t let Burnside know.

Season 6 Episode 54
Jumping the Gun

There has been a holdup at a building society. W.D.C. Martella takes a victim to the hospital. Her daughter, witnesed the attack, is in shock. D.C. Dashwood has his identity questioned while door- knocking. The suspect’s sister provides him with an alibi.

Season 6 Episode 55
What Kind of Man

P.C. Quinnan investigates a burglary at a school. He thinks a man with a dog talking to the children might be talking to in connection with the Canley Fields murders. Sgt. Penny is after him to serve warrants. The suspect opens up to Sgt Penny who looks shell-shocked after the interview.

Season 6 Episode 56
Beat Crime

W.P.C. Ackland follows up some burglaries, before being asked out by D.C.I. Wray.

Season 6 Episode 57
Unsocial Hours

D.C.I. Wray’s lunch with W.P.C. Ackland collides with a CID operation.

Season 6 Episode 58

D.S. Roach investigates racist arson attacks.

Season 6 Episode 59

D.I. Burnside and Insp. Monroe argue about resources for a street operation.

Season 6 Episode 60
Watch My Lips

Jim Carver is assaulted while trying to question a suspect – James Doyle – who is later revealed to be deaf. He firmly believes in his intial instinct that Doyle is a villian, and believes that he shouldn’t get any special treatment. In the end, however, he changes his mind – only to discover that James Doyle is not James Doyle – and that his initial instinct was right.


Season 6 Episode 61
Feeling Brave

DC Jim Carver and PC Tony Stamp come across a Post Office burglary in progress. They take off in pursuit – and Jim finds himself looking down the barrel of a shotgun.

Season 6 Episode 62
Come Fly with Me

W.P.C. Ackland and P.C. Stamp are called to a disturbance outside a travel agency that has gone bust. Stamp had booked his holiday through the firm. The landlord has a hand injury as a result of breaking into the premises. Ackland finds the body of one of the firm’s managers in the office. W.P.C. Marshall and P.C. Stringer help a Home Office official to find an illegal immigrant. There is a diversion and she is able to escape. P.C. Hollis asks for time off to go on a cruise paid for by his lady friend.

Season 6 Episode 63

Young, Garfield, Stamp and Loxton are playing cards. Young wins. The others decide to give Young a hard time as Garfield and Stamp are in CAD. It is Cryer’s anniversary. He goes out with Young to an accident where a dog has been hit by a car. The flowers he brought his wife have been destroyed and due to a language problem June gets a wreath.

Season 6 Episode 64

Lines and Carver catch some lads changing number plates on a car. An ex-special who gave the tip off caused one of the villains to break his nose. It turns out he has been collecting his dead wife’s social. He gives them some more info about a possible burglary but it turns out to be a man visiting his married girlfriend.

Season 6 Episode 65
Ground Rules

D.S. Roach and D.C. Dashwood investigate stolen electrical goods. D.I. Burnside talks to Dashwood about interviewing a suspect in the back of a police car. P.C. Quinnan notices a man acting suspiciously in the market. He has stolen a charity jar from a pub. Ch. Supt. Brownlow is meeting with Ch. Insp. Conway and Insp. Monroe and tells them that the station is due a visit from the Inspectorate.

Season 6 Episode 66
Once a Copper

D.I. Burnside briefs the troops about a raid. The informant is scared and wants to back out, and when the raid takes place, there is nothing there. Burnside visits an ex-copper in prison and makes a deal that he has no intention of keeping.

Season 6 Episode 67

Garfield is in a shop when he notices a kid acting suspiciously. Burnside recognises the boy as being from a family of villains. The front room of their house is fire bombed. CID are watching a CCTV tape of an armed robbery. Roach recognises one of the robbers as a member of the Lovett family who ends up stabbed. Burnside thinks there is a feud brewing between the two families.

Season 6 Episode 68
My Favourite Things

Monroe is unhappy about Quinnan. Garfield is helping Conway in the Property Office and a jemmy was missing. Quinnan used it to open a door of a house with a chip pan on the stove. This was the reason for the locker search. Hollis and Ackland are on standby for a demonstration. Monroe instigates a locker search and the relief are not happy.

