PC Eddie Santini

Portrayed By Michael Higgs

First Appearance Storyboards

Final Appearance Kiss Off

Guest Appearance The Trial of Eddie Santini

Call Sign 988


PC Eddie Santini was untrustworthy and sly with it. He had little respect for female officers and all females in general. His over self confidence and arrogance lead Eddie to believe he was God’s gift to women and that no woman couldn’t resist his charms. When WPC Rosie Fox newly arrived at the station a harmless bit of flirting in the pub during a celebration of an arrest in a joint operation with CID, turned into attempted rape, stalking and bullying. At first the relief fell for Eddie’s charms and for a time turned into a bunch of school girls taking Eddie’s side and bullying Rosie. It was no wonder that once Liz Rawton and Dave Quinnan uncovered Eddie’s actions Rosie no longer wanted to stay at Sun Hill.  The women of Sun Hill became much more wary of Eddie.

There were glimpses of what Eddie could have become if he could have stayed on the straight and narrow. He arranged for the footballer, Emmanuel Petit to visit a young girl in hospital who had been badly injured in a hit and run and later we watched Eddie jump in the river Thames in an attempt to save a man whose car was about to be plunged into the river.

However, Eddie discovered breaking the rules to help others was only one small step away from becoming a bent cop and breaking the law. Eddie became involved with a corrupt Drugs Squad officer, DS Timpney, and became embroiled in a drugs deal and in an attempt to cover up his actions he pushed his ex-girlfriend down the stairs, killing her. Eddie’s past came to haunt him as a newly qualified sergeant Rosie Fox arrived to investigate. Using his girlfriend, PC Vicki Hagen, Rosie quickly realised Eddie had been up to no good. Eddie found himself on trial for manslaughter. Although the jury brought back a not guilty verdict, DS Timpney killed Eddie the same day, so that he would not testify against a drug dealer in an up and coming court case.


In real life Michael Higgs married Caroline Catz who played WPC Rosie Fox.


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