PC Gemma Osbourne

Portrayed by Jane Danson

First Appearance Episode 054

Final Appearance Episode 115

Call Sign Sierra Oscar 249


PC Gemma Osbourne didn’t hold fools gladly. She was a strong, forceful officer who was not afraid of voicing her opinion or being herself. Gemma was openly gay and was happy to celebrate who she was. She was a highly qualified area car driver, it was a bone of contention between her and Des Taviner and Tony Stamp. Des often called her ‘The Dutchess’. Gemma also had quite a fractious relationship with her inspector, Gina Gold, at one point suggesting her inspector could be as gay as she was! Gemma didn’t stay long at Sun Hill, she allowed a refugee and her daughter go free instead of reporting them to Customs, Gina Gold went ballistic seriously reprimanded by Inspector Gold, who questioned her suitability for the job. We are left to wonder about Gemma’s fate, she collapsed outside of the police station, the result of an earlier beating. Did she survive, return to work or find another career we have no idea.




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Where Can I See Jane Now?
Jane is currently appearing in the ITV soap Coronation Street.