Season 6 Episode 69
Win Some Lose Some

Some dustbins have been stolen. Stringer thinks there is something in it but Quinnan thinks it is a wind up. The bins are being used in a band. Martella follows up an indecent assault. Burnside is asked about it by Brownlow who wants the club closed. Carver interviews a man who was assaulted at the club. The club owner wants Burnside to get CID off his back. The bouncer wants to take over the club but the owner keeps denying all knowledge.

Season 6 Episode 70
Up the Steps

Sgt. Peters, P.C. Loxton and P.C. Young go to court. The defendant says the police were heavy-handed. A witness to a fraud is thinking twice about going through with the I.D. parade.

Season 6 Episode 71
Where There’s a Will

A solicitor calls at the station to ask Cryer to call to learn something to his advantage. Loxton was investigating a burglary and caught the burglar when he returned the stolen goods. The burglar had been threaten in jail by a heavy befriended by the house owner.

Season 6 Episode 72
Near the Knuckle

W.P.C. Datta and P.C. Stamp investigate a domestic. The husband says his wife hasn’t been herself lately. His wife tries to blame herself and is embarrassed about it. A man lays a complaint of intimidation against a police officer.

Season 6 Episode 73
Body Language

Stamp and Stringer chase a group of black youths. Stringer’s got away but Stamp corners one in a building who maintains he was trying to get to the chippy. Brownlow opens the mobile crime prevention unit. There is a disturbance at a meeting because of Stamp’s stop and search. The unit later gets stolen.

Season 6 Episode 74
When Did You Last See Your Father

Cathy and Reg investigate an R.T.A. involving a coach-load of school children. The driver had been to an all-night party before he started work. One of the children recognises his dad on a wanted poster. Dashwood investigates a sighting of a large animal – possibly a dog – that killed a cat. Dashwood talks to an animal fancier about his panther.

Season 6 Episode 75

Cryer investigates a fight at a petrol station between football supporters that results in the death of the driver. Brownlow informs next of kin. Wray thinks it could be racial. Martella talks to a witness who wants protection for his mum and who turns out to be lying.

Season 6 Episode 76
Sufficient Evidence

Monroe talks to Garfield and Hollis about their arrest rates. Quinnan and Datta are sent to investigate a loud party where a fight breaks out. Quinnan sets up a prisoner with drugs. Garfield backs him up. Quinnan is very aggressive when interviewing the suspect. One of the party goers complains about Quinnan. Even though two other people say it wasn’t the man Quinnan claims dropped the dope he is sticking to his story.

Season 6 Episode 77

A D.S. Hooper from the Drug squad is looking for D.C.I. Wray. Hooper is W.P.C. Marshall’s ex-husband and wants her back. He follows her on her beat as she checks a domestic. The wife involved in the domestic had been beaten regularly before she stabbed her husband. P.C. Quinnan is mouthing off in the canteen and Marshall takes offence. Quinnan wants to patch things up with her. Quinnan goes to the hospital and comes across Hooper threatening Marshall. Hooper takes a swing at Quinnan.

Season 6 Episode 78
Something to Remember

Brownlow is off to area for the commendation ceremony. Dave is getting one for the arrest of the man who murdered 2 children. His mother and girlfriend go to the presentation. Penny is losing it because of the commendation Dave got and Bob tells him some home truths. Cathy and Tony are called to a domestic at the parents of one of the murdered children.

Season 6 Episode 79
Off the Leash

D.C.s Dashwood and Lines investigate a robbery. The witness is not prepared to give a statement until the gang is caught. Ch. Supt. Brownlow says CID have to liaise with Insp. Monroe. Former Sun Hill typist Delia French starts work as a probationary W.P.C. Sgt. Peters is puppy-walking her. She loses it when she is checking car registrations and is videotaped by Lines and D.S. Roach. It is Lines’s birthday.

Season 6 Episode 80
Family Ties

D.I. Burnside is in court giving evidence. Because of flooding at the prison, the prisoners are brought back to Sun Hill. Burnside’s prisoner is in emotional shock and is taken to a mental health unit. He gives P.C.s Stringer and Garfield the slip after a visit to the toilet. W.P.C. Ackland investigates thefts of drugs at a health clinic. She finds out that the thief stole the drugs for his son.


Season 6 Episode 81
Old Friends

Ted is at the hospital seeing the 82-year-old victim of a mugging. Her son is an ex-copper. It turns out that the son snapped and hit his mum. The abuse has been going on for a while. A girl is trapped down a pipe and Dave is cross with the spectators who are hampering the rescue effort.

