DC Alfred ‘Tosh’ Lines

Portrayed by Kevin Lloyd

First Appearance Stop and Search 27/10/88

Final Appearance A People Person 9/6/98

Call Sign

When the name Tosh Lines is mentioned most viewers response is “oh I liked him,” and that would be the very same reply if you asked the same question to any officer at Sun Hill. Tosh was family man, a good detective never seen without his trademark raincoat. Tosh only had one flaw and that was money, he was always broke. His finances actually put both him and his family in the firing line, when his wife and children were in the bank arguing with the manager about their overdraft, the bank was raided. Tosh, terrified that his family was in danger ran toward the bank only to be held back by Pete Ramsey, the thieves heard the commotion and Ramsey was shot.  On another occasion Tosh bought a cheap family car only to discover it had once belonged to a well known criminal. Tosh may not have been the most athletic of officers but what he missed out on in brawn he made up in brains. He was clever, could smell a thief at ten paces, if there was a mystery Tosh will solve it, he proved his worth from his very first day at Sun Hill CID.. Sun Hill’s loss was the coroners office’s gain when Tosh eventually left to work there.

Kevin’s real-life son James Lloyd took on the role of PC Steve Hunter.
During the episode Don’t Like Mondays Kevin’s real life children took up the role of his children in the show (including James).


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Kevin Lloyd
Sadly Kevin died one week after finishing his role of Tosh Lines in 1998.