DS Ramani De Costa

Portrayed By: Thusitha Jayasundera

First Appearance #124 25/6/03

Final Appearance #393 23/2/06

Call Sign

If in a crisis Ramani De Costa would be the police officer you would want to arrive on your doorstep. Not only did she come across as kind and caring but she also knew how to do her job well. She was well placed to run the CSU (Community Safety Unit) and was well respected in her role by not only her colleagues but by senior officers and the public alike. CSU was not the most popular unit to hit Sun Hill and certain officers such as DS Phil Hunter didn’t give the victims the respect they deserved yet Ramani taught these officers to know better. Ramani liked organised chaos, her desk was never seen under the piles of files and post-it notes.  That was until the CSU got a new cleaner, Margaret Barnes. Unfortunately for Ramani she had come across Margaret before helping her in a case, Margaret moved from clingy to downright unhinged and began to stalk Ramani. Whilst other officers began to doubt Ramani, DC Terry Perkins believed in her and was stabbed by Margaret for his efforts. With Mad Margaret out of the picture Ramani continued to do good, until she decided to leave Sun Hill for the Child Abuse Investigation Team leaving a forlorn Terry Perkins behind.



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Where Can I See Thusitha Now?

We are waiting to hear of Thusitha’s next role, please watch this space for more info.