Season 6 Episode 82
Pride and Prejudice

Garfield and Stamp see a burning car and a man putting it out. The man has HIV AIDS and George is worried about to process him so rings the Chief Medical Officer. The result is Conway being embarassed who shouts at Cryer who in turn shouts at George. Cathy and Barry call at a house that has graffiti about AIDS written all over the house.

Season 6 Episode 83
Housey Housey

P.C. Quinnan, W.P.C. Marshall and Insp. Monroe are on hand while squatters are evicted. One of the squatters takes a swing at the bailiff with a sword because he couldn’t cope with staying at another bed and breakfast. Monroe thinks Ch. Insp. Conway is in the councillor’s pocket.

Season 6 Episode 84
Connelly’s Kids

Greig and Carver arrest a man on suspicion of handling stolen property. The priest thinks the father is beating the son who is found at the church after kicking Viv. The children are being charged with shoplifting. Greig is more interested in the men who stole the stuff in the first place.

Season 6 Episode 85
One of Those Days

Loxton and Ackland argue about height requirements. They are called to an RTA where a pregnant woman was involved in a hit-and run at a crossing. She later loses her baby. The driver comes in to report the accident after he has sobered up. Brownlow is back from a conference and wants to interview all the female officers in the station.

Season 6 Episode 86

P.C. Stamp and W.P.C. Datta call at a house where they find two women fighting because one of them is having an affair with the other’s husband. D.C.s Lines and Carver chase a man who is suspected of armed robbery. They go to see the wife of another villain, who is on the game. She hides three objects in her toilet cistern which turn out to be a shotgun.

Season 6 Episode 87
Blue Murder

The police are out on the streets of Sun Hill enforcing a crackdown on prostitution. P.C. Stamp nicks an underage tom named Suzanne, and W.P.C. Ackland cautions a would-be punter who mistakes her for a prostitute. An armed robbery at a local building society soon takes precedence. A security guard has been shot and wounded, and Ch. Supt. Brownlow, pending the arrival of PT17, authorises AFOs (Authorised Firearms Officers) Sgt. Cryer and P.C. Stamp to attend. P.C. Quinnan and W.P.C. Marshall locate the fleeing suspects and pursue them into a building site, but they come under fire from the shotgun wielding bandit. Cryer and Stamp arrive, and Cryer shouts a warning, but is forced to shoot and kill the robber (Harris) when he points the shotgun at Quinnan. It it later discovered by the S.O.C.O. that the shotgun was empty. Cryer’s colleagues, including the police investigating the shooting are sympathetic and supportive of him, but Cryer seems deeply affected by the fact that he has taken a man’s life.

Season 6 Episode 88
Effective Persuaders

D.I. Burnside, D.S. Greig, D.C. Carver, W.D.C. Martella, W.P.C. Ackland and P.C. Quinnan go on an interview technique training course. During a role-playing exercise, Frank has to act as a knicker thief, while Jim takes his domestic problems out on Dave Quinnan – violently.

Season 6 Episode 89
A Sense of Duty

A drunk in a restaurant is arrested by an off duty Roach. Penny is not happy that Roach doesn’t come in with the drunk who knows the commissioner. Monroe thinks Roach was drinking. After a lot of chasing around after Roach to sign the custody papers and a public telling-off of Roach by Monroe, the drunk is released.

Season 6 Episode 90
Lying in Wait

Sgt. Peters is taking roll call. W.P.C. Marshall is acting sergeant. Peters, W.P.C. Ackland and P.C. Garfield investigate a disturbance and discover that a bad smell is caused by a dead body. P.C. Stamp is walking along the river when a child is tipped in the river by some youths who had mugged her mother. P.C. Loxton is walking past a yard and notices a truck hi-jacking. He is knocked over by the escaping vans.

Season 6 Episode 91
Plato for Policemen

A building site night watchman complains about illegal dumping on the site. P.C. Loxton pulls out a video from a bag. D.S. Roach and D.C. Lines visit a supposedly reformed thief, whose van was involved in a burglary. Ch. Supt. Brownlow, Ch. Insp. Conway and D.S. Greig attend a principles of policing meeting at the police college. Det. Supt. Meadows is also in attendance. Greig got the highest marks, and Brownlow thinks it was all a waste of money. W.P.C. Ackland and P.C. Hollis investigate the non-appearance of neighbours and find a woman bound and gagged in her bedroom. She was the victim of a burglary.

