PC Nick Klein

Portrayed by : René Zagger

First Appearance Integrity Part 1

Final Appearance Episode 206

Call Sign 140

Nick Klein was a troubled soul. Maybe if he worked in an office with in a stress free atmosphere he would have coped with life. Unfortunately, Nick chose to work at Sun Hill. He was a good cop who cared about the public he dealt with. He had a good work/life balance with a skill for DJ-ing although he did have a fondness for adding a little extra something into his cigarettes. That was until catastrophe struck. Sun Hill was fire bombed killing several of Nick’s colleagues. Nick decided along with his best friend, PC Cass Rickman that life was too short and they began to party, hard. Unfortunately Nick struggled to stop the partying and the drug taking that he associated with it. Nick fell in love with his best friend, Cass and on the night of Cop Idol he decided to tell her. Sadly he never had the chance, for the next time he saw her she was lain dead on the side of the Thames. Encouraged by DS Phil Hunter, Nick’s drug taking spiralled effecting his work. He began to steal to pay for his habit, even framing PC Cameron Tait for theft, he was involved when Sophie, Matt Boyden’s granddaughter overdosed. Nick had hit rock bottom. PC Gary Best eventually brought Nick in to see Superintendent Adam Okaro. It was then Nick’s luck finally changed and with the support of his Superintendent Nick was sent off to rehab. He returned to Sun Hill a changed man, although it took many in the relief much longer to trust him again. So Nick had to prove himself again and again and again. His insight into the drugs world on occasion clouded his treatment of users but on the whole he used it to help. He never forgot the role of DS Phil Hunter in his down fall so Nick made it his mission to ruin Phil’s life. He let Cindy know of Phil’s illegitimate child before conspiring with Cindy so that Phil was left without a wife, daughter or girlfriend. Revenge was sweet. Nick finally left Sun Hill to go into Witness Protection when he became a vital witness to a shooting.



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Where Can I See Rene Now?

We can currently hear Rene on the game: FINAL FANTASY XIV: SHADOWBRINGERS which has recently released.