PC Beth Green

Portrayed by Louisa Lytton

First Appearance Baby Trade

Final Appearance Leap of Faith – Part 2

Call Sign SO 258


When PC Beth Green arrived at Sun Hill some of her colleagues struggled to take her seriously, as Terry Perkins politely put it, ‘I’ve got yogurt in my fridge that is older than her!’. To not give Beth respect was a great injustice, Beth was clever, gutsy and enthusiastic she proved herself more than capable to everyone she worked alongside. Beth had a photographic memory, just one glance at a list of numbers and she could recall them by rote, a great skill when hunting for stolen goods. She was good with the public, she believed in listening to problems and finding the correct support part of her job description. Other officers found Beth’s ‘touchy feely’ nature amusing, Beth stuck to her beliefs and often proved her way was the best way to tackle the situation. Beth’s superior officers soon realised that Beth’s young and innocent looks could be used to their advantage and Beth began to get undercover roles. Beth relished these new roles of responsibility and went above and beyond to get results needed. Of course with such skill and determination it was not long before Beth was snatched away from Sun Hill to work in Witness Protection.




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Where Can I See Louisa Now?

Louisa can soon be in the BBC soap Eastenders.