Season 6 Episode 92

Hollis and Ackland are at the hospital waiting to hear how the victim from the burglary is whether she was raped. She wants to discharge herself. Roach interviews the suspect in the dumping of rubbish case. The suspect thinks he is there about garden rubbish. Roach thinks he burgled the house.

Season 6 Episode 93

P.C. Hollis welcomes Sgt. Cryr back from leave after the shooting. Senior management want to treat him with kid gloves and don’t want him to take his firearms refresher course. A social worker calls into Sun Hill, concerned about an old lady who had her purse snatched, and suggests that someone should visit her at home. On the way to the lady’s house, Cryer comes across an obstruction at a market. At the house, Cryer finds weapons all around the house. The old lady is worried that a thief might use er house keys. She calls into the station later with blood on her knife

Season 6 Episode 94
Know Your Enemy

D.S. Roach is cautious when the ex-husband of a girl he is involved with is released from prison, fearing that he will seek revenge on her for putting him away.

Season 6 Episode 95

D.S. Greig leads an operation and foils an attempted wages snatch, but a suspect’s handgun is lost in the raid. P.C. Quinnan is called out to a disturbance and uncovers a baby being neglected by its parents.

Season 6 Episode 96
Old Wounds

Tony stops the driver of an American car. His dad had died in custody. While Jim is interviewing a suspect he has a heart attack. Brownlow wants to minimise the damage. While Roach is checking into the arrest a lorry is stolen. Norika talks to a shopkeeper about stolen fireworks and deals with an old lady who doesn’t want to move.

Season 6 Episode 97
Just for a Moment

DC Jim Carver brings a suspect into custody, but while he is busy trying to charm WPC Norika Datta, the suspect grabs a knife and takes her hostage…

Season 6 Episode 98
Market Forces

P.C. Garfield is on cycle patrol and catches a youth in the act of stealing a car radio. The boy is homeless, and there is an investigation to find out to whom he is supplying the stolen goods.

Season 6 Episode 99
One for the Road

Sgt. Cryer celebrates 20 years on the Force. On his way home from Cryer’s party, Sgt. Penny is stopped by two officers from Barton Street. He thinks it is a wind-up, but they suspect him of drink-driving and breathalyse him. A conviction could mean the end of his career.

Season 6 Episode 100
Start with the Whistle

Sgt. Penny has to make important decisions after being positively breathalysed at Barton Street. As he prepares to face criminal charges for drink driving, his temporary replacement starts at Sun Hill. After the court case Penny decides to resign for health reasons.

Season 6 Episode 101
Out of the Blue

W.P.C. Ackland is late for work. Insp. Monroe notices her late arrival. Her friendship with D.C.I. Wray is the subject of station gossip. D.S. Greig talks to Wray about a case. Wray wants to talk to him about CID is working. Wray is told that he will be transferred from Sun Hill due to his affair with Ackland. Ch. Insp. Conway tells him that the new D.A.C. was behind the transfer. Wray is furious and determined to find out which officer grassed them up, and why. Ackland thinks that Monroe was responsible, and she is not the only one. P.C. Smollett chats up W.P.C. French.

Season 6 Episode 102
Street Smart

Monroe has horsemanure in his driveway. Tony and Reg plan to plant something in his car. The relief are working to rule. June tries to call off the campaign. Wray tries to talk to Greig about the fraud case. Tosh goes to buy a suit. The new DCI arrives at the station after nicking a man in the street. She talks to Frank and Ted. Ted is going on the next interviewing course. June looks into a possible baby snatch.

Season 6 Episode 103
Safe As Houses

Carver and Dashwood look after a very important witness. An attempted break-in could mean a move. Lines and Martella take over and there is a break-in by armed gunmen which turns out to be a fit up as the man is killed before he gets into the car.

Season 6 Episode 104
Friends and Neighbours

P.C.s Loxton and Young are called to a disturbance, and find two men attacking a car. D.S. Roach thinks the men could be linked to exhaust boxes. D.I. Burnside decides D.C. Carver has to move into the section house to avoid three misdemeanours. His room is across the hall from P.C. Hollis.