WPC Claire Brind

Portrayed by Kelly Lawrence

First Appearance Tresspassers 6/9/1988

Final Appearance Saturday Night Fever 28/12/1989

Call Sign 832


WPC Claire Brind joined Sun Hill as a probationer. Although looking like she had just left school the week before, (really, we are all getting old and the police officers are looking younger) there was more to Clare than met the eye. She was one gusty cop who also had a sensitive side. Her forcefulness probably saved her life when she escaped from a suspected killer’s flat with one swift kick somewhere painful. She was a popular member of the team even though she has a low toleration of the antics of Reg and Taffy. We have no idea what happened to Clare, she was seen at Sun Hill one day and disappeared the next, we can only assume as a probationer she was moved onto another station, which was a shame, she suited Sun Hill very well.



Claire Brind was central to two storylines which brought viewer complaints. The first was when Claire took part in a television reconstruction of a missing girl, sadly reflecting a news story at the time which upset some viewers. The second instance where I have had memory of complaints involved an episode where Claire was tricked in a mortuary to climb into one of the coffins and was left there by her colleagues, again upsetting some viewers.



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Where Can I See Kelly Now?

Absolutely no idea, if we hear of any projects we will let you know.