DCI Kim Reid

Portrayed By Carolyn Pickles

First Appearance Street Smart (20/12/90)

Final Appearance Somebody Special (13/02/92)

Call Sign Sierra Oscar 5-5

DCI Kim Reid was a tough nut, she was tough on the male members of CID and even tougher on the women. Kim had battled chauvinism to reach her position and drilled it into her female colleagues that their actions did not only reflect upon their own career but all female officers in the job. Kim ran CID with an iron rod, she expected all officers to pull their weight and it took her some time to realise that there were those in the office such as DC Tosh Lines worked in a different way but still got the results. There were many rows with DI Frank Burnside but secretly in time he held his boss in high esteem like all the other officers in the department. Of course Kim Reid was on the way up so her stay at Sun Hill was rather short, she left to join MS15 (Internal Investigations). Kim returned to Sun Hill as a Detective Superintendent to investigate false allegations of sexual assault by George Garfield.



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Where Can I See Carolyn Now?

Carolyn can currently be seen in the Sister Boniface Mysteries on UKTV. She is also starring in the award winning short film Pareidolia.