DS Phil Hunter

Portrayed By:Scott Maslen

First Appearance #029 (25.7.02)

Final Appearance Collateral Damage #547 (17.10.07)

Call Sign 99

Phil Hunter sailed close to the wind in both private and professional capacities. He split from his wife Cindy after he fathered a daughter, Madison, during an affair with the wife of a small time crook. He also embarked on a secret affair with DI Sam Nixon after returning from Romania and although Sam broke off the relationship not long after, the pair stayed good friends and colleagues. Phil seemed to believe rules were made to be broken and gained many results by not following the correct procedure. He turned a blind eye too to others misdemeanours although lived to regret this in regards to the time he gave DC Zain Nadir space to have an affair whilst undercover, that lead to the death of PC Honey Harmen. Phil was sent to work in uniform for a time when caught fighting with DS Stuart Turner in CID.

In 2004 Phil was joined at Sun Hill by his younger, more naive brother who idolised him, Like many big brothers, Phil seemed to think Steve was a nuisance and slight embarrassment.  Steve did take a close interest in Phil’s behaviour towards his girlfriends, informing their mother of his behaviour.



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Where Can I See Scott Now?
Scott has reappraised his role as Jack Branning in the BBC soap Eastenders.