DS Danny Pearce

Portrayed by Martin Marquez

First Appearance Pride and Joy

Final Appearance For Services Rendered

Guest appearance: Confession

Call Sign

On the face of it DS Danny Pearce was a regular, ambitious, capable cop whose work practices pleased his superiors, especially DI Sally Johnson. However, scratch beneath the surface and you will discover Danny Pearce was rather a slick operator. If it meant he wouldn’t get into trouble he would slyly blame his colleagues. One memorable occasion saw Danny drop PC Steve Loxton into trouble when when his snout’s information led Johnson to head a drugs bust in completely the wrong place. Like all ambitious officers climbing the ranks DS Pearce didn’t stay in the same job for long and he soon moved on to new challenges, this time in AMIP, He returned once to Sun Hill to investigate a murder alongside Jack Meadows.



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Where Can I See Martin Now?

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