PC Roger Valentine

Portrayed by John Bowler

Portrayed by John Bowler

First appearance: #257 (3.11.04)

Final appearance: Respect: Part 2

Call Sign: 275

PC Roger Valentine was posted to Sun Hill after a 13 year break from the police force. Roger relied on his great wealth of experience to survive the mean streets of Canley. He was never one to be afraid to speak his mind usually words of common sense and of course the odd grumble! Roger worked well in a team and could often be seen at hand to guide younger members of the relief especially his partner Lewis Hardy.  Roger narrowly escaped death when he attended a call out at a nightclub and some scaffolding fell on him. This incident lead him to suffer from post traumatic stress for some time even after taking time away from the job to recover.


The Billaton pays homage to Roger Valentine every 14th February on ‘Roger Valentine’s Day’.  Please do join us in celebration of Roger and the wonderful actor who brought him to life.


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Where Can I See John Now?
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