DS Debbie McAllister

Portrayed by Natalie Roles

First Appearance On the Hook part I (03/11/00)

Final Appearance # 259 (10/11/04)

Call Sign

Debbie McAllister arrived at Sun Hill from Barton Street straight after the Don Beech scandal had wiped out most of the CID department. On Arrival Debbie was deemed to be an officer with integrity and plenty of courage. However, very quickly we were to discover that Debbie McAllister was manipulative, scheming totally untrustworthy and an absolute fabulous character to watch. Although ambitious, Debbie often got the results, she wasn’t the most popular member of CID which in one instance resulted in cat fight with fellow officer Eva Sharpe in the ladies toilets.

It was Debbie’s scheming that eventually got her into trouble, a fling with Superintendent Tom Chandler lead to a short violent marriage and a pregnancy. Her new husband then shot himself in front of her when faced with a rape allegation and CIB investigation. The trauma sent Debbie into premature labour, she gave birth to a son, Andrew, who in time was to be the making of her. Motherhood didn’t come easy to Debbie, at first she was ready to give her baby up, then she had to deal with her nanny working as a prostitute from her flat. Support came from the unusual corner of her senior officer Jack Meadows who at the expense of his marriage showed himself to be rather a handy babysitter. But it was when Andrew had a fall which hospitalized him Debbie made the decision to give up her career and focus her energies on motherhood.

Debbie may have had many quirks: she was ambitious, bitchy and at times outrageous but wow, she made great TV viewing.



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Where Can I See Natalie Now?
Another one who has slipped off the radar but never fear if we hear that Natalie is performing again we will let